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It seems pretty clear that the Super Bowl belonged to Marvel yesterday, with DC’s only Dawn of Justice showing coming through two clever Turkish Airlines spots.

Marvel/Disney had their Civil War trailer, and then, later in the game, Fox showed a trailer for their next big X-Men film, X-Men: Apocalypse.

It was mostly the same footage we’ve seen in the first trailer, that is, until, Psylocke (Olivia Munn) bursts into frame by slicing a friggin car in half! With a purple energy sword of some sort!

Now THAT’S how you start off all your new footage! And Olivia Munn looked fantastic in the role.

In the comics, though Psylocke is an accomplished martial artist and sword master, she’s best known as a strong telepath that can create a psychic knife in her hands, allowing her to scramble a person’s brain into believing they’d died. That is not what we see here as she seems to be able to create an actual energy sword from her hands. Of course, in the comics, she’s also a good guy, so they’re taking a bit of license for the film.

We also got to see Cyclops (Ty Sheridan) fire off some optic blasts and see Angel (Ben McKenzie) with his normal wings! This means we’ll more than likely see Angel’s transformation into the mutant known as Archangel.

We also saw a lot of shots that show the exceptional level of damage we can expect from this film, with an entire city being absolutely decimated by, seemingly, just the Four Horsemen — specifically Magneto (Michael Fassbender) and Storm (Alexandra Shipp)

The X-Men team up to take them on, but even they look terrified and ill-prepared for what Apocalypse is bringing, which gives the film some solid stakes to work with — they are in the middle of training to keep the world safe and here comes this Omega level baddie with four other mutants just as powerful. That’s quite the hill our team has to climb.

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