DISCLAIMER: This recap of Preacher season premiere episodes “Masada” and “The Last Supper” contains more spoilers than the number of times Cassidy has been captured and subsequently tortured. Our favorite raucous vamp sure loves to get himself in sticky situations. You’ve been warned. Proceed with caution. 

Welcome back, hell raisers! Preacher put the pedal to the metal with an action-packed two-hour season premiere. We were blessed with action aplenty, comedy aplenty, romance aplenty and…foreskin ears? It’s Preacher, so if you didn’t know things were gonna get weird after four seasons, then I have some questions for you. Not to mention, rock formations shaped like male genitalia, torture, singing, dinosaurs defecating and God listening to jazz while playing chess. Preacher is back and in top form, to boot. Dog, I missed this show. 

Alright, ready to delve into “Masada” and “The Last Supper?” Just be sure to never steal Jesse’s lighter. You can take his wallet or the boots off his feet, but his lighter is a no-no. 

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“Masada” (S04E01)

We open with Tulip (Ruth Negga) popping the top off a cold beer and arming herself for a potentially impending battle. Suddenly, Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) bursts through the door of her hotel room donning a brand new hairdo: blonde tresses. The two crack jokes about the end of the world. Oh, and they snog. Yes, there’s some lip action. But where’s Jesse? Speaking of which…

Next, we’re in Australia. We see Jesse (Dominic Cooper) falling from the sky. He crashes into the earth below. He’s very much dead. Well, that escalated quickly. Or…deescalated? I’ll see myself out. 

Now, flashback to six months ago, before Jesse supposedly died and Cassidy-Tulip became a thing. We see Jesse and Tulip getting their coitus on in Tulip’s car while she’s driving. They’re in Masada, on a mission to break Cassidy out of Grail Headquarters. But first – time to scratch that primal itch. 

Later, we’re in the Grail Headquarters proper – zooming into Cassidy’s prison cell, to be exact. Cassidy is being talked to death by his angelic cellmate. Lara Featherstone (Julie Ann Emery) pops in for a visit to extract Cassidy for a bit. Cass reassures Featherstone that Jesse and Tulip will come to save him. Well, that’s what the Grail are counting on, after all. Cass is merely a bargaining chip for the grand prize. We get a glimpse of Grail University’s intense curriculum – Beginner’s Torture, Intermediate Torture, etc. Lots of classes on torture. Featherstone deposits him in one of the torture classes. The instructor is elated to have a specimen for classroom experimentation. Cassidy, on the other hand, is very reticent. Said instructor fires an assault rifle at Cassidy to commence the torturing. 

Julie Ann Emery as Featherstone – Preacher _ Season 4 – Photo Credit: Lachlan Moore/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

Meanwhile, we’re at the Grail’s official hangout – a bar in the middle of nowhere. We see Grail members roughhousing about. One member unexpectedly breaks into song, and the others follow suit. Suddenly, Jesse and Tulip appear to put the kibosh on the random musical moment. Jesse proposes the Grail members aid them in breaking Cassidy out of Masada. Initially, they refuse, turning their firearms on the intruders. However, Jesse utilizes Genesis and orders them to follow Tulip. Tulip will oversee said Grail members during this mission. That’s how you get s**t done. 

Next, we’re back in torture class. The instructor is extracting tools from his case while explaining the uses of each one. Cassidy is overly confident that nothing can truly hurt him – he’s lived long enough and been tortured enough to have experienced it all. However, the instructor knows Cass is a vampire. Whatever he lopes off will simply regenerate. Thus, he plans on, um, cutting off Cassidy’s family jewels. Over and over again. 

Then, we see Herr Starr (Pip Torrens) standing outside the Grail Headquarters, waiting for Jesse to approach. After Jesse goes through a metal detector to ensure he doesn’t have weaponry on his person, he meets Starr inside the massive building. Starr is donning earmuffs so Jesse cannot use Genesis on him. An elderly deaf and mute woman is present to translate Jesse’s words to Starr. Starr reveals he has plans for Jesse – he wishes to carve a vagina into the latter’s head. Sounds professional. Suddenly, Jesse ushers in the Grail members under his sway, and they open fire on Starr and the remainder of the crew within. 

