On last week’s Outlander, Claire and her sister-in-law, Jenny, went searching for imprisoned Jamie. They captured a redcoat and questioned him while Jenny burned his feet and then Murtagh shows up kills the guy. So, Murtagh continues on with Claire so Jenny can go home and feed the baby. All this leads to Claire performing in a side show. Yep. Then gypsies stole her song which was kinda getting her famous and was really a rendition of Bugle Boy from Company C. But, in the end, she runs into Dougal and guess what, he’s still super creepy and in love with Claire but they strike up a deal. If they rescue Jamie, it’s business as usual. If they don’t, Claire will have to marry Dougal.

In the upcoming episode, ‘Wentworth Prison’ (which is sadly the last episode before the finale) – A visit from Black Jack causes Jamie to realize a fate exists that is worse than his death sentence.


Outlander is on Starz, Saturday nights.

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