Feel-good comedy is a balm for the soul, and there’s no series more fitting of that description than CBC’s Run the Burbs. Following the story of the Phams, a Vietnamese-South Asian-Canadian family, the comedy changes how we think about contemporary family values and life in the burbs while making us laugh. Thankfully, Season 2 is here for more dad jokes and family fun. 

Recently, I had the privilege of chatting with actress Rakhee Morzaria about her role as Camille on the show, what audiences can expect for Season 2, Camille’s journey and more. 

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Melody McCune: We at GGA love a good origin story. What’s Rakhee Morzaria’s origin story?
Rakhee Morzaria: Oh, it’s long and maybe boring, with a lot of twists and a bunch of therapy. But I guess the short of it is that I grew up in Toronto and always loved to perform. I didn’t know if I could do it as a career, so I tried a bunch of other stuff, then decided all the other stuff sucked and committed to being a performer. 
MM: Let’s talk Run the Burbs. Can you tell me what it’s about and how you got involved with the show? 
RM: Run the Burbs is a comedy about a family living their best lives in the burbs, making every day a new adventure. It’s a throwback to those ’90s sitcoms but through the lens of a modern-day family of Vietnamese and South Asian heritage. I first got involved with the show as a writer and left that position when I was cast as Camille. 
MM: Describe Season 2 using three words. 
RM: Lol. Aww. Cute.
MM: Without giving too much away, what kind of journey can we expect Camille to go on this season?
RM: We’ll see her begin her journey as an entrepreneur, trying to get her business as a chef off the ground. We also see her work through some healing with her father, Ramesh, played by Ali Hassan. 
Run the Burbs star Rakhee Morzaria poses in front of a light blue background while wearing a green short-sleeved shirt and black overalls.

Pictured: Rakhee Morzaria

MM: What can audiences expect for Season 2?
RM: There are a lot of really fun new characters that are introduced into the world and some wicked guest stars. I don’t wanna give too much away, so I’ll leave it at that. 
MM: Do you share any similarities with Camille? 
RM: I have a lot of fun playing her and putting pieces of myself into the character, but I find more than anything, I learn a lot about myself from playing her. So, that’s a cool gift.

MM: What do you think draws people to Run the Burbs?
RM: Andrew Phung‘s hair. I mean, that’s what drew me to the project. 
MM: Do you have a favorite joke or scene from this season that you can tease?
RM: There’s a hilarious episode where we sing our apologies. It wasn’t written in the script what tune or exactly HOW to deliver the sung apology, so everyone put their own spin on it. It was really hard not to laugh when we were filming it because we had no idea what would come out. I changed my tune every time, just trying to break Andrew. I can’t wait for that episode to come out. 
MM: What else is on the horizon for you, career-wise?
RM: Getting back into live comedy. On the TV set, when you do something funny — or at least try to — no one can laugh because if you laugh, it ruins the take. But there’s something wonderful about feeling the energy of an audience, so I’m really looking forward to that. I’m also finishing up a film I directed and starred in earlier this year. Very excited to get that out into the world. 
MM: Have you watched anything interesting lately?
RM: I just watched Broker by Hirokazu Koreeda, and it was fantastic. 
Run the Burbs star Rakhee Morzaria smiles in front of a light blue background while wearing a green short-sleeved shirt and black overalls.

Pictured: Rakhee Morzaria

MM: Name your top five favorite films.
RM: Only Yesterday by Isao Takahata, The Lunchbox by Ritesh Batra, Zootopia, Moonlight by Barry Jenkins and anything with Penélope Cruz.
Follow Rakhee on Instagram (@rakheecola) and Twitter (@rakheecola). Tune in every Wednesday at 8:30 pm for new episodes of Run the Burbs on CBC and CBC Gem. 

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