Something wicked this way comes. Ryan Murphy‘s latest brainchild, Ratched, just dropped its first official trailer on Tuesday. Sarah Paulson leads a stellar cast as Mildred Ratched, the titular nurse who would devolve into the antagonist for One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Now, judging by the trailer, it appears we’re getting a sister version of American Horror Story: Asylum. A young Mildred Ratched arrives in 1947 California to seek employment at a leading psychiatric hospital. Over the course of the trailer, we see her inner darkness trying to claw its way to the light. She becomes obsessed with experimenting on patients. Additionally, we get a glimpse into her past as a World War II nurse. On the exterior, she looks like an exemplary model of a nurse. However, on the interior, we see the makings of a monster. 

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The Ratched trailer also delves into the eclectic slew of patients under Ratched’s care. Murphy’s signature style is splattered all over this trailer. Bright, vivid and pastel colors are present in the scenery as well as the costumes. The juxtaposition of bright colors with themes of inner (and outer) darkness is a favorite of Murphy’s to explore. It should make Ratched’s exploits all the more macabre and equally horrifying. 

The main response I’ve seen regarding the series as a whole is, “Do we really need this?” Do we really need an origin story for Nurse Ratched? Admittedly, I thought the same thing. While the character isn’t wholly original, not much is known about her. This gives Murphy a wide berth for play. He can curate an original story for an already established character. Not to mention, Paulson is an extraordinary talent who’ll undoubtedly exert 200% into this role. 

Below, you can watch the trailer for yourself. Ratched stars Sarah Paulson, Cynthia NixonJudy DavisVincent D’OnofrioSharon StoneRosanna ArquetteFinn WittrockCorey StollAmanda PlummerCharlie Carver and Alice Englert. Season One is set to premiere on September 18th on Netflix. 

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