Welcome to the wonderfully weird and curiously familiar world of Ravenlok, a fairytale reimagining set in a kingdom troubled by a corrupted Queen. You’ll direct a young girl’s destiny to fulfill a dangerous prophecy in an Alice in Wonderland-inspired world.

The Basics

So let’s get down to basics. At its heart, Ravenlok is an action-adventure RPG. The adventure part of the game is captivating. You’ll meet a plethora of compelling, interesting characters in a fantastical world once you stumble through the looking glass. 

Brought to you by the team behind the award-winning adventure Echo Generation, Ravenlok is the final game in the studio’s voxel trilogy. I was enchanted by the game’s charming assets which sport the Cococumber’s signature 3D pixel art style. 

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The action part of the game is a little less compelling. While the story and mission quests are interesting enough to carry you through the plot, don’t expect challenging gameplay. Amid all of the fetch quests and light puzzle elements are combat portions of the game which can feel a little underwhelming to seasoned RPG adventure players. This makes it the perfect introductory game for newcomers to the genre or players who are looking for an achievement filled with low stakes. 

Why Should I Play?

Alright, all cards are down on the table, why should you play Ravenlok? I was absolutely enchanted by this game from just the trailer. I loved the coming-of-age story elements, whimsical characters and easy-to-pick-up gameplay controls. 

While the game feels familiar in some with all of the obvious Alice in Wonderland references, there is enough original content, characters and settings to freshen up the story so it doesn’t feel like yet another retelling. This is especially true with the enemy variety. 

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I would recommend Ravenlok to anyone looking for a game heavy on story elements and lighter on combat. It would make an excellent introduction to the genre to younger gamers as the tone of the game is significantly less dark than the trailer suggests. 

Ravenlok- The Trailer

Will you be taking a tumble down the rabbit hole when Ravenlok comes to Xbox and PC and will be available on day one with Xbox Game Pass on May 4th? Share your thoughts with us in the comments and check out the trailer below!

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