~by Korama Danquah

Heroes Reborn
Episode 3 Recap
“Under the Mask”

What Happened
Heroes Reborn picks up in the follow up to the two-hour premier. We are introduced to a num-ber of new egos and their powers. The biggest plot point of this episode was the development and unveiling of a new wearable technology called EPIC. This tech enables the wearer to find and identify any evo anywhere around the world. The technology draws its power from evo Mol-ly Walker (Francesca Eastwood) whose power is to find any eve just by thinking about them. She becomes the Heroes version of weaponized Cerebro that anyone on earth will be able to use to commit hate crimes or worse.

Noah Bennett (Jack Coleman) continues to search for the truth about June 13th, Tommy (Rob-bie Kay) is rebellious and further develops his powers (he uses them to steal beer for a party), Carlos (Ryan Guzman) takes up the mantle of El Vengador, and Luke (Zachary Levi) finds out that he might be developing evo powers (which might put a damper on his desire to vengeance-kill all of them).

At the end of the episode we find out that there are people looking out for Tommy, making sure he is safe because the world will apparently need him. His mother tries to take him away, but they get into a car accident on their way out of town.

What Does This Mean
EPIC is possibly the most concerning part of this episode. Aside from the fact that it’s a con-stantly painful experience for Molly, it’s really really dangerous. It’ll be interesting to see how it develops for the pro-evo and anti-evo sides. With the introduction of so many new evo charac-ters, I’m beginning to wonder if every character has secret powers and that’s how this war ends.

Notable Exchange of the Episode
Quentin: I know we gotta get going, man, but I think I need to go to a hospital.
Noah: I told you I’d sew you up when we stop for gas.
Quentin: Oh, what? With, like, dental floss?

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