In the name of the moon, we’re super excited for more Sailor Moon! The guardians of love and justice will be making their way to Netflix this summer with Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal the Movie! The mega streaming service made the announcement on Tuesday. 

Now, there will be two parts to this film. Our favorite heroines will battle the mysterious (and equally nefarious) Dead Moon Circus as “beautiful dreams come alive.” They’ll also awaken “dazzling” new powers. This arc is based on the “Dream” installment by Sailor Moon creator Naoko Takeuchi. We’ll see our guardians undergo a bout of growth as well as Chibi-Usa and Helios’ burgeoning love. 

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Sailor Moon made its debut in December 1991 in Nakayosi, Kodansha’s manga magazine. More than 30 million of Takeuchi’s manga has been sold worldwide. Additionally, a hit TV series in the ’90s inspired a rebirth in the form of Sailor Moon Crystal, a series that premiered in 2014 on Hulu. Not to mention, there have been countless movies featuring the Sailor Scouts that have been in circulation over the decades. 

Along with Tuesday’s announcement, Netflix released a special teaser for the upcoming film. In said teaser, you can see each of the scouts showcasing their incredible abilities. Including the Outer Scouts! It’s always nice to see Sailor Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Saturn get the love they deserve. 

As an avid fan of the 1990s series and the manga, I’m so tickled about Netflix taking up the mantle. The streaming giant is adding more anime to its arsenal, so it was only a matter of time before Sailor Moon was brought into the fold. 

You can watch the teaser below. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal the Movie will debut parts one and two globally (outside of Japan) on Thursday, June 3. 

Are you ready for all of your Sailor Moon dreams to come true? Let us know in the comments below!


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