DISCLAIMER: This recap of Resident Alien‘s episode “End of the World As We Know It” is riddled with spoilers. You’ve been warned, human creatures. Proceed at your own peril. 

Welcome back, extraterrestrials! Resident Alien just opened a can of worms that cannot be closed with its eighth episode, “End of the World As We Know It.” Asta learned about Harry’s secret! Naturally, her initial reaction was one of shock, but she quickly adjusted and worked tooth and nail to ensure that Harry could heal. D’Arcy overcame seemingly insurmountable odds to save Harry and Asta. Ben and Sheriff Mike engaged in a Battle of the Blinds. Lisa and David marked a visit to Patience, Colorado off their bucket list.

Oh, and Dan amputated Harry’s alien leg. “End of the World As We Know It” is jam-packed with Resident Alien‘s signature snark, but it’s also brimming with tenderness. Asta proves, once again, that she truly is the beating heart of this show. 

Ready to delve into “End of the World As We Know It”? Let’s get to it. 

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Now, we open where we left off — Harry (Alan Tudyk), Asta (Sara Tomko) and D’Arcy (Alice Wetterlund) are unconscious and inside the crevasse. If you’ll recall, they fell through said crevasse in the glacial pass. You know, the place that’s off-limits, but Harry was there in search of his device. Harry stirs. His leg is trapped underneath what appears to be a snowy boulder. His device is out of arm’s reach. Well, at least his human arm’s reach. 

Then, Asta and D’Arcy wake up. Everyone seems to be fine save Harry’s trapped leg. D’Arcy scurries up the snowy cliffside to her ATV. She dons some hefty gear in preparation for lifting Harry and Asta to safety when the ground beneath them shatters. Harry and Asta fall even further into the crevasse. D’Arcy also slips from the jarring impact of the break. Harry’s device takes a tumble as well. When it hits the ground, it’s “lights out.” 

Next, we see General McCallister (Linda Hamilton), Lisa (Mandell Maughan) and David (Alex Barima) are still studying Harry’s spaceship. However, once the device switches off, the vessel’s stealth tech is employed. It’s no longer visible to the human eye. McCallister orders the pair to make the trek to Patience and find that blasted alien. 

Meanwhile, Asta and Harry regain consciousness after the second fall. Asta notices that a fluorescent blue liquid is oozing from Harry’s leg. He urges her not to look at his face. We see that his alien form is attempting to seize control. Harry’s growing weaker by the second from his leg injury, meaning he doesn’t have the energy to maintain his human faςade. His fleshy ruse. Asta catches a glimpse of his now half-alien-looking visage. Naturally, she’s taken aback. Harry’s starting to look very un-Harry-like.

Now, Harry reveals that he’s an alien who crash-landed on Earth. He was in the glacial pass because he was searching for his … radio. Yeah, his radio. So he can phone home. Harry withholds the “decimating humanity” bit. Despite Asta’s shock, she gets to work on healing his leg wound. She cauterizes it with a flare. 

Still of Corey Reynolds in Resident Alien episode "End of the World As We Know It."

RESIDENT ALIEN — “End of the World as We Know It” Episode 108 — Pictured: Corey Reynolds as Sheriff Mike Thompson — (Photo by: James Dittiger/SYFY)

Then, D’Arcy stirs. She’s suspended in the air. D’Arcy shouts for Asta and the latter answers back. She vows to continue climbing up the snow-laden cliffside so she can get help. Harry visuals a scene akin to the mob gathering in Beauty and the Beast with Deputy Liv (Elizabeth Bowen), Sheriff Mike (Corey Reynolds) and Mayor Ben (Levi Fiehler) leading the charge. Kill the alien! Kill the alien!

Meanwhile, at the police station/mayor’s office, Mike and Ben are at odds. They launch into the first skirmish in the Battle of the Blinds. Ben and Mike both retreat to their respective offices and proceed to launch attack after attack against each other. Blinds for blinds. This scene cracks me up. It’s the male ego in action. Kate (Meredith Garretson) calls Ben and he makes an executive decision regarding dinner. Not up for debate. Ben’s taking charge, apparently. 

Later, Harry and Asta discuss Harry’s otherworldly life. His wife did die in childbirth, but that’s what happens to every creature who gives birth on his home planet. They don’t do genders. Harry has 342 children and he’s quite attached to number 62. Harry confesses that being in this human vessel has awakened a bevy of new and sometimes uncomfortable emotions. Asta asks about the real Harry Vanderspeigle, but Harry deftly navigates around that asteroid by revealing that he was able to change form via contact with human skin cells. Not straight-up murder (it was definitely straight-up murder). 

Next, we see Liv popping into the office to pick up her belongings. Additionally, she turns in her badge. However, she uses Ben as a delivery service/messenger against Mike. But mostly to convey the message that having tiny cartoon birds dancing around your head means you’re unconscious. Looking at you, Mike. 

Suddenly, Harry is struggling to breathe. His blood is pooling up in his lungs. Or his extraterrestrial breathing apparatus. Whatever floats your boat. Asta must stick her hand into Harry’s frontside to clear his airways. Mind you, he’s now sprouted an extra set of tiny arms to help guide her hand past the teeth. Yes, teeth. Thankfully, Asta’s mission is a success and Harry can breathe again. 

Meanwhile, D’Arcy is having a moment of crisis. She records a farewell video on her phone in case she doesn’t survive. It’s a touching sequence, especially since we never get to see the vulnerable side of D’Arcy. She’s usually alcohol-soaked and sarcastic. D’Arcy relives her accident during the Olympics. She’s convinced she can’t make the climb. D’Arcy passes out. 

