There will never be a time that I don’t want to hear about the Resident Evil franchise. Today’s news isn’t about Netflix‘s upcoming series, or even Capcom’s next video game, though. No, it’s about the movie franchise from Constantin Film. I know this can be a bit of a sensitive subject for lovers of the video game franchise who found the initial movies moved too far from the game’s story.

For those worried, Capcom and Constantin Film have shared that the new film is going to be taking things back to the beginning. Director Paul W.S. Anderson has signed on for the Resident Evil reboot and shared that he will be staying true to the story found in the first two games. This means we are going to see Jill and Chris’ investigation of Spencer Mansion, as well as Leon and Claire’s escape from Raccoon City.

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The new Resident Evil reboot has shared its core cast with us as well. Hannah John-Kamen and Robbie Amell will be portraying Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield. Kaya Scodelario and Avan Jogia will be taking on the roles of Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy. We also know Umbrella Corporation will be represented by Tom Hopper as Albert Wesker and Neal McDonough as William Birkin. From the looks of it, they are off to a great start. It will be interesting to see what other characters they pull into the film from the games.

Producers for the Resident Evil reboot are Robert Kulzer of Constantin, James Harris of Tea Shop Productions, and Hartley Gorenstein. Martin Moszkowicz is executive producing with Victor Hadida, while Alex Zhang is co-executive producing. Dylan Tarason is coproducing. The film is set to release sometime during 2021. Check back for more news surrounding the multiple Resident Evil projects currently in production.



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