There is a widely held belief that the best Batman movies are animated. Gotham by Gaslight is no exception. Based on a graphic novel of the same name, it was the first of the Elseworlds imprint.

The story is set in a Victorian Gotham plagued by Jack the Ripper. Bruce Wayne has returned from Europe, just in time to sponsor a Gotham World’s Fair. The grisly murders of several ladies of the evening threatens to cast a shadow over the festivities. Batman must use all of his detective skills to find the madman and stop him. He is aided by some familiar denizens of Gotham, most notably Selina Kyle. Victorian Selina is a dancehall girl. Armed with her signature whip, she is determined to protect the women of the streets.

Visually, this sepia-toned slightly steampunk movie is beautiful. It has plenty of action. Batman has Victorian versions of his gadgets. The story itself, drags in a few places. While, the final showdown is exciting, the Ripper’s identity comes a little too out of nowhere. Making it feel forced. So watch it for the fun Batman Easter eggs, Bruce and Selina banter, and the best Bat-Signal ever.


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