It is a sad day in the video game community as we mourn the passing of Maria “Remilia” Creveling. Richard Lewis, a very close friend and esports reporter, took to Twitter to share the news on Saturday December 28th. Creveling rose to fame as the first female and transgender player to join the League of Legends Championship Series in 2015. She competed alongside the Renegades North American team before leaving in 2016 due to anxiety and harassment. She returned to competitive League of Legends play in 2017 alongside the Kaos Latin Gamers before leaving again for vocal cord surgery. Creveling has since continued to stream online and even competed recently in Twitch Rivals.

Creveling was a terrific member of not only the League of Legends community, but of the video game community as a whole. She helped address ongoing issues with toxicity within the community and how female pro gamers are treated in major competitions. Her legacy will live on as more people come together to help fight this ongoing battle in her honor. Fans have come together mourn her and have been sharing nothing but love and support for her family and friends.

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