Joseph Gilgun as Cassidy – Preacher _ Season 4 – Photo Credit: Lachlan Moore/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

Meanwhile, Tulip is being escorted by an overly enthusiastic Grail guard to keep the escape door open for Jesse and Cass. The plan is to pretend Tulip was caught and the aforementioned guard is bringing her in for processing. 

Next, we see Jesse breaking Cassidy free. A bucket of bloody foreskins (yes, you read that correctly) is standing erect nearby. Suddenly, the torture instructor and a swarm of Grail members appear to thwart their escape plans. Jesse takes them on in one fell swoop. Jesse appears to be enjoying enacting pain. It’s the same darkness we witnessed rear its ugly head in the Tombs in Season 3. The mates escape unimpeded. 

Then, Tulip’s Grail guard reports the latter to her superior. However, said guard is not the best actress, and instantly swears fealty to Tulip in front of her superior. The Grail guard kills her own supervisor and violence ensues. Tulip whips out her own gun and opens fire on a bevy of Grail members all training their weapons on her. She orders her Grail escort to keep the door open at all costs. However, the door is massively heavy and will close automatically if not forced open. Thus, the Grail escort throws herself in between the closing door and the door frame to keep it open…with her own body. Ick. 

Meanwhile, Jesse and Cassidy are trying to find the exit. They’re bickering as usual. Cooper and Gilgun have terrific chemistry, and this scene is proof positive of that. Now, Tulip notices that her overly enthusiastic Grail friend is still alive, albeit her life is hanging by a thread. Well, a closing door. The squished Grail member reveals that a massive lever located atop the building is used to keep the door open. Tulip climbs to the top only to find Featherstone waiting for her. The archenemies meet again! 

Ruth Negga as Tulip O’Hare – Preacher _ Season 4 – Photo Credit: Lachlan Moore/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

Next, we zoom in on the carnage in the room where Jesse was meeting with Starr. As it turns out, Starr used the body of the elderly deaf-mute woman to shield him from the bullets. Real classy, dude. However, he didn’t escape the incident unscathed. He’s now missing an ear. Yay!

Now, Tulip and Featherstone both fire at each other simultaneously, but the bullets collide with one another, leaving the two women untouched. Cool. After geeking out over the phenomenon in tandem, the ladies resume their fisticuffs. They go toe-to-toe for a bit, and Tulip believes she has the upper hand when she manages to knock Featherstone off the side of a cliff. However, Featherstone merely enacts a mechanism in her suit that gives her the ability to soar like a flying squirrel, so she can land safely on the ground below. Foiled yet again! These fight scenes are top-notch, and I wouldn’t expect anything below par from these folks. 

Then, we see Jesse and Cassidy fighting below over, you guessed it, Tulip. They’re standing in front of the door where the poor Grail member used her body to keep it open. Suddenly, the door opens. We see Tulip is using the lever to keep said door properly open. However, Cassidy chooses to stay within the Grail’s walls instead of leaving with Jesse and Tulip. He claims he has a plan of his own to ensure his freedom. No! Go with your friends – that’s an order! 

Later, Jesse explains to an irritated Tulip why Cassidy refused to escape with them. She’s ready to return to Grail Headquarters and drag the vampire out by his ears. That night, Jesse is rocked by a series of strange visions. One where the world around him is falling to ruin, another where Starr is trying to kill him in his bed and yet another where Jesse is choking the life out of Tulip. Suddenly, Jesse hears the voice of his dearly departed father urging him to continue his mission to find God. Jesse pens a note to Tulip and takes his leave, deciding on a whim to resume his God-finding mission solo. 

Now, Tulip wakes up the following day to discover Jesse’s letter. While she appears momentarily distraught, she gathers herself and prepares to break Cassidy out on her own. That’s my girl. 

Dominic Cooper as Jesse – Preacher _ Season 4 – Photo Credit: Lachlan Moore/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

Next, we see Starr trying to adjust to having one ear. He’s ushered into a room where none other than God (Mark Harelik) is hanging out. The two drink Dr. Pepper together and appear to be on the same side – get Jesse in their grasp at all costs. 

