1452547762-Polyphonic-Spree-with-David-BowieI struggle with what to say. It doesn’t seem real that David Bowie has passed away. That he battled with cancer for 18 months and instead of announcing the illness, he quietly worked on and opened a science fiction musical on Broadway called Lazarusand said his personal goodbye in the form of an album called Blackstar. His final work of art. What a beautiful gift to have been given.

I cried and watched videos upon videos of Bowie until the early morning hours. I have no words to express his impact on my life, on all of our lives, so here are some of my favorite moments.

David Bowie and The Polyphonic Spree


David Bowie On Ellen (I was in the audience for this)

David Bowie And Freddy Mercury Singing Under Pressure

David Bowie On Extras

David Bowie And Bing Crosby


Thank you, Mr. Bowie, for being that beacon of weirdness and authenticity to the rest of us weirdos. I think this says it best:


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