The Reservation Dogs are heading home. In the season three premiere, “ BUSSIN,” Bear (D’Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai), Elora Danan (Devery Jacobs), Willie Jack (Paulina Alexis), and Cheese’s (Lane Factor) California adventure comes to an endBut first, a quick update from the Spirit, William Knifeman (Dallas Goldtooth). Directed by Danis Goulet.

The last time we saw Bear, Elora Danan, Willie Jack , and Cheese, they were frolicking in the Pacific Ocean. Even after their car and money was stolen. They made good on their promise to Daniel (Dalton Cramer) though. In the last minutes of the episode, Bear decided he wasn’t going home. 

So what happened after they left the beach? Bear and the gang went to his dad Punkin’s apartment, only to find he left to go on tour. There was a woman there with two small kids, who could have been Bear’s siblings. Bear didn’t tell her who he was, instead he said he was a musician, looking to record something with Punkin. 

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After that, they decided to go back to White Jesus (Brandon Boyd), who was more than willing to share his manger with them. Luckily, Teenie (Tamara Podemski) lives in Phoenix. They never say who, but someone reached out to Teenie. Probably Elora Danan. Teenie dropped what she was doing and left for LA. She found the kids with White Jesus and gave him a couple of bucks for watching out for the kids. He promised to eat hot dogs in her honor. 

Teenie couldn’t afford plane tickets for everyone, but she can afford bus tickets. That gives them all plenty of time to reflect on their trip. Willie Jack and Cheese discuss the possibility of Bear and Elora leaving Okern. This is something that Cheese thinks about a lot and it’s kind of sad. Willie Jack promises that she’s not going anywhere. She liked LA, but the trip made her appreciate home more. 

Willie Jack and Cheese share snacks on Reservation Dogs.

RESERVATION DOGS – “BUSSIN” – Season3, Episode 1 (Airs Wednesday, August 2nd) – Pictured: (l-r) Paulina Alexis as Willie Jack, Lane Factor as Cheese. CR: Shane Brown/FX

The bus stops in Amarillo and the gang gets off to transfer buses. They have some time to kill and grab snacks. During this time, Teenie calls into work and gets fired. Elora checks on Bear. He says the California trip was good and felt right, but Daniel is still gone. He gets up to go to the bathroom while the others share snacks.

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Jackie (Elva Guerra) texts Bear to let him know that his mom is really mad. He replies, but his phone dies. Elora hears that the bus is arriving and leaves to find Teenie. Teenie isn’t too sad about losing her job. She felt like it was time to move on anyway.

Spirit shows up in the bathroom to tell Bear not to get on the bus. Bear is frustrated with Spirit. He’s done everything that William Knifeman has told him to do but Spirit never really gives Bear any reasons why he’s doing these things. They’re interrupted when another guy steps out of a stall. Bear pretends to be practicing for a play so he doesn’t look crazy. But he looks crazy. 

Teenie talks about how being an adult is messed up. She doesn’t feel any different than she did when she was a kid. The only thing that changed is that her baggage is heavier. It’s the baggage that changes people. There are some kids that have more baggage than others, like Daniel and Elora’s mom. Teenie can’t even imagine what they were going through. 

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Willie Jack finds Elora and Teenie to let them know that the bus is boarding. They all three run to get in line and look for Bear and Cheese. Willie Jack sees Cheese and a guy who looks like Bear from behind. He even has a man-bun like Bear, but it’s not Bear. They board the bus anyway. 

When Bear goes outside, everyone is gone. He freaks out a little, trying to get help from the lady at the ticket window. He asks her to call the bus and tell them to turn around, but it’s too late. And he doesn’t have any money so he can’t buy a ticket for the next bus. So he starts walking. 

Spirit joins him and tries to be positive about the situation. He says Bear is on a journey to start helping people. Bear reminds him that he has nowhere to go. That’s Spirit’s point. He has nowhere but somewhere to go. Spirit does tell him which direction to walk and tells him not to worry. Bear will find himself. 

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Cheese befriends one of the other passengers who offers him cookies. The guy’s name is Olf (Ryan Redcorn) and he gets really excited when he finds out that Cheese is Native. Olf is Pawnee and Comanche. Olf asks about Cheese’s drawing. Cheese explains that it’s his family in the drawing, to which Olf tells him a story about when he got arrested. It’s all related, whoop whoop. 

RESERVATION DOGS – “BUSSIN” – Season3, Episode 1 (Airs Wednesday, August 2nd) – Pictured: (l-r) Devery Jacobs as Elora Danan, Tamara Podemski as Teenie. CR: Shane Brown/FX. Copyright 2023. FX Networks. All rights reserved.

Elora tells Teenie that she can stay at her place in Okern. Teenie says she can’t stay long but she will think about it. She stares at Elora and mentions that the girl looks just like her mom. But every now and then she makes a gesture that looks like her dad.  Elora is confused. She thought her dad was the guy on the bike that died with her mom. Teenie informs her that not only is her dad alive, she’s also friends with him on Facebook. And he’s white! Teenie offers to introduce the two, if Elora wants to meet him. 

While Bear walks down a dirt road, he remembers what happened in California … at his dad’s place. Bear went back and asked the woman for a piece of paper to leave a note for Punkin. He also took off the microphone medallion that he had made for his dad. He put the medallion and the note in a bag and left it with the woman. After he left, the woman read the note. It said that this time Bear gets to decide who Punkin disappears. He tells his dad to have a good life and signs it. 

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The bus pulls into Okern where Rita (Sarah Podemski), Irene (Casey Camp-Horinek), and Leon (Jon Proudstar) wait with Mose (Lil Mike) and Mekko (Funny Bone). The parents are so happy to see everyone and they are also very mad. Teenie goes straight to Rita to hug her and they look at the bus. Bear didn’t get off the bus. Everyone is confused. Bear is in the middle of nowhere … walking home. 


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