The hour-long Steven Universe special, “Change Your Mind,” airs TONIGHT on Cartoon Network, and series creator Rebecca Sugar took to Instagram today to urge you to tune in:

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The network says of the special that “Steven will work to overcome his biggest challenge yet,” and they’ve released this teaser:

“Change Your Mind,” a.k.a. “Steven Universe: Battle of Heart and Mind,” will be the finale for Season 5, which began in 2017 with “Stuck Together.”

“Escapism,” January 7’s episode, saw Steven using his telepathic powers to return to Earth and rally the troops, so look for Bismuth, Greg Universe and Lion to potentially join the action on Homeworld tonight. The teaser provided by CN suggests some in-fighting amongst the Diamonds and the potential for seeing all four Diamonds’ ships come together to make a giant, Voltron-like ship. Sugar’s Instagram post suggests that maybe Steven will access some of Rose’s memories. Will Lars make an appearance?

What are your hopes for this mega-episode, and when do you think we’ll get more??



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