Life can get pretty hard sometimes but it’s always important to have faith in yourself. Remember that time you had to judge a tighty-whitey contest for Lambda Kappa Pi? If you could handle that you can handle anything; including waiting for a certain blonde to make a return. That’s right, it’s finally happening! Your favorite Gemini vegetarian is making a much needed comeback 17 years after her gracious debut. Reese Witherspoon will be reprising her role as the infamous Elle Woods in the upcoming film Legally Blonde 3. 


Rumors of the film have been circulating for some time but it was Witherspoon herself that laid the rumors to rest in early June with an Instagram post that was short, sweet and straight to the point. It shows Witherspoon comfortably lounging in a pool, in a very familiar bikini, with the caption “It’s true…#LegallyBlonde3.” While there haven’t been any details on the plot released or any director set in stone yet, fans are already overjoyed with the possibilities for the third film. With the sequel ending with Elle setting her sights on the White House after getting married, fans are excited to see Elle Woods’ dynamic in this day and age. Legally Blonde 3 is currently set to hit the big screen Valentines Day 2020 with the intention to “… make this more about female empowerment, a message that hits at a fortuitous time in the culture.”-BBC