DISCLAIMER: This recap of the Reginald the Vampire episode “Hypnos” has spoilers. Proceed at your peril. 

Welcome back, baby vamps! Reginald the Vampire’s latest outing is lighter on the action but as fun as its predecessors. “Hypnos” is more of a character-driven episode, deftly developing main characters like Sarah and supporting players like Ashley and Mike. The magic of “Hypnos” lies in the performances and the methodically planted plot bombshells along the way.

Ready to delve into “Hypnos”? Let’s get to it. 

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We open with Reginald (Jacob Batalon) freeing Maurice (Mandela Van Peebles) from Angela’s death trap. Reginald explains that besides sensing his sire’s near-fatal situation, he glamoured Erich on his way to save Maurice. Maurice is incredulous. Vampires cannot glamour other vamps. Or can they? 

While on their way out the door, Mike (Ryan Jinn) joins them. Maurice is taken aback to see Mike, especially since Angela was ostensibly engorging herself on his heart in last week’s episode. Thankfully, it was a trick to deceive Maurice. Angela (Savannah Basley) spots our trio attempting to leave. She simply hisses at them.

Reginald wears a plaid robe while holding onto the front door knob and looking gleeful in Reginald the Vampire Season 1 Episode 3, "Hypnos."

REGINALD THE VAMPIRE — “Hypnos” Season 1 Episode 3 — Pictured: Jacob Batalon as Reginald — (Photo by: SYFY)

Later, Reginald practices his glamouring in the mirror. Erich (Andre Tricoteux) arrives with Reginald’s favorite dish, having painstakingly prepared it in Angela’s kitchen. Yes, Reggie glamoured the chimney-sized vamp to cook amazing delicacies for him. Honestly, I’d do the same. 

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Then, Ashley (Marguerite Hanna) catches Sarah (Em Haine) eating nonfat yogurt and proceeds to inform the latter about the dangers of consuming said yogurt. Sarah tells them about the gaps in her memory. For example, she doesn’t recall delivering a check to her landlord or where she left off in her reading of Wuthering Heights. Not to worry — Ashley’s on the case! Being the avid conspiracy theory lover they are, they decide to dig deep into the mystery surrounding Sarah’s inexplicable memory loss. 

Next, Maurice confronts Reggie outside of the latter’s apartment. He urges Reg to stop glamouring other vampires and to keep his newfound ability to himself. They don’t want Angela to find out. Or worse, Logan the Great and Mournful. Naturally, Reginald blatantly ignores Maurice’s warning and dishes his heroic exploits to Claire (Thailey Roberge), his new BFF.

Meanwhile, Mike and Maurice are in bed together. The former asks how Reggie saved Maurice. Maurice omits the teensy weensy detail about Reginald’s unique powers. Someone knocks on the door, and we see Angela on the other side. She comes under a peace banner, claiming she has a solution to their Reggie problem. 

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Later, Reggie confides in Erich about his burning love for Sarah and his persistent fear that she won’t remember how she feels about him. Maurice and Angela show up on Reginald’s doorstep, so he orders Erich to hide in the bathroom. Angela informs Reggie that he must compete in The Assessment, a test of his vampiric abilities, to determine whether he’s suited to join the Midwestern chapter of the vampire council. Should he lose, he dies. But it’s all good! Just sign with your blood, and we’ll make that tomorrow’s worry!

After they depart, Reggie glamours Erich to travel as far away from the vampire shenanigans in Akron as possible. Erich gives Reginald Maurice’s hair pick from the pilot and forlornly leaves. Then, Claire and Reginald watch Sarah from afar on a rainy afternoon. Sarah has her head buried in her copy of Wuthering Heights. Claire encourages Reggie to approach Sarah. He chats with Sarah about her book. As he walks away, Sarah mutters, “What’s the story, Morning Glory?” in a British accent. She’s remembering!

Reginald and Sarah sit across from each other at a table in a restaurant while smiling in Reginald the Vampire Season 1 Episode 3, "Hypnos."

REGINALD THE VAMPIRE — “Hypnos” Season 1 Episode 3 — Pictured: (l-r) Jacob Batalon as Reginald, Em Haine as Sarah — (Photo by: SYFY)

Then, we see Reggie training with Maurice for The Assessment. Maurice lets slip another deadly downside to losing said test — not only will Reginald die, but Maurice will also perish. So, no pressure. Meanwhile, Angela lounges in her lavish home while partaking in some blood-filled hookah with Penelope (Georgia Waters) and LeBron (Sean Yves Lessard). Penelope and LeBron wonder aloud what might happen if Reggie succeeds in The Assessment. Angela insists that won’t happen, as it takes years to prepare for the strenuous vampire test. She orders her underlings to keep a watchful eye on Maurice’s baby vamp. 

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Reggie feasts on Todd (Aren Buccholz) while the latter devours some ice cream. I think this scene might be my favorite in the episode. Todd went from being Reggie’s bully to our hero’s blood bag. That’s quite the journey in only three episodes. Reginald squirts some of Todd’s blood over his ice cream to give it a little kick. 

