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UPDATE on Pulp Fiction Event – October 25

I went and I loved! Here are some pics from this great event.

Free Comics! Offered to you by Nicholas Doan
Writer of Monster Elementary

Allen Carter of Cosmic Force and Joshua Hauke of The Brothers Three!
looking all serious

Today’s Haul. 5 books, 20 bucks. A good day’s work. ~Brenda, your Working Class Dweeb


LOS ANGELES!!! Pulp Fiction ComicFest October 25 – FREE 

4328 Sepulveda Blvd  Culver City, CA 90230  Starts about 11am ish

The first surprise about Pulp Fiction is that it’s much larger on the inside than it looks from the outside.  I wish I could think of something, some trope or theme, you know,  from Sci Fi or Fantasy genres that I could use to make a comparison (I’ve racked my brain.  I can’t think of … wait! … no.  There’s nothing).

On October 25, Pulp Fiction will hold an artists alley in their palatial mezzanine space.  Owner Michael Lerner told me there would be around ten artists. And, oh yeah, there will also be free comics.

A great store.  In addition to comics he carries a large assortment of “pre-owned” hardback and paperback genre fiction.  Comic selection is vast and included my favorite kind, local self published and Kickstarter books.

Best of all, as Mr. Lerner stated, “We do lots of stuff.” he added,  “Our Halloween Comicfest Flyer is on our website.”   Monthly artists alleys and free art classes are standard offerings.

your esteemed host, Michael Lerner

Artists Alley – Saturday October 25 Halloween ComicFest event  11am til ?

Plenty of side street parking