We have hit the final episode of Netflix’s Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness and it has been one wild ride. We got a major information dump in the last episode to help explain what has been going on. But now it’s time for this series to have its epic ending. In episode four, can Leon S. Kennedy (Nick Apostolides) make it back in time to put a stop to the terror that is about to fill the world? And what will become of Claire (Stephanie Panisello)?

DISCLAIMER: This is a recap, which by definition means there will be spoilers. If you have not taken the chance to experience Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, then I highly suggest doing so first. You can watch all four episodes here on Netflix.

TW: Gore, Violence

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Episode four of Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness opens as President Graham (Joe J. Thomas) is preparing for his upcoming speech. We shift to Andrews Air Force Base, where the press and people from across the country are waiting to hear what the president has to say. Patrick (Billy Kametz) is prepping the other secret service members when he gets a call from Leon, who warns him about what has been going on.

Claire wakes up to find herself tied to a chair. Wilson (Doug Stone) is with her and informs her that they are below Andrews Air Force Base and that he needs to make things quick and get back upstairs. Wilson wants Claire to drop her investigation and he will provide her with all the funding she needs in Penamstan. If she disagrees, he will kill her. He isn’t worried about her knowing that the government can very easily make someone just disappear.

Wilson even tells her how he planned to force President Graham to take a firm stance against China and mobilize the military in Penamstan. Then he could test his bio-weapons and when the government there saw how could they could be, he would share them with them. In turn, they would need to buy inhibitors to keep these weapons in check, making him more money.

Claire unconscious in the underground bio-weapon facility in Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness.

Claire unconscious in the underground bio-weapon facility in Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness.

It all comes down the profit and greed masked as doing what needs to be done to save the country. Just as Wilson thinks that the better choice would be to infect Claire and force her to become dependant on the inhibitor, Jason (Ray Chase) makes his appearance. Elsewhere in the lab, Leon and Shen May (Jona Xiao) have finally arrived. Jason had told her about Wilson’s lab and she knew this is where he would come.

Wilson believes that Jason has returned because he is loyal to him, but Jason has other news. He plans on allowing the virus to take over. Then, right before Wilson’s eyes, Jason becomes a Tyrant and rips into him. The safety override sets in as soon as it realizes that there is a rogue bio-weapon. Just as Leon and Shen May arrive, they watch as giant waterfalls of acid begin to fill the facility. They also see the other bio-weapons dropped into the acid to be destroyed.

Back on the platform, we see that Wilson is still alive. However, now he is dependant on the same inhibitors he created. Leon and Shen May finally reach Jason, who reveals that his plan all along has been to show himself to the world and show them true fear. Shen May tries to talk him out of it. She tries to remind him that they have her brother’s chip and just need to go public, but Jason doesn’t believe that will change anything. They need to see what is going on with their own eyes.

Shen May and Leon at the underground facility in Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness.

Shen May and Leon at the underground facility in Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness.

Jason rushes off, trying to reach the surface while Claire realizes that the acid has reached her platform. Shen May and Leon try to stop Jason, but bullets won’t work on him. Jason breaks the small platform they are on, which sends Shen May flying to his and Leon holding on for dear life. Shen May tries one more time to get through to Jason and he kills her.

The platform that Leon is holding onto eventually falls, dropping him on the bottom platform ring where he spots Claire, who has gotten herself untied and is trying to get to higher ground. He rushes out and helps pulls her over onto a higher platform. Upstairs, President Graham prepares to give his speech when Patrick gives him Leon’s warning. President Graham believes him and we watch as he pushes aside the original speech and comes up with a new one on the fly, favoring peace and helping rebuild Penamstan.

Down below, Leon and Claire work together to face off against Jason in an all-out brawl. Things aren’t easy and they almost fail a few times. But thanks to some big guns, quick thinking and pure luck they are able to put a stop to Jason by dropping the platform they are on into the acid. Leon, thankfully is able to grab hold of something else and avoid death alongside Jason. The terror below comes to an end as President Graham finishes his speech upstairs.

Of course, this is the Resident Evil franchise and we get one last scare where Jason warns Leon that this isn’t the end before his dramatic death. A little while later, Leon has made his way to the surface, where he runs into Patrick, who finally understands how much of a hero Leon really is. Not only did he survive a sub crashing and faced off against a Tyrant, but he also helped guide the course of the nation through the President. But Leon is just his humble old self and sees it all as luck.

Episode four draws the series to a close with two scenes. One showing Wilson, having survived the attack, being given more of the inhibitor. The box it comes in has the logo Tricell on it. Then we see jump to Claire visiting Leon at the White House. She wants him to turn over the chip so she can make a copy and distribute it to the news. However, Leon won’t hand it over. She realizes that the two of them will always be going down different paths. Before the credits begin, Leon makes a vow to put an end to all of this.

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And with that, Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness comes to an end. They definitely saved the “boss fight” moment until the very end, similar to other CGI movies within the franchise. In this case, it gave us an epic ending the enjoy while tying up this part of the story. While I have been a fan of the Resident Evil CGI films, I found that I really enjoyed the episode format, which allowed a bit more runtime. However, I wish the show featured a bit more horror, similar to Resident Evil 2 and recent installments to the franchise. Overall, this was an amazing watch, and I hope that Netflix will give us more series like this.


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