The Hollywood Reporter has shared that the long-awaited sequel to Ernest Cline‘s novel Ready Player One finally has a release date. In Ready Player Two, we will be returning to the Oasis, but not much is known outside of that. The original novel is a masterpiece full of ’80s pop references and geek culture. Underneath the nerd-filled nostalgia lies an intense story. With Earth riddled by climate change and overpopulation, people have begun new lives within “the Oasis,” a virtual reality game. The real fight begins when the Oasis’ creator, James Halliday, dies. This leads everyone on a giant treasure hunt to win complete control of the Oasis and his wealth.

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Ready Player Two will definitely have some large shoes to fill. Not only have we been waiting for a little over nine years for its release, but it is also coming after Steven Spielberg‘s film. For those who have both read the book and seen the movie, you know that while they share some similarities, there are just as many differences. Cline has told THR in the past that this is a sequel to the book and not the movie. It will be interesting to see how the new story will unfold and what direction Cline has chosen for his narrative.

Ready Player Two is available for preorder now ahead of its November 24, 2020 release date. I highly suggest reading the first one and checking out the film if you haven’t had the chance!



Julia Roth
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