Rian Johnson was one of the last Jedi. At least in a sense. Thanks to comicbook.com (because the physical release isn’t out yet), we learned of the director’s cameo in his film The Last Jedi. When the opportunity knocks, you just take it! But the cameo is quite small and you would never know it if he didn’t say it. And yes, it has to do with our favorite farmer from Tatooine.

In the commentary track for Episode VIII of Star Wars, Johnson was able to talk about all sorts of cameos but his was an interesting one. While Rey is asleep on Ahch-To, Luke wanders onto the Millennium Falcon. The memories are seeping into him as his approaches the cockpit. He notices a pair of dice hanging and grabs them with a gloved hand. Johnson’s gloved hand. The dice become a symbol for Leia and a reminder for Kylo – it’s a really unique cameo to have. And it’s also an important story point.

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This is actually Johnson’s second cameo as his first is in Rogue One as a gunner on the Death Star. That one you can see his face, though! You really have to give it to Johnson and his creativity. Even if you didn’t enjoy it for the saga, it was a definite vision. Fingers crossed that creativity comes in bundles for when he takes on his own trilogy in the future.

What do you think of his cameo? What was your favorite cameo in The Last Jedi? Let us know! The Last Jedi will be physically released on March 27th.



Erin Lynch