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Here’s some incredibly fun audio stories for you to listen to this week! These stories come from 5 Truths and a Lie. 5TL is a storytelling show where six storytellers to tell a story from their lives based on a theme they have been given. However, one of the storytellers (known only to the host and themselves) “is lying through their pretty little teeth.”

5 Truths and a Lie does shows quarterly in Los Angeles with storytellers from all walks of life including writers, parents, teachers, actors and the occasional professional athlete. A few times a year, they take the show to different cons. In fact next week will be their third year at Dragon Con in Atlanta.

Below are SIX HILARIOUS stories from celebrities in the geek world. These were recorded at Dragon Con 2014 and the theme for the evening was: My Own Private Kessel Run: Stories of High Adventure and Wild Rides! Click on a name to listen to a story! (NOTE: I would consider these NSFW. While there’s no bad language, there are some stories with sexual content or drug references)

Hugh Howey – Writer, Author of many books including the Silo series which includes Wool and Dust.
Sam Huntington – Actor, Star of Syfy’s Being Human
Grant Imahara – Actor, Host, Mythbusters
Eddie McClintock – Actor, Star of Syfy’s Warehouse 13 and most recently seen on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Meaghan Rath – Actress, Star of Syfy’s Being Human
Garrett Wang – Actor, Star of Star Trek: Voyager

FUN NOTE: This year at Dragon Con 2015 which begins on Friday, September 4th,  The 5 Truths and a Lie show will have Aaron Abrams, Amber Benson, Merrin Dungey, Naomi Grossman, Jesse Rath and Scott Thompson. The show will be on Saturday, September 5th at 8:30pm in the Hilton Grand Ballroom West.

To find out more about 5 Truths and a Lie, visit their website, iTunes page or Twitter page.

To listen to 5TL’s Dragon Con 2013 show featuring Brad Bell, Veronica Belmont, Jane Espenson, Phil Lamarr, Joseph Scrimshaw and Jame Urbaniak, click here!

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