This is not some bullsh*t, residents of Patience! Resident Alien finally has a release date for Season 2B, and it’s closer than you think. Thankfully, that’s not all — we’ve also got a trailer alluding to what’s to come for our fave extraterrestrial and our merry band of misfits. 

We left off with Asta (Sara Tomko), killing The Galvan/Powell Group employee who shot Harry (Alan Tudyk). D’Arcy (Alice Wetterlund) bore witness to the events. Before that, Harry learned from Goliath that his people aren’t coming to Earth because it’s too dangerous. Instead, another alien race is already on the planet with plans to destroy it. 

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So, humanity’s former downfall is now their last hope. In the trailer, Asta notes the more time Harry spends on Earth, the more “human” he becomes, even though our fave alien denies it vehemently. Additionally, we glimpse the return of Terry O’Quinn as Peter Bach, who sits with Deputy Liv (Elizabeth Bowen) in the diner. 

General McCallister (Linda Hamilton) makes her triumphant return. What about the man who shot David Logan, played by Enver Gjokaj? My money’s on him being a member of the race Goliath warned Harry about, especially since his eyes turn gray when he blinks.

Sahar (Gracelyn Awad Rinke) returns to warn of Earth’s impending doom while D’Arcy vows to stay and fight. Meanwhile, Sheriff Mike (Corey Reynolds) puts Patience on lockdown, much to the dismay of everyone present at a meeting. Mayor Ben (Levi Fiehler) tries to reassure the crowd that no such thing will happen because police state, but Mike says otherwise. 

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I’m excited about what’s on our horizon. This show is a pleasantly delightful breath of fresh air, with tons of heart and hilarious performances (notably Tudyk, who deserves accolades for his work).

Resident Alien returns on Wednesday, August 10, only on Syfy. Watch the trailer below.

What are your theories for the second half of Season 2? Sound off in the comments!

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