DISCLAIMER: This recap of the Reginald the Vampire episode “The Odyssey” contains spoilers. Proceed at your peril. 

Welcome back, baby vamps! “The Odyssey” finds our titular protagonist embarking on his own journey back home. Think of Reginald as Odysseus and the lying to his loved ones and abandoning them as his Trojan War. It’s an intimate affair with a simple premise. Reginald the Vampire dips its toes in the surrealist waters, and it’s a blast. I love it when any series gets surreal and trippy. We hone in on Reginald’s deep-seated fears and self-described inadequacies, how he’s felt less than his whole life thanks to people like Todd.

After knocking every one of Abraham’s tests out of the park and ultimately saving a Nephilim, Reginald finally believes in himself. He taps into his innate strengths and the hero that’s always been inside him. It’s heartwarming as sh*t. 

Ready to delve into “The Odyssey”? Let’s get to it. 

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We open with Reginald (Jacob Batalon) sitting in a gloomy bar in Spokane, Washington. The scene is bathed in black and white, like something from the film noir genre. Billy (Jesse Stretch) takes the seat next to him. He urges Reggie to purchase drinks for both of them despite the latter’s confession that he has little money at his disposal. Billy claims he can help Reginald turn his life around with a … game of poker. Of course, our titular hero is a vampire with an immense intellect, so this should be easy-peasy, lemon squeezy. 

Reginald sits next to Billy in a bar while looking somber in Reginald the Vampire Season 1 Episode 8, "The Odyssey."

REGINALD THE VAMPIRE — “The Odyssey” Season 1 Episode 8 — Pictured: (l-r) Jacob Batalon as Reginald, Jesse Stretch as Billy — (Photo by: SYFY)

After Reggie wins the poker game, Billy accuses him of cheating. However, Reginald knew this dude was trying to play him from the get-go. Billy brandishes a gun in Reggie’s direction. Reginald exposes his fangs in retaliation, sufficient to scare Billy off. Take that! An older gentleman named Jenkins (Bernard Cuffling) asks Reggie to join him for a drink. They might be able to help each other out. 

Reginald discloses his true intentions and the real reason he’s in Spokane: he wishes to meet Abraham, a special vampire who can make all his dreams come to fruition. Jenkins also hopes to meet Abraham. However, those who seek him out seldom survive the endeavor. We learn that Jenkins wants Abraham to give him a new heart, while Reggie hopes the ancient vamp can make him human again. 

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Once they reach the lobby of Abraham’s hotel, we see the black and white color palette morph into vividly bright hues. They settle in for drinks, and the bartender regales them with the tale of Nikki and her partner Stanley getting dispatched by Logan the Capricious to kill Abraham. Countless folks have tried to murder him, but none have succeeded. Reggie spots Stanley (Jacob Woike) moving about the space in a trance-like state. 

Reginald and Jenkins stand in the lobby of a hotel while looking surprised in Reginald the Vampire Season 1 Episode 8, "The Odyssey."

REGINALD THE VAMPIRE — “The Odyssey” Season 1 Episode 8 — Pictured: (l-r) Jacob Batalon as Reginald, Bernard Cuffling as Jenkins — (Photo by: SYFY)

Our duo notices something’s amiss with the partygoers in the lobby — they all make strange remarks to Reggie and Jenkins and stare at them unabashedly. The bartender won’t answer their questions regarding whether Abraham’s at this location. Well, she offers vague replies, deftly evading directness. 

Meanwhile, Reggie and Jenkins spot an elevator that inexplicably materializes after they enter the lobby. However, once they approach it, the partygoers follow suit. They move toward them in synchronization, frightening our pair. Jenkins tries to pacify the masses, but they swallow him up. Reggie begs for the crowd to take him instead. Suddenly, the room erupts in applause. Jenkins states that Reginald has a good heart, while the latter insists that he’s not a morally sound person. 

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Next, Reginald gets in the elevator. He finds Stanley standing beside him. Stanley can’t hear or see him. Reggie attempts to touch Stanley, but his hand passes through the latter. He’s a ghost. The elevator opens on what appears to be the Slushy Shack. Reginald exits, finding Todd (Aren Buchholz) running a mop through a pile of blood. He’s utilizing the blood as soap to mop the floor. Creepy. Reggie chats with Todd, who proceeds to spew repugnant fat jokes. What else is new? 

Todd mops up a pile of blood on the floor of the Slushy Shack in Reginald the Vampire Season 1 Episode 8, "The Odyssey."

