If Resident Evil and Dead by Daylight are in the same sentence together, it is going to be a good day. That means today is a good day. Behaviour capped off their sixth-anniversary stream with a quick announcement on an upcoming chapter. The only thing we know about this upcoming chapter is that it is titled Project W. And what do we know about Project W in the Resident Evil franchise? That Wesker used it to kick off a lot of trouble. That’s right. The big bad who kicked off years of nightmares, lies and the destruction of Raccoon City.

Behaviour is no stranger to partnering with outside IPs for chapters. We have Halloween, Stranger Things, Ringu, Silent Hill, etc. But this is the first time we will be seeing two chapters from the same IP. Our best guess right now is that Wesker will be introduced as a new killer and bring along another member of the Resident Evil family. We already have legendary skins for Chris and Claire, so chances are it will be someone else from the first few games. Maybe Rebecca, Carlos or even Sheva. Our vote goes to Sheva.

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We have even more theories surrounding the upcoming map that will be released with Project W. Since it seems we are heading back to the beginning of the Progenitor virus, it only feels fitting to get a map of the lab. With the closing of Hawkin’s Lab, this is the perfect chance for them to add a new one to the game. We could also get the Spencer Mansion for us to explore and dive into. We are going back to the beginning, after all.

Behaviour also spoke briefly about the original Resident Evil map introduced alongside Nemesis, Jill and Leon during the stream. While it is downright gorgeous and a near-perfect recapture of the RCPD we explore in Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3, it is a struggle to play Dead by Daylight in. They understand the stress and are working on adjusting the map to better suit the game’s playstyle. Personally, splitting the map into two or even three sections just to reduce its size would do wonders.

With Resident Evil returning to Dead by Daylight, we can’t help but be excited. Two of our favorite horror games working side by side to continue scaring us for years to come. The new Project W chapter is set to release at some point in 2022. What are your theories? Who do you think will be joining the Fog? Let us know in the comments below and on social media!

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