Netflix signed a deal with Penguin Random House Children for the rights to the entire Redwall series from Brian Jacques. The series has sold over 30 million copies worldwide. They follow the adventures of heroic animals that live within the forest haven of Redwall Abbey. This is the first time the rights to an entire series has been held by one company.

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Netflix has signed Patrick McHale to write an animated feature film based on the series. They haven’t announced which story they will be focusing on for the film just yet. But a movie wasn’t enough for Netflix. They also have plans to create an animated TV series based on Martin the Warrior’s character. He is a wise and ferocious mouse who co-founded Redwall Abbey with Abbess Germaine.

This isn’t the first time Redwall has been adapted into a TV series. A Candian-French series ran for three seasons from 1999-2002. The series followed the initial book Redwall and Mattimeo and Martin the Warrior. There are a total of 22 books within the Redwall series, giving Netflix more than enough source material to work with. It is exciting to think which stories we will see come to animated life.

There is still quite a bit of time until we know any exacts on the animated film or series, but we can always be excited! I just hope they can convince Tim Curry to reprise his role from the Mattimeo series! That would be like the icing on the cake! Check back in with us to learn more exciting things about Netflix’s upcoming Redwall series!



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