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Rachel McAdams will star in Marvel’s upcoming cinematic introduction to the mystic arts, Doctor Strange. As a female, she will be playing a female role.

Other than that, nothing else is known. Marvel seems to be playing this one close to the chest.

Rachel McAdams spoke to MTV about her role in the upcoming film and why she decided to join the project. As she told the site, “I mean, I just love the director. I met with Scott (Derrickson) and loved his vision, he was so passionate. And the opportunity to work with Benedict (Cumberbatch) was kind of a no-brainer. And Marvel makes amazing films, so it was a complete package.”

She then went on to add “It’s definitely not going to be like any of the other films.”

Rumors have her playing one of the two remaining Night NursesLinda Carter or Christine Palmer. Linda Carter would make more sense, as she was the Night Nurse featured in Brian K. Vaughan’s acclaimed Doctor Strange story, The Oath.

Linda_Carter_Night Nurse

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