REGINALD THE VAMPIRE — “The Odyssey” Season 1 Episode 8 — Pictured: (l-r) Aren Buchholz as Todd, Jacob Batalon as Reginald — (Photo by: SYFY)

Todd claims he at least knows he’s a sh*tty person. He doesn’t try to conceal it. On the other hand, Reginald strives to look like a good person. He’s deceitful that way. Well, according to Todd. We’re diving into Reginald’s moral center in this episode. After his peculiar conversation with Todd, Reggie moves into the breakroom after hearing Sarah say, “What’s the story, Morning Glory?” Sarah (Em Haine) sits on her usual park bench in said breakroom. 

Sarah calls Reginald out for lying to her and then skipping town. However, she forgives him … psyche! See, she can lie, too. Reggie knows he messed up, and this surrealist moral test seems to drive that home to an excessive degree. Or perhaps Todd and Sarah are manifestations of how Reginald feels about himself or his inner voice? That’s deep. 

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Later, Reginald finds himself standing outside the Slushy Shack at the moment he prayed to God/baby Jesus/adult Jesus in the pilot. Past Reggie reveals that Present Reggie continuously screws things up for them. Our Reginald says another prayer, begging the Higher Up to give him a clean slate (again). He wants to start over. Then, the elevator takes Reginald to another floor. This time, he spots Maurice (Mandela Van Peebles). Maurice urges him to return to Akron for the Assessment. He missed it the first time, so Maurice implored the vampire council to postpone it while he retrieves Reggie. 

Reginald believes his sire is a mirage or a ghost. A spectral facet of this pre-Abraham test. Maurice reassures the former that he’s alive and well. Relieved, Reggie embraces Maurice with vigor. While talking, our pair spot a slew of folks in elaborate vampire costumes. They approach Maurice and Reginald menacingly. Reggie believes these aspects of the test are like white blood cells attacking a virus. Reggie opens the elevator to find raging hellfire on the other side. 

So, either they succumb to the angry costumed masses or jump into the fire. It’s a leap of faith! Maurice isn’t 100 percent on board, but he jumps into the fiery elevator anyway. They wind up in the hotel basement, completely burn-free. Success! Reginald and Maurice finally find Abraham (Danny Wattley), who seems to be frozen in place. Stanley has a stake lodged in the ancient vampire’s chest. Stanley is perpetually trapped in a memory loop. 

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Reggie believes Maurice can pull the stake out of Abraham’s chest to break the freeze. He’s a hero, after all. However, Maurice fails to dislodge said stake. He persuades Reginald to give it a whirl. Reggie swears up and down he’s not a swashbuckling hero, but I beg to differ. Maurice encourages his progeny to embrace his inherently heroic qualities. Finally, Reggie relents and easily pulls the stake out of Abraham’s chest. It’s a modern-day “The Sword in the Stone.”

Reginald and Maurice stand in front of Abraham in a hotel while looking confused in Reginald the Vampire Season 1 Episode 8, "The Odyssey."

REGINALD THE VAMPIRE — “The Odyssey” Season 1 Episode 8 — Pictured: (l-r) Mandela Van Peebles as Maurice, Jacob Batalon as Reginald — (Photo by: SYFY)

Then, Reginald stakes Stanley, who vanishes. After remaining frozen in time for so long, Abraham wakes, feeling grateful he can move. To thank his new buddies, Abraham makes drinks for them. We learn that Abraham is part vampire, part angel, a.k.a. a Nephilim. (Biblically speaking, Nephilim are thought to be the offspring of fallen angel men and human women.) Abraham also explains how vampires descended from Cain, not Abel. Take us to school, Abraham!

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Next, after some palling around, Abraham asks Reginald what he wants. He did save the ancient vamp’s life, after all. Reggie reveals his desire for Abraham to turn him human again. Unfortunately, that’s beyond his pay grade. He cannot reverse vampirism. Abraham and Maurice give Reggie a pep talk. He’s perfect the way he is! Maurice argues that he’s a better vampire than a human. 

Meanwhile, Abraham reassures Maurice regarding the latter’s family. He states they’re in a good place. Aw, that’s sweet. They depart after thanking Abraham for his time and words of encouragement. Once outside the hotel, Reggie declares he’s ready to go home. Maurice reminds him that the rescheduled Assessment is in five days. Reginald is prepared to face the music, though. He also hopes to work with Maurice on his negativity. It’s a downer, dude. 

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“The Odyssey” is a beautifully inspirational outing. It’s necessary for Reggie’s character development. I’m a sucker for character-driven episodes. Not only do we see Reginald evolve, but his relationship with Maurice deepens, too. It’s lovely to see. We all have the capacity to be heroes. I can’t wait to watch Reginald be the hero of his story. 

I’m assuming the Assessment will consume the last two episodes of the season. Here’s hoping Reggie kicks ass and takes names. Then, he can treat himself to a tall glass of 🩸 as a reward. 

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