Star Wars Celebration happened this past weekend and it was quite a ride. The biggest news to come out was our first footage of Episode VIII, The Last Jedi. Writer and director Rian Johnson was able to meet and see fans while debuting the footage he had been working on the past few years. But before he started his filming journey, he sat down for an interview with

The footage comes to us from The Star Wars Show, the official show for the franchise. They were able to sit and ask him his Star Wars memories and he had some beautiful stories to share. When he was asked how he was first introduced to Star Wars, he told them his Dad had taken him to the theater to see it. “I remember him putting me in the car and I asked “Where are we going?” and he said “Were going to see the most incredible thing you’ve ever seen.” And he wasn’t wrong! He also remembers playing with his toys but he played with them so much that he doesn’t have them anymore. He recalls a story about throwing his Millennium Falcon across the room just to see it fly.

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He also tied his love of film making to the film. Johnson recalls having his Dad buy him his first video camera, and not just any old camera – one that was attached to the VCR. He remembers the very first thing he did with it. “The first thing I did with it was hold it down at ground level and I ran with the camera between the coffee table and the couch. And I played it back and I would just watch it and I’m like “Oh my god, that looks exactly like the trench run down the Death Star.” It’s a lovely little interview and makes you feel the love he has for the franchise.

Check out the interview below and let us know what you think! Be sure to come back to Geek Girl Authority for more Star Wars news! Star Wars The Last Jedi comes out in theaters on December 15th!