Next, we see a flashback with D’Arcy and Asta. Asta is visiting D’Arcy while the latter recovers from her accident. D’Arcy is afraid to try, to push beyond her injuries, but Asta’s wholehearted support lights her fire. Then, D’Arcy wakes up in the present and begins her treacherous ascent. 

Later, Lisa and David are at the diner in Patience. Dan (Gary Farmer) serves them coffee. They’ve conjured a cover story and are pretending to be on their honeymoon. Newlyweds! Dan urges them to exercise caution since a snowstorm is about to overtake the area. 

Still of Gary Farmer in Resident Alien episode "End of the World As We Know It."

RESIDENT ALIEN — “End of the World as We Know It” Episode 108 — Pictured: Gary Farmer as Dan Twelvetrees — (Photo by: James Dittiger/SYFY)

Now, Lisa and David return to their camper. David is about to bring in the authorities to aid them in their mission when Lisa begins choking him. She’s a bit of a loose cannon. However, David’s saved by the flyer when the photo Liv sketched of Alien Harry is plastered to their camper window. Of course, it has Max’s information on it. Bingo!

Then, Harry asks Asta to search for his “radio.” Well, we know it as his humanity-destroying device. In addition, Harry reveals his real name. It’s too convoluted and lengthy to type here. Just know that Asta’s sticking with “Harry.” Meanwhile, Kate and Ben are out for dinner. We see Liv and her beau Shane (Eugene Brave Rock) are sitting behind them. Ben tries to order for Kate. He also orders Escargot for himself, which is definitely out of the norm for him culinary-wise. Kate is bewildered by his behavior. 

Next, Dan pops into Mike’s office. He just tried calling Asta and she failed to answer her phone. She also missed their regularly scheduled dinner. He’s worried, especially given the fact that a major storm is approaching. Mike takes the reins and begins a search. Ben scooches over next to Kate at the restaurant and tries to engage in some PDA. He cut his lip while eating Escargot. Kate flinches at the sight of his bleeding lip. “Now you won’t kiss my blood,” he says. This line coupled with Fiehler’s delivery made me cackle. Kate firmly puts her husband in his place and reminds him that he doesn’t need to be someone he’s not. 

Meanwhile, Dan and Mike ask Shane to call D’Arcy. She doesn’t respond. He also notes that D’Arcy and Asta rented those ATVs hours ago. Ben tells Mike that he’s welcome to whatever resources he needs to find the missing pair. Finally, D’Arcy makes it to the top of the crevasse like the badass she is! She tosses down a harness for Harry and Asta. Harry is terrified that D’Arcy will see him shifting into his true form. 

Then, Kate is in the bathroom. She asks the woman next to her if she can hand over some toilet paper. We see it’s Lisa. She introduces herself as Sara Houston. She’s new to Patience. Kate gives Lisa her phone number and urges her to give her a call. Something tells me Lisa is doing this to get close to Max. 

Later, D’Arcy pulls Harry and Asta out of the crevasse. She drives Harry’s truck into town with Asta and our resident alien in the truck bed. D’Arcy makes a pitstop at the doctor’s office. She runs inside to grab a nurse when Asta hops into the driver’s seat and takes off, leaving D’Arcy stranded. Asta calls Dan to let him know she’s okay. Oh, and she needs a favor. 

Next, Dan pulls into the diner and finds Asta in the walk-in freezer with Harry in his full alien form. The whole nine yards. The whole kit and caboodle. Asta reveals that it’s actually Harry and he needs their help. Dan trusts Asta’s judgment, so he acquiesces. Harry muses that his innate weakness led to his failure. 

Still of Corey Reynolds and Gary Farmer in Resident Alien episode "End of the World As We Know It."

RESIDENT ALIEN — “End of the World as We Know It” Episode 108 — Pictured: Gary Farmer as Dan Twelvetrees — (Photo by: James Dittiger/SYFY)

Meanwhile, Mike pays Dan a visit. He wanted to ensure Dan wasn’t “doing something stupid” to try and locate Asta. Dan reveals that Asta is now safe and sound, as is D’Arcy. Mike is reticent to leave, but leave he does. He suspects something’s amiss. 

Then, Harry divulges that his leg must be amputated. Otherwise, the infection will spread to his body. Asta is about to make the chop when she backs out at the last second. Instead, Dan seizes the reins. As he takes off Harry’s leg, Asta holds our alien’s hand. 

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Now, “End of the World As We Know It” changes the game from here on out. It’s hard to believe that we only have two episodes left of Resident Alien‘s first season. Thankfully, the series was just renewed for Season Two today, so this won’t be the end of Harry’s tale. 

I loved that we got to see just how badass D’Arcy and Asta are. Asta managed to cauterize a wound and heal an alien creature. Bet that wasn’t on the exam in nursing school! Meanwhile, D’Arcy climbed up a cliffside and pulled her friends out of the crevasse by herself. That takes true grit and resilience. These ladies are survivors.

Not to mention, Harry and Asta’s friendship is a salve for the soul. I don’t think he’ll be able to go through with ending the world. He’s becoming too human. Their scenes were so sweet and tender. Just two people trying to understand each other. Asta’s knee-jerk reaction isn’t to hate, either. That’s why she’s a precious angel who must be protected at all costs. 

Do you think D’Arcy will discover Harry’s secret as well? What will Lisa and David uncover regarding Harry while they’re in Patience? Will one-legged Harry become an alien pirate? Join me next week as I recap Resident Alien, here on Geek Girl Authority. 

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