Anthology of Fear is an upcoming psychological horror game with an unconventional twist. Indie Polish studio RG Crew has created this first-person horror that consists of three completely different stories. Players can enjoy each chapter separately from the others as if they have three different games to play. Each story will feature multidimensional fear, ambiguous reality and diverse gameplay. To help build the immersion the team focused heavily on building a world full of life for each tale.

RG Crew shared Anthology of Fear: Prologue to give players a taste of what to expect. I took some time to check it out, and overall things are looking good. The prologue includes the beginning of the first story, in which a brother is fulfilling his deceased brother’s last wish. It opens with a cutscene introducing us to the story of the brothers before giving us control. Moving the character around feels smooth. The objectives were clear and helped guide the playthrough forward without giving away all the answers. This made exploring the zone engaging and less like a task.

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I can’t say that I ever felt scared during Anthology of Fear: Prologue. I imagine that they are leaving the truly scary moments for later in the story, though. What I did get a chance to experience was the sense of mystery. The events that take place during the prologue led to questions that I need answers for. The only way to get these answers is to play the full game. So in a way, the prologue does exactly what it intends to. It grabs my attention and gets me invested.

There are still a few things that seem to need to be touched up before the final launch of Anthology of Fear. For example, trying to find useable items in the world can be rather annoying. You need to hover your mouse over everything in order to see if you are able to interact with it. There is no aura coming from an item to help the player notice it. If you aren’t exactly sure what you are looking for this could lead to a bulk of wasted time slowly scanning the entire room for anything.

Anthology of Fear will release in the second half of 2020 for PC through Steam and the Nintendo Switch. I suggest checking out the prologue which is available now on PC through Steam as well.

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