If you have access to the internet, you may have already heard of Elijah Daniel. Whether it’s from his music (under the name Lil Phag), his numerous collaborations with popular Youtuber Christine Sydelko or that one time he bought the right to temporarily be mayor of Hell, Michigan just to rename it “Gay Hell” in retaliation to the Trump administration’s ban on the flying of the gay pride flag by U.S. embassies. He was impeached from the position shortly after.  

With everything being shut down for the impending future over the Coronavirus and the world freaking out, things might feel a little hopeless. Typically in these times, some celebrities use their influence to assist in helping out in crises. Elijah, as chaotic and unpredictable as he is, is no exception to this trend. You can say what you want about this guy with his hijinks, music and raunchy literature (which later became a raunchy audiobook), he might be heavily controversial, though there is no denying he has become a sort of a pillar for not just the LGBTQ+ community, but just to anyone that’s ever felt like a misfit.

While taking advice of medical professionals and self quarantining, something he urges fans to do as well, the rapper has taken to Twitter to do what he can during this confusing time. In just one day he partnered up with several companies and managed to get bars of soap, water and additional necessities to pass out to the homeless people of Los Angeles this upcoming weekend (March 21st-22nd). All under the hashtag #CULTforGOOD.

It all started with a tweet Daniel sent out to the personal care brand Dude Wipes giving them a “chance to shine”. He offered to collaborate with the brand free of charge under the condition they supply dude wipes to elderly and at-risk people would who are not able to get essentials at this time. Dude Wipes happily agreed.

But Dude Wipes wasn’t the only company to lend a hand. With the help of the new app Forcer, Daniel was able to provide over 30,000 bars of soap and water for the #CULTforGOOD project. This number was quickly matched in donation by LA manager Jordan Worona’s talent agency We Are Verified, taking the number to over 60,000 bars of soap plus additional necessitates!  

Just when you think things couldn’t get any better, later that same day he – at the suggestion of a fan – made #CULTforGOOD merchandise on top of donating all the profits from everything in his online shop go towards helping distribute necessities to the homeless in LA. This includes all hoodies, exclusive tour stickers, posters, pins, etc, and this will continue until this Friday.

As of writing this article, Daniel has reached out to moving company U-Haul on Twitter politely asking to borrow some trucks to distribute the now over 60,000 necessity packs that’s now ready to give out to LA’s homeless. 

If you wish to contribute to the #CULTforGOOD project you can purchase something from Elijah Daniel’s official online shop, download the Forcer app, acknowledge Jordan Worona’s existence, or stay tuned for updates on Daniel’s social media if you are in the LA area and willing to help volunteer!

UPDATE: Since the writing of this article the number of necessity packs has skyrocketed from 60,000 to over 200,000! These packs now include health snacks, menstrual hygiene products, hand sanitizing wipes, toothbrushes, toothpaste, bandaids, and other important supplies. The #CULTforGOOD has also developed a website where everyone and anyone can donate as little as $1! Please consider donating as every little bit helps!


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Fallon Marie Gannon