DISCLAIMER: This recap of the Rick and Morty episode “A Rickconvenient Mort” is laden with spoilers. You’ve been warned. Proceed at your own peril. 

Welcome back, brohs! This week’s Rick and Morty episode is all about l-o-v-e. Morty thinks he finds it with a superhero called Planetina, a Captain Planet and the Planeteers-inspired character. Rick and Summer go on an apocalyptic sex bender that encompasses three planets on the brink of extinction. Why? Because Summer was dumped by her beau prior to a big pool party. 

Of course, both Rick and Morty learn that love is a lie, regardless of whether or not your person has rockin’ elbow boobs or they kill 300 innocent miners. Full disclosure: Al Gore doesn’t make an appearance in this episode. 

Ready to delve into “A Rickconvenient Mort”? Let’s get to it. 

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Now, we open with Rick (voiced by Justin Roiland) and Morty (voiced by Roiland) purchasing some swanky new t-shirts. They feature both of their faces with the words, “Rick and Morty P***y Pounders” scrawled across the front. New merch alert? 

Suddenly, the nefarious Diesel Weasel rears his ugly head. He ushers forth a bout of acid rain. But he won’t get away with this! Planetina (voiced by Alison Brie) makes a triumphant entrance. She blows the rain away and sends Diesel Weasel scurrying through the sewers in defeat.

Obviously, Morty is smitten. Morty asks her if she wants to join him and Rick for ice cream. She’s vegan, duh-doy! However, she’d love to hang out and eat vegan doughnuts! Morty leaves Rick in the dust. 

Later, Morty shows a video of Planetina to Beth (voiced by Sarah Chalke). Planetina was created by her four ethnically diverse Tina-teers utilizing the elements of fire, water, wind and … dirt. Beth is unimpressed. Summer (voiced by Spencer Grammer) laments her breakup from her dirtbag ex-boyfriend. How dare he dump her right before that pool party? 

So, Rick suggests that he and Summer hightail it to three planets: Morglutz, Slartivart and Ferkus 9. All three of the said planets are about to face their respective apocalypses in quick succession. Rick proposes that they party it up on each planet right before it bites the dust. It wouldn’t be Rick and Morty without the end of multiple worlds!

Photo of Planetina and moon Morty in the Rick and Morty episode "A Rickconvenient Mort."

The angel to my moon.

Jerry (voiced by Chris Parnell) is not a fan of this idea. Morty wants to visit a massive wildfire that’s unfurling 200 miles away from them because Planetina will be there. Beth is not a fan of that idea. 

However, Beth and Jerry’s kids will be Beth and Jerry’s kids. They leave anyway. Time to bust out the wine!

Next, Morty bears witness to Planetina’s heroics as she extinguishes the wildfire with snow. Morty saves one solitary rabbit. Then, he meets Planetina’s four Tina-teers, all of whom are much older now. But they’ll always be her kids! Morty tells a news anchor that he’s dating Planetina now. 

Meanwhile, Rick and Summer head to Morglutz to commence their sex bender. There’s a lot of partying and human/alien coitus. Rick meets a Morglutzian that rocks his world. Get schwifty!

Then, we see Morty incessantly texting Planetina. She’s really into him. She even sent him an enormous flower display in the shape of Morty’s head. If that’s not true love, I don’t know what is. Cue a musical montage showcasing the burgeoning love between a 14-year-old boy and a sentient amalgam of natural elements!

Now, Rick and Summer are about to hit planet number two: Slartivart! The Tina-teers materialize Planetina by combining their elemental rings for “Eco-con,” a convention that she’s scheduled to attend. They see she’s wrapped in the arms of Morty. Planetina vanishes and Morty is promptly seized. 

Later, while on Slartivart, Summer notices that Rick brought Daphne (voiced by Jennifer Coolidge) from Morglutz with them. No stragglers! No commitments! Rick decided to get attached, much to Summer’s irritation. 

Meanwhile, Morty is bound and interrogated by one of Planetina’s Tina-teers. However, he quickly kills the latter and swipes his fire ring. Then, Morty proceeds to mercilessly slaughter the remainder of the Tina-teers, and he steals their rings. He can now summon Planetina on his own. 

Photo of Summer, Daphne and Rick in the Rick and Morty episode "A Rickconvenient Mort."


Next, Slartivart meets its end, so it’s time to hit up the last planet in the apocalyptic sex bender — Ferkus 9. Daphne is tagging along for the ride. Summer drives Rick’s spaceship while he does the horizontal tango with Daphne. Oh, and she learns that Daphne’s voluptuous elbow breasts are the real crux of her relations with Rick. Who can resist them? 

Then, Morty invites Planetina over to his house to play board games with his parents. Jerry seems to warm up to her, but Beth cannot be swayed. She’s convinced that Planetina is bad news for her son. Morty asks if Planetina can stay with them since the Tina-teers are gone. Beth vehemently rejects his plea. 

Of course, Morty responds in a typical teenage manner, and he flees with Planetina anyway. Cue a montage of the lovebirds helping the planet! That is until Planetina’s heroic antics take a turn for the villainous. It all starts with setting a congressman’s lavish home ablaze. 

However, it ends with Planetina brutally murdering 300 miners because mining is detrimental to Earth’s survival. Morty watches, aghast. He leaves her. 

Meanwhile, there’s a load of extraterrestrial intercourse happening on Ferkus 9. Rick is head over heels for Daphne and her elbow boobies. Summer believes that Daphne doesn’t love Rick. She just wanted to hitch a ride to safety, away from Morglutz’s horrific demise. 

To prove her point, she seamlessly averts Ferkus 9’s own apocalypse. Daphne nonchalantly expresses that, yes, she was only with Rick as a means to an end. Her own survival. She parts ways with him.

As our favorite grandfather/granddaughter duo heads back home, Rick thanks Summer for going full Rick on him. She opened his eyes to the truth. But leave the “I love yous” out of this. Don’t get too mushy. 

Photo of Morty and Planetina in the Rick and Morty episode "A Rickconvenient Mort."

True love between a 14-year-old boy and a sentient amalgam of natural elements!

Later, Planetina is levitating outside of Morty’s window. She just wants to be with him! Morty retorts that it won’t work out. She murdered 300 people! She’s out of control! Planetina tearfully tells him to fork off and flies away. Beth finds her son crying alone after the breakup. She comforts him as only a mother can. 

Now, it’s time for the end-credit scene! It’s Monday morning on Ferkus 9: a day that the planet’s inhabitants didn’t think would come. One father and son had, uh, relations amid all the chaotic, apocalyptic partying. Obviously, this has driven a wedge between the father and his wife. Oh, and it’s this dad’s birthday. Double awkward. 

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Overall, “A Rickconvenient Mort” falls slightly short of last week’s balls-to-the-wall outing. That being said, it’s still an entertaining episode of Rick and Morty that explores love and the environment. How far are we willing to go for love? Can we sacrifice what little morals we have for romance? 

Of course, I’d be remiss if I omitted my excitement about the mini Community reunion with Brie and Dan Harmon. So far, we’ve had guest stints from Community alums Joel McHaleGillian JacobsKeith DavidJim Rash and now Brie on this show. Who will be next, I wonder?

Rick and Morty airs Sundays at 11 pm on your Adult Swim affiliate. Broh.

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