“The Last Supper” (S04E02)

We open with God (Harelik) creating the Earth. He’s sitting back and enjoying the fruits of his labor. A dinosaur approaches God and proceeds to defecate in front of the Creator. Then, the beast feasts on his own poo. God, disgusted, decides it’s high-time to rid the Earth of the pestilence that is dinosaurs. Thus begins the eradication of an entire species. So that’s how dinosaurs became extinct! 

Preacher Trailer

Now, flash forward time! Jesse (Cooper) is picked up by a woman driving a truck en route to the airport. Our preacher hopes to get the hell out of dodge, particularly to a certain mountain formation. His new companion used to work as a prostitute for a local brothel. Suddenly, Jesse sees a young boy crying over his dog on the side of the road. He orders the truck driver to stop. She does, but then she leaves Jesse in the dust. Jesse approaches the boy who claims his dog died. However, it’s all a ploy to rob Jesse. The young boy brandishes a gun and orders Jesse to fork over his money. Suddenly, the boy accidentally shoots his dog. This time the animal really dies. The boy sheds some tears, and Jesse hands over his wallet as well as his favorite boots. 

Meanwhile, Starr (Torrens) is chatting with his underling Featherstone (Emery). She reveals that Jesse has been spotted walking solo in the desert. However, Starr is preoccupied with his loss of an ear. He examines some delectable cooked foreskins he’s currently feasting on (yuck) and the light bulb goes off. He orders Featherstone to bring in the doctor for a surgical procedure. I’m not sure I want to know where this is going. 

Next, we see Cassidy (Gilgun) is back in torture class and suffering great pain at the hands of its maniacal instructor. This time, said instructor urges his students to practice torturing Cassidy themselves. Practice does make perfect! 

Later, Tulip (Negga) is observing the outside entrance to the Grail Headquarters. She fires off a rocket launcher which leaves very little damage to the massive door in its wake. She speeds away in her car, and we see Featherstone is watching her with binoculars. Methinks these two will duke it out again very soon…

Meanwhile, Cassidy is back in his dank prison cell with his angelic roommate. We see he’s gnawing off his own foot to rid himself of his shackles. Thankfully, he has regenerative body parts. When a bevy of Grail guards swarm his cell to find Cassidy is free, the vampire takes them all out. He also proceeds to feast on their remains. Hey, when you’re hungry, you’re hungry. Cassidy flees. 

Then, we see Grail guards toasting their fallen comrades at the local bar. Featherstone barges in and interrogates the proprietor regarding Tulip’s whereabouts. However, the proprietor claims to not know Tulip, nor has he seen her darken his doorstep. Featherstone, enraged, orders her lackeys to take up arms and hunt down Tulip. After she departs, the proprietor enters his garage to find Tulip tinkering around on her own car. So he does know her! He informs Tulip that Featherstone is on her trail. 

Pip Torrens as Herr Starr – Preacher _ Season 4 – Photo Credit: Lachlan Moore/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

Later, Jesse has found transportation to the airport…on the back of a camel. Suddenly, his newfound companion barges into another man heading in the opposite direction, also on camel back. The pair are apparently arch-nemeses, and they proceed to hurl insults at one another. Jesse orders them while utilizing Genesis to cease their fighting. However, the other man doesn’t speak English, so he’s unable to obey Jesse’s command. This results in the death of both men. 

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Meanwhile, Herr Starr is meeting with foreign diplomats from across the globe. Since the Allfather’s death at the hands of Jesse in Season 3, Starr has now taken up the mantle. Yay, promotions! One diplomat from New Zealand is extra curious and wants to know when they’ll get to meet the Chosen One. You know, Humperdoo. We see Grail agents hunting down Humperdoo (Tyson Ritter) after Humperdoo, but they still cannot find the original copy. Now, Starr punishes the New Zealand diplomat for being too curious by entrapping him in a box with a detonated hand grenade. Then, he orders Featherstone to blame the incident on the Australians. Way to keep sowing seeds of discord, Starr! Also, I suppose that’s what you get for asking the Allfather questions. 

Next, we see Cassidy following a doctor inside an inventory closet to rid the latter of his clothing. He captures the doctor, steals his identity, and is taken in by the immense stores of drugs. We know how much Cassidy loves drugs. 

