During PlayStation‘s Future of Gaming Digital event yesterday, Square Enix shared a short teaser trailer for their Project Athia. This is the game’s working title and will most definitely change in the future. It is currently in development for both the PlayStation 5 and PC. It is still early on so there is still very much we do not know. Developers Luminous Productions shared that it will be an other-worldly adventure. This new world will be full of beauty and dismay with a thrilling story full of action and adventure.

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The development team has shared that they are harnessing the full power of the PS5 to bring this world to life. It will fuse together the latest in gaming technology with art. The trailer gives us a bit more information on Project Athia. The female main protagonist has been transported to this unknown world and it is now her mission to survive. It features what looks to be fantasy based elements like spell casting and creatures. The trailer uses footage from the PS5 engine and is subject to change as development continues.

Project Athia does not currently have a release date set. It will be available on PC and the PS5. Check out the official website to keep up on upcoming announcements.



Julia Roth
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