Back at the Hi-Rez Expo 2018 we received news that Hi-Rez’s Paladins was getting a battlegrounds mode. It wasn’t a shock but it felt that they were reaching to follow behind other popular games like Fornite and PUBG. Battleground modes have become increasingly popular over the last year and more games have been trying to find their way to incorporate it. In the beginning of June we were introduced to Hi-Rez’s Realm Royale, a complete stand-alone battleground game separate from Paladins.

Realm Royale is still in Alpha mode and has some issues they are still working on; however, it is a pretty amazing game. It takes everything you expect from a battleground game: 100 players, large landscape, world shrinking mechanic, loot boxes, and a fight to be the last one standing and mixes in a fantasy theme. Players have the choice between 5 classes (warrior, engineer, mage, hunter, and assassin) prior to the start of the game and each class has their own special abilities. Loot plays a major role in the end game and players have the ability to use forges found in major cities to upgrade their armor in order to beef up before the final fight.

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What really mixes things up is the ability to play 5 different classes. When catching up with enemy players you have a 1 in 5 chance of facing a different class than your own. Knowing the in and outs of all the classes will help you really excel in these fights but with the addition of equipment and different abilities you don’t always know what you are facing. The size of the map is large but don’t worry, players can mount up in order to travel quickly from place to place.

Players also don’t have to fight alone in this world! You can play in duos or team up with three other players to create four-man teams. The additional force will help when trying to defend a forge or take over a town being protected by enemy players. Let’s not forget that when players die they turn into chickens! If you can stay alive for 20 seconds you will re-spawn and can continue on. However if you are killed as a chicken you are out of the match for good!

However you choose to play I am sure you will love it! Realm Royale is currently only available for PC players and can be found on Steam here. They have not ruled out PS4 and Xbox One but have not given a release date for those consoles. You can follow the Realm Royale Twitter for future updates as the developers fix bug reports and release new patch notes. Don’t forget the players can now purchase the Realm Royale Alpha Pack through Steam for $14.99 and it includes a special mount, avatar, skin, emote, and spray.





Julia Roth
Catch Me