Meanwhile, Ashley believes there are supernatural forces at play that caused Sarah’s memory lapse. They wonder whether Todd is the culprit, given his bizarre behavior of late. Ashley goes snooping through the employee files and finds Reggie’s address, which is where Sarah went the night before everything went blank. 

Later, Sarah pays Reginald a visit. Throughout the conversation, Sarah regains bits and pieces of her memories. Finally, our fave lovebirds engage in their “song titles” secret language, reminding Sarah of her feelings for Reggie. Reginald asks her on another date. These two are so sweet they give me a toothache. 

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Then, Sarah and Reginald go on their first official date. Reggie spots Penelope and LeBron as they observe him from afar. Reginald orders them to steer clear of Sarah, but when that doesn’t pan out, he glamours them. During dinner, Sarah discloses some of her history. She believes her memory lapse is PTSD-related. Sarah was raised in a super religious, overzealous household that worshipped archangels. Her family micromanaged and controlled every aspect of her life. Sarah reached her breaking point, packed her bags and fled. 

Reginald wears red boxing gloves while smiling at Maurice in his apartment in Reginald the Vampire Season 1 Episode 3, "Hypnos."

REGINALD THE VAMPIRE — “Hypnos” Season 1 Episode 3 — Pictured: Jacob Batalon as Reginald — (Photo by: SYFY)

Next, Ashley asks Todd about scarves becoming a staple of his daily wardrobe. They pull back the scarf he’s wearing to discover two bite marks (from Reggie’s fangs). Todd doesn’t comprehend what it means, only that he’s not supposed to remove his scarf. Ashley starts to suspect Reggie. 

Meanwhile, Reginald glamours Penelope and LeBron to act out in the restaurant in front of its patrons. It started with the pair shoving food in each other’s faces. Then, it morphed into both vampires vomiting on themselves in public. Initially, Reggie and Sarah laughed at the display. However, the puking bit makes Sarah queasy. Mike glimpses the proceedings. Uh-oh. 

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Later, Mike reports his findings to Angela. Yes, Maurice’s boyfriend is a spy, planted there courtesy of Angela. We learn Angela did something for Mike, so spying on Maurice is the latter’s payment to her. Mike informs her about Reggie’s ability to glamour other vampires. At first, she doesn’t believe him, but she then muses that Reggie probably saved Maurice because he glamoured Erich. 

Angela learns Logan the Desanguinator will attend The Assessment. That’s the second time someone has mentioned this person’s name in this episode. After realizing that Mike’s telling the truth about Reginald, Angela vows to let Mike go free. Angela asks Penelope and LeBron to fetch her a burner phone. She needs to contact Nikki, someone who Penelope insists “brings death and destruction wherever she goes.” Color me intrigued!

Then, Reginald apologizes to Sarah for fumbling their date the night before. She accepts his apology and officially states they’re in a relationship. Aw! Ashley ruins the moment by dousing the pair in holy water. They’re hellbent on proving that Reggie is a vampire. Thankfully, he doesn’t react to said holy water. Could this be another superpower? 

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While in the employee breakroom, Ashley claims they won’t rest until they find the vampires in Akron. Sure, Reggie may be off their radar for now, but he might slip in the near future…

Finally, we see our fave lovebirds video chatting in bed. Maurice puts a damper on their sweet moment by barging into Reggie’s bedroom. He reveals he felt a surge of glamour energy earlier after he expressly forbade Reginald from glamouring any vampires after the Erich incident. Reggie explains that Penelope and LeBron were trying to feed on Sarah, so he did what acted quickly to protect her. I’m Team Reginald here. 

Claire leans on a counter while holding a slushy and grinning in Reginald the Vampire Season 1 Episode 3, "Hypnos."

REGINALD THE VAMPIRE — “Hypnos” Season 1 Episode 3 — Pictured: Thailey Roberge as Claire — (Photo by: SYFY)

However, Maurice impresses the severity of the situation on Reggie. Sarah is a blindspot for Reginald, so he must stop seeing her. When Reggie reminds Maurice that he can glamour other vamps, Maurice strikes Reginald so hard that he flies backward. Maurice orders his progeny to break things off with Sarah. 

This is what happens when you love a human. 

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“Hypnos” lays the foundation for some grueling tests ahead for Reginald and teases new formidable characters on the horizon. Savannah Basley makes for a deliciously nuanced villain, while Jacob Batalon continues to charm as our affable protagonist. There’s considerably less fat-shaming in this episode, which makes me happy. Well, save Mike’s statement about Reggie being the “fat vampire.” It’s also the book title on which this series is based.

I believe the writers are calling out society’s unfathomable beauty standards and the vapid, elitist, bigoted one percent that rules the roost. As long as Reggie prospers with his growing set of extraordinary powers and his relationship with his lady love, I’m content. Here’s hoping Reggie disobeys Maurice and stays with Sarah. They’re way too cute to break up. Also, Ashley’s a super fun character, and I enjoy listening to their conspiracy theories. That said, I hope they don’t discover Reginald’s secret. 

I can’t wait to meet Logan and Nikki. Bring on all the vampire baddies. 🩸

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