Later, back at the Grail bar, the proprietor tries to convince Tulip to forgo her mission to save Cassidy. He cites that Cass is a vampire after all – perhaps he’s already escaped. However, since Jesse fled, Cass is really all she has left. She’s hellbent on retrieving her friend. Negga is so forking good in this role. Tulip forever. 

Now, after battling some Grail agents inside the elevator after they discovered his identity, Cass emerges in front of the entrance. He urges the one standing guard to open the door for him. However, after getting a good glimpse of the searing sun outside, Cassidy falters in his resolve. He fibs and claims he left something important on another floor. He returns to the first floor, but his body is riddled with gun shot wounds courtesy of the torture instructor. Guess escape is not in the books today for our favorite vampire. 

Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer – Preacher _ Season 4 – Photo Credit: Lachlan Moore/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

Meanwhile, Jesse is at the airport. A pilot approaches him and initially chastises our preacher for smoking. However, Jesse whips out Genesis and now smoking is free to do anywhere within the airport’s walls. He asks the pilot on the whereabouts of the genitalia-shaped rock formation in his photo, and the latter reveals that it’s located in Australia. But first – Jesse must retrieve his handy dandy lighter. You know, the one he left inside the truck driver’s truck. The one gifted to him by his father. 

Next, Featherstone receives a tip that Tulip really is being housed within the Grail bar. She rounds up her troops and they swarm the exterior of the establishment. They barge into the bar only to find it empty. Suddenly, Tulip’s car bursts through the side of the garage. Featherstone and her lackeys pursue Tulip in their own vehicles and a car chase ensues. That is, until the Grail cars inevitably surround Tulip.

However, Tulip begins driving erratically in a circle, kicking up dust clouds in her wake. None of the Grail members see it coming when Tulip knocks each car, one by one, off the cliff to their fiery deaths. Featherstone is the only one left. Tulip races up a steeper side of a cliff and Featherstone follows suit. But Featherstone doesn’t have enough juice to continue pursing Tulip. Thus, Tulip breaks free – yet again. 

Meanwhile, Jesse pulls into “Jesus de Sade: House of Entertainment” with his new pilot friend at the wheel. Jesse spots the truck driver’s vehicle and procures his lighter from within. He’s ready to leave, but his pilot friend spots something suspicious. The young boy from the beginning of the episode looks to be an unwilling captive inside the brothel’s walls. Jesse also observes him from the window of the building. The pilot prepares to barge in and free the boy, but Jesse is reticent. 

Later, we see a doctor erecting a new ear for Starr. This time, it’s constructed entirely of Cassidy’s, um, foreskins. Ew. However, Starr seems to fancy it, so I suppose that’s what matters? Meanwhile, we see emergency medical officials on the scene post-Tulip car chase. The proprietor from the bar emerges from Tulip’s car and watches the scene unfold below, so we know he was part of the plan. A woman is loaded gently onto a stretcher, and we get a glimpse of a familiar blonde wig. Could it be Tulip, donning her Grail outfit from the previous season? As we get a closer look of her inside Grail Headquarters, we see that it is Tulip. Crafty girl! 

Now, we see Jesse is seated on a plane bound for Australia. He has his trusty lighter with him once again. He’s solo on said plane and his pilot friend is in the cockpit. Jesse is entirely alone, which to me sounds like the perfect way to fly. 

Mark Harelik as God – Preacher _ Season 4 – Photo Credit: Lachlan Moore/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

Meanwhile, God is listening to jazz music and moving around tiny prop pieces as if he were playing a game of chess. We see the plane Jesse is currently on, alongside the church from Annville. This proves that God has been pulling the strings all along from behind the scenes, moving things to and fro to his liking. Thus, everything is panning out according to plan. 

Phew, what a premiere! Preacher is firing on all cylinders this season. I can already tell this will be a terrific send-off for our favorite chaotic series. It’s a bloody, gory, darkly comedic mess and I’m here for it. There really is nothing like this series on television and we may not see its like again. 

Do you think Tulip will break Cassidy free in the next episode? Will we get a glimpse inside the brothel? What has Hitler been up to these days (never thought I’d type that in my life)? Will the Saint of Killers and Eugene find Jesse in Australia? Join me next week as I continue to recap Preacher, here on Geek Girl Authority. 

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