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Looks like we’ve got Agent Skye facing off with Agent May in this clip for tomorrow night’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on ABC. Well, at least someone who resembles Agent May. Will this be our first look at an Inhuman?

The synopsis from TV Guide summarizes the episode this way:

The team beat Hydra in the race to locate the ancient city, but a sacrifice must be made in order to expose the city’s secrets. Meanwhile, May and Skye hurry to reach Raina before Whitehall finds her.

In the last episode, the intrepid agents of SHIELD were close to finding the hidden city and from the episode synopsis, it sounds as if they actually find it! Finally, answers for all the internet theories that Coulson is searching for Attilan will be at hand! It’s doubtful that Marvel will choose to introduce anyone like Black Bolt, Medusa or Karnak through television rather than their films, but should this prove to be Attilan, we’re all hoping there will be some crowd-pleasing reference to Blackagar Boltagon or the Inhuman royal family. There’s no doubt that we’ll hear more about the Kree in this episode.

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