Thank you to Penguin Workshop for a copy of  Queer Power! in exchange for an honest review. 


This collection highlights LGBTQIA+ pioneers from Lil Nas X to Marsha P. Johnson with colorful illustrations and essays. Covering topics including coming out, gender, mental health, and activism, this book is packed full of empowering quotes, inspiring life lessons, and helpful advice that will encourage young readers to embrace their story and find their power. – From the publisher 

Who This Book Is For

Especially with everything going on in the US (and the world at large), I will always stan queer content for kids. Sadly, I can almost guarantee that Queer Power! will end up on banned-book lists (a feat that doesn’t seem that difficult to achieve anymore). 

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I love the illustrations and the people Dom&Ink picked to showcase. They are an exciting mix of lesser-known modern-day mavericks and historical figures we should never forget. Super fun!

This book wasn’t written for me, and I’m glad about that. That makes me sound less-than-enthused about the book, but that’s not the case. I’m not the target audience of many of the books I review, but I’m placing this caveat here, as I think many adults read YA. I don’t want adults picking up Queer Power! only to go 🤔.  

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Since the book is clearly for youngsters, I’m not bothered by the writing style not speaking to me. That said, while Queer Power! is firmly middle-grade in its writing, I think older kids (and adults!) will get a kick out of the artwork.

One minor quibble: I am confused about Lady Gaga‘s inclusion in the ally section rather than the section about bicons

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Should you read it?

Queer Power! belongs in middle school classrooms and libraries. If my own childhood is any example, it would be beneficial and soothing for a kid to find this on the shelves. Alas, I worry that they won’t be able to. For that reason, I recommend that adults who have children in their lives pick up a copy for them and, please, request that your local libraries buy copies.

Queer Power! comes out on April 18, 2023. 📚🌈⚡

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