• SYFY has unveiled the official trailer for Season 2 of Reginald the Vampire, which you can watch below. 
  • The channel has also released key art for the season. 
  • Season 2 will see Reginald embroiled in a “blood war” with angels as vampires fight for survival. 

Caught Between a Fang and an Angel’s Wing 

This Blood War is gonna suck. SYFY has unleashed the official trailer for Reginald the Vampire Season 2. In it, our titular vamp (Jacob Batalon) becomes reluctantly entangled in a “blood war” as creatures of the night fight for their survival.

We see Maurice (Mandela Van Peebles), Reginald’s maker, encourage him to be the hero they need as they square off against Balestro (Garfield Wilson) and his angels, including Uriel (Max Montesi) and Raphael (Simon Arblaster). 

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The trailer then shows Reginald asking for “vampire muscle” to help them in their war against the angels. Balestro claims that when the bell tolls after 30 days, he’ll return to exterminate the vampire species. We reunite with Abraham (Danny Wattley), who invites our Reggie to the best party that ever partied. Based on the trailer, it looks like he’ll battle Balestro one-on-one. 

Preparing for War 

Additionally, we see one of the angels “mackin'” on Reggie’s girl, Sarah (Em Haine); Angela (Savannah Basley) ready to throw down; Claire (Thailey Roberge) voicing her concerns about our hero’s plan and Todd (Aren Buchholz) impressed with Mike’s (Ryan Jinn) vampire abilities. The delightful Nikki (Christin Park) also returns, giving hope to those of us who ship her with Ashley (Marguerite Hanna). 

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The series stars Jacob Batalon, Mandela Van Peebles, Savannah Basley and Em Haine. Harley Peyton returns as showrunner and executive producer. Brace yourself for bloody action and heartwarming humor when Season 2 premieres on May 8, 2024, at 10 PM, only on SYFY

Before you go, check out the official key art and the trailer below. 

The official key art for Reginald the Vampire Season 2, featuring the title character holding up a slushy. Angela stands to his right, while Maurice strikes a pose to Reginald's left. Claire sits to Reginald's bottom left while energy bolts shoot out from her hands. Sarah sits to Reginald's bottom right while holding a sword. The art has a purple color filter.

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