Netflix’s Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness filled its first episode with conspiracy, gore, zombies and a few cheeky lines from Leon S. Kennedy (Nick Apostolides). Claire Redfield (Stephanie Panisello) has also found herself in the middle of conspiracy after finding a drawing that links the Penamstan Civil War to the events of Raccoon City. In episode two, Leon and his team embark on a covert mission to China in order to get answers about the White House attack. Back in DC, Claire uncovers more about the Penamstan Civil War.

DISCLAIMER: This is a recap, which by definition means there will be spoilers. If you have not taken the chance to experience Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, then I highly suggest doing so first. You can watch all four episodes here on Netflix.

TW: Gore, Violence

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Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness episode two opens as Jason (Ray Chase) arrives at an unnamed home. Inside, he is shocked by what he finds and drops a paper bag with whats looks like injectors inside. We don’t get to see what he saw as Leon wakes him up from this flashback aboard the sub. It’s clear that Jason is shaken up by the memory, but when Leon tries to get him to talk, he won’t.

We jump to Claire, who is doing some investigating of her own back in DC. She uncovers that during the Penamstan Civil War, the US military went in before the UN could come up with a resolution. The people there saw it more as a military occupation instead of help and fought back. During her investigation, she even watches a video where two reporters argue that the only reason the US went into Penamstan was to get a closer foothold to China.

Claire does more digging into the Mad Dogs unit, who returned as the Heroes of Penamstan after the war. It turns out that four out of the six members of the team have committed suicide since their return home.

We are introduced to another flashback. The same one from the beginning of the first episode, but this time it doesn’t cut off after the shot goes off. The Mad Dogs are able to keep their footing and save the soldier trapped under the helicopter. They make their way into a building for cover and try to contact the base. Jason tells the guys to get their goggles on and the next we see, they are in another building talking about how they barely made it out alive.

Shen May looking at herself in the mirror in Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness.

Shen May looking at herself in the mirror in Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness.

On the table is a body bag that is wriggling around and we can hear zombie noises. The Mad Dogs are fighting among themselves if they should inform the base of what happened or keep it to themselves. Jason believes this guy must have been on a top-secret mission and that is why the US government blew up the area. While the arguing continues, another soldier rushes into the tent – Shen May (Jona Xiao).

She explains that she was going over their latest transmissions when she spots the body bag. We arrive back in the present as Shen May opens her locket and shows a picture of someone named Jun See. It looks a lot like the guy the Mad Dogs dragged from under the helicopter. As the sub enters Chinese waters, a mysterious creature stalks another Navy soldier on board.

Episode two jumps back to Leon and Jason. It looks like Jason is finally ready to open up about what happened. He shares that he has been having the same nightmares about that day in Penamstan. Leon tries to sympathize, but Jason doesn’t believe he could ever understand what he went through. But Leon can. He opens up to Jason about the events of Resident Evil 2 and the things he saw in Raccoon City.

Leon and Jason both understand that their time in those situations was Hell. But Jason seems to sympathize with the government’s choice to blow up Raccoon City to save the country in the long run. However, Leon believes that they could have done more to save the people that were still alive. Jason then goes on a tangent about how Leon referred to his time as terrifying and that the route of all terror is fear within the human mind. Where he is going with this is unknown as just as he finishes, the sub seems to crash into something.

Leon and Jason rush off to investigate when they find the officers on deck have all been attacked by something. Leon immediately reaches for his gun, but Jason reminds him where they are. It seems like now is the perfect time for a knife. The two rush off separately to try and find the culprit when Leon comes across another body. Shen May and Jason meet up and tell the officers to lock down the sub due to contamination. Once the sub is locked down, Shen May and Jason kill the officers in the room.

Leon investigating aboard the sub in Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness.

Leon investigating aboard the sub in Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness.

Leon gets into some trouble himself when he finds himself face to face with rat zombies! If a wave of zombie rats wasn’t enough, it turns out that the sub is going to self-destruct as well. And for the second episode in a row, we get a good old zombie fight and some pretty killer one-liners from Leon. Of course, this isn’t something a little water and electricity can’t fix. Leon finally makes it to the isolated room that leads to the escape pod where Shen May and Jason are hiding out. Shen May is trying to decide if she should shot Leon, but Jason reminds her that one shot would kill them all.

Back at the White House, Wilson (Doug Stone) informs President Graham (Joe J. Thomas) that they haven’t heard back from the sub since their last SOS. It just vanished mysteriously and in the waters near them was a Chinese fleet. All signs are pointing to China’s involvement in the attacks.

We jump back to Shanghai, where Jason, Shen May and Leon arrive at the safe house with new weapons inside. Leon sits down with Jason and demands for him to finally tell him what is really going on. What are they doing that they had to kill the crew and blow up the sub? Jason finally opens up about the mission he and Shen May are on. They are looking for proof of a conspiracy that will bring the US Government done. Leon threatens to write them up, but Jason knows that the events will just be covered up.

Jason knows that the US Government is the bad guys and needs to find the proof. He even asks Leon to help them. Jason reminds Leon of their conversation about terror. Leon still isn’t convinced. He tells Jason that he isn’t going to help them, which results in Jason trying to kill Leon. But Leon is a bit faster and manages to shoot first. Shen May, who has snuck back into the safe house, takes a few shots at Leon before running off. And this is where episode two of Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness comes to a close.

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Things are really heating up in Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness. Leon is really in over his head on this mission between the rat bio-weapons and Jason and Shen May actually being traitors. And what is all this talk about fear and terror? And what does that have to do with this mysterious conspiracy with the US Government? It seems like Jason is dealt with, but Shen May got away before Leon could question her. How does she play into it and why does this mysterious Jun See guy look a lot like who the Mad Dogs saved in Panamstan. We’ve got a lot of questions to unravel and just two more episodes to do it in!


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