We only have one more sleep, friends. Just one more until we can fully dive into Resident Evil Village. We’ve seen the trailers, the teasers, the gameplay and even got the chance to experience a taste of what it has to offer with the demo. But I honestly believe that we have no idea what we are in for. It has been quite a wild ride since Capcom first announced the new title and with every trailer, we get closer to what could be the truth.

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We know so far that Ethan Winters will return to serve as the game’s main protagonist. His wife Mia is shot and killed by Chris Redfield and his daughter Rose is kidnapped and taken to Lady Dimitrescu’s castle. In addition, the village surrounding the area seems to have started a cult around this Mother Miranda woman who is connected to Lady Dimitrescu. But why is all of this happening or how? Who knows! These are things I am sure we will spend the entire game trying to uncover.

In the final launch trailer for Resident Evil Village, things seem to shift gears a bit. It reminds me a lot of the first few trailers where Mia is telling that odd little story. Gone are the jump scares and hordes of werewolves and zombie-like creatures. Instead, it focuses on giving us brief images to piece together and bits of narration that seem to tell Ethan just to let go. No Ethan. We will not just let things go! We need answers and you are the only way I am going to get them.

Resident Evil Village releases tomorrow, May 7, 2021, for PC through Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and the Xbox Series X. What are you waiting for?

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