We have officially hit the second half of Netflix’s Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness and things are really heating up. Leon S. Kennedy (Nick Apostolides) is up to his neck in zombies and conspiracies while Claire (Stephanie Panisello) is making connections between Raccoon City and Penamstan. In episode three, Claire investigates the Mad Dog unit further and makes a horrifying discovery while Leon pursues Shen May (Jona Xiao).

DISCLAIMER: This is a recap, which by definition means there will be spoilers. If you have not taken the chance to experience Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, then I highly suggest doing so first. You can watch all four episodes here on Netflix.

TW: Gore, Violence, Suicide

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Episode three of Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness opens as Claire pays a visit to the house Jason (Ray Chase) had a flashback of in episode two. We get an early jumpscare thanks to a bat before Claire finds the injectors left behind by Jason. As she explores further, she eventually comes across what must have scared Jason before – his friend’s dead body. Similar to the others, it looks as if this one took his own life as well.

Across the world in Shanghai, Shen May arrives home with Leon hot on her tail. Through a series of flashbacks, we learn that the soldier the Mad Dogs saved was Jun See (Aleks Le), Shen May’s younger brother. She learned that the US Government and Wilson (Doug Stone) were responsible for her brother’s condition. Shen May shares with Leon that Wilson was working with a pharmaceutical company to make military bio-weapons. He then used the Penamstan Civil war to test them.

Back in the states, Claire is continuing her investigation at the home of the now-dead Mad Dog member. She finds a piece of paper tucked inside a frame of the company. Through another flashback, we see more of the Mad Dogs’ attempt at saving Jun See. While trying to figure out their next action, the team is attacked by rabid zombies. They are able to fend them off, but each of them was bitten in some way. Jun See tells them to use the injector inhibitors (that look a lot like the injector Claire found) in order for them not to turn into zombies.

Shen May arriving at her family home in Shanghai in Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness.

Shen May arriving at her family home in Shanghai in Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness.

In the present, the police have arrived at the house, but Claire keeps the news of their infection to herself. We see another flashback where Jason shared the news with Shen May about Jun See’s sacrifice. Jason chooses not to turn Jun See over to the government and instead hands him over to family in Shanghai before he and his unit returned to base. There they were met with a warm welcome, named the heroes of Penamstan and Wilson continued to provide them with the inhibitors.

In the present, Shen May share with Leon that Wilson held this over the unit’s head and forced them for his private, covert operations that led to him becoming Defense Secretary. She even believes that he is still continuing to work closely with bio-weapon research with an unknown company. Leon realizes that Wilson was the one behind the White House attack. He then forced Jason to blow up the sub all in order for it to look like China was behind it all.

Shen May’s grandfather Yu En (Anthony Tai) shares with Leon that he has spent his life since Penamstan trying to undo the damage this virus has caused Jun See, but he hasn’t been able to. He feels like he failed him. However, Shen May is on a path of revenge and joined Jason to take down Wilson and this unnamed company. After six years, Jason and Shen May realizes that the information they needed was right in front of their eyes. Each bio-weapon soldier had a chip in their body that tracked vitals and combat data.

Shen May shares that Wilson believes Jun See died and all the evidence disappeared, but he was wrong. Shen May’s reason for coming on the mission was to get the chip from her grandfather and go public with the information. This would prove that Wilson has been behind everything from the beginning. Just as Leon is about to put in his two cents, a bomb goes off and the ceiling and walls come crashing down. Leon and Shen May attempt to escape while her grandfather stays behind and dies alongside Jun See.

Group photo of the Mad Dogs in Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness.

Group photo of the Mad Dogs in Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness.

At the White House, Ryan (Brad Venable), Wilson and President Graham (Joe J. Thomas) discuss an upcoming speech. Ryan believes that it could hurt relations between the US and China. Wilson reminds them of all the things China has done – the hacking and the sub included. He tells them that they need to get a military foothold in Penamstan in order to keep China in check.

For a brief moment, we see that Leon and Shen May have made it safely out of the house. We then jump back to the White House. Claire is here now and ready to confront Wilson about the Mad Dogs unit. It turns out the thing she found was a note from one of the soldiers. However, Wilson isn’t willing to talk to her about it and the secret service stops her from pursuing it.

We jump back to Leon and Shen May after the fire has settled down. They have the chip and Shen May wants to use it to go public so that what happened to Jun See can’t happen again. Leon knows that the US government will do everything to hunt her down and silence her, though. He then realizes that Jason doesn’t want justice. He wants to show the world what true terror is. The same terror that he and his men knew. She doesn’t want to believe it. But Leon reminds her that he must have been the one behind the attack on her family and asks Shen May where he is hiding out.

Episode three of Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness comes to a close as Claire is attacked in her hotel room and dragged away by two unknown men.

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So we’ve hit the information dump episode for Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness. And even though we only had a small bit of zombie action during a Mad Dog’s flashback, I was pleased with this episode. I like how the flashbacks have grown as more information comes to life and we can see how pieces connect and fit the overall story. I can see where Jason and Shen May are coming from. There need to expose Wilson and the US Government and get revenge for the wrongs that have been committed. Episode three ended on quite the cliffhanger and I can’t wait to see how they are able to tie everything up!


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