DISCLAIMER: This Preacher recap contains more spoilers than the number of times Jesse has utilized Genesis to get what he wants. Hey, if I had a power like that I’d use it too. You’ve been warned. Say your prayers, and enter at your own peril. 

Welcome back, sinners! Preacher blessed us with a jam-packed Season 3 finale this week. So many doors closed while windows were flung open in their stead. Answers were provided, and in reply more questions cropped up. Jesse finally defeated Gran’ma once and for all, while taking out TC and Jody in one fell swoop. God spoke to Tulip, vowing to lift the infamous “O’Hare curse” in exchange for her cooperation in his grand plan. Cassidy laid waste to Eccarius. Herr Starr kidnapped Cassidy and decimated the Les Enfants du Sang gang with a burst of killer sunlight. Oh, and Starr declared Jesse a mortal enemy once again. Saint of Killers took out Satan and promised to return Eugene topside, which left a vacancy where the Prince of Darkness’ throne was concerned. Hitler eagerly filled it.

Alright, ready to delve into “The Light Above?” Just be sure to leave a few blood bags for Cassidy. Getting kidnapped on the regular can work up a mighty appetite. 

Now, we open with a young Jesse (Will Kindrachuk) in a flashback at Angelville. He broaches the subject of leaving the family business behind to Marie (Betty Buckley), who in turn threatens him as only she can. One night, he attempts to take out Gran’ma with a baseball bate, but hesitates during the act. With that as the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back, young Jesse storms out of Angelville. We see his path intersect with present Jesse (Dominic Cooper). Present Jesse is on his way back to Angelville to finish what he couldn’t start – kill Gran’ma. Always good to see things through, Jesse – especially murdering villainous family members. 

Next, TC (Colin Cunningham) greets Jesse at the door while brandishing a rifle. Jesse uses Genesis to bend TC to his will. Jody (Jeremy Childs) appears with the briefcase of souls meant for Marie. The two decide to duke it out in The Tombs one final time – a fight to the death. Who will win? Who will lose? 

Meanwhile, Tulip (Ruth Negga) clambers to her feet inside the fallen Hell bus. She notices the Saint of Killers (Graham McTavish) and the Angel of Death (Erinn Ruth) making their way toward the tank baring the swastika. A horde of Hitler’s new followers emerge from the vehicle. They take on the two approaching figures, and a few infiltrate the bus wreckage. Tulip engages in an epic fight with some Nazis – it’s a scene I didn’t know I needed to see. As per usual, Negga kicks a** and prevails. 

Erinn Ruth as Angel of Death, Ruth Negga as Tulip O’Hare – Preacher _ Season 3, Episode 10 – Photo Credit: Alfonso Bresciani/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

Now, we see Eugene (Ian Colletti) and Hitler (Noah Taylor) fighting as well. Eugene regrets ever befriending the Fuhrer during his time downstairs, and allowing the serial killer to escape. We all carry regrets, my dear Eugene. After the Nazis are eradicated, the Angel of Death captures Tulip once again. We see the tank fire a round heading straight for Tulip. However, God (Mark Harelik), still donning his latex dog costume, freezes time and the explosive round in turn. He wishes to speak with Tulip. Let’s see where this goes…

Later, Eccarius (Adam Croasdell) pays the bound Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) a visit. He hopes to persuade Cass to rejoin Les Enfants du Sang and not choose to figuratively die on this “Eccarius is Evil” hill. Cassidy has a choice – either look the other way or perish by steadily encroaching sunlight. 

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Meanwhile, God and Tulip talk shop. God reveals that, as a gift, he will lift the infamous “O’Hare curse.” Tulip will have the best luck money can buy. However, she must diligently perform her duties in accordance to his will. Of course, Tulip verbally spat on him. She doesn’t swear fealty to anyone – not even Jesse. God also reveals that Eugene will not be saved from the fires of Hell, as his path differs from Tulip. After Tulip continuously defies him, the eternal being in the dog costume takes his leave. Next, the Saint of Killers takes his vengeance on the Angel of Death by plucking her eyes out. Well, she was incessantly taunting him. 

Mark Harelik as God – Preacher _ Season 3, Episode 10 – Photo Credit: Alfonso Bresciani/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

Then, Cassidy decides to evade death by sunlight and rejoin the group, much to Eccarius’ delight. However, something doesn’t seem right. Methinks Cassidy has a plan up his sleeve…

Later, we see Jody and Jesse are engaged in a bout of fisticuffs in The Tombs, with TC presiding over the festivities. Both are giving it all they’ve got. Jesse finally gets the upper hand and slams Jody’s head into the wall repeatedly, effectively killing Marie’s lackey. Jesse is about to light a match and suffuse the entirety of The Tombs in flames. Burn it all down, man. 

Jeremy Childs as Jody – Preacher _ Season 3, Episode 10 – Photo Credit: Alfonso Bresciani/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

Meanwhile, Kevin’s grandmother is lying down, waiting with baited breath for her changing ceremony to begin. She’s becoming a creature of the night like Eccarius and Cassidy. However, this ceremony launches a plan of Cass’ that finally comes to fruition. We learn that Cassidy surreptitiously turned Kevin’s grandmother into a vampire, and the duo proceeded to change the rest of the group as well. Everyone is now against Eccarius after learning of his vicious killings. Payback time is the best time! The group binds Eccarius to a table and proceeds to feast on him. Don’t let the back door hit you on the way out, pal. 

Next, just as Jesse is about to light The Tombs up like a Christmas tree, TC decides to stay with the fallen Jody. He reveals that he has nothing else to contribute to society. Jesse abides by TC’s last wish and lights the match. We see The Tombs go up in flames, with TC and Jody within. Jesse texts Tulip is next plan – kill Gran’ma. The simple exchange laid out on the screen possessed the dark trademark humor Preacher is known for. 

Colin Cunningham as T.C. – Preacher _ Season 3, Episode 10 – Photo Credit: Alfonso Bresciani/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

Now, Jesse uses Genesis to order Marie to smash every soul vial inside the briefcase. She obeys begrudgingly, all the while sobbing as she does so. Then, she reveals that she still wins in the long run. Part of her deal with Satan included a clause that stated if Jesse were to kill Marie he would immediately go to Hell upon his own death. Somehow, someway, Gran’ma still wins. With that, Jesse retreats outside to Jody’s truck. However, his younger self appears and convinces the present Jesse to do as he promised long ago – get rid of Marie L’Angelle. 

Then, Jesse barges back inside and straps Marie to the same board she used as a backbone to torture so many people. He injects her with the same substance. Jesse snatches off her wig, so we can see Gran’ma in her natural state. Then, as the machine kicks into gear, we see Marie L’Angelle’s flesh sink inward, revealing just how old she really is. She dies, and now Jesse’s fate with Satan is sealed. 

Meanwhile, Tulip is en route to find Cassidy after hearing from God that he’s in danger. She calls him, and you can tell just how grateful he is to hear her voice. Hoover (Malcolm Barrett) returns and has appeared to embrace his dark vampire side. He’s donning quite a bit of black clothing to match his black lipstick and eyeliner. Gerard Way would be impressed. He hands Cassidy an umbrella. Suddenly, a helicopter arrives and the roof of the house flies away. Hoover and Cassidy stay safely sheltered under their umbrellas as mayhem ensues around them. The immediate arrival of sunlight burns all of the surrounding vampires to ash. A dart hits Cass in the neck, and he falls like a stone in the sea. This can only mean one thing…

Joseph Gilgun as Cassidy – Preacher _ Season 3, Episode 10 – Photo Credit: Alfonso Bresciani/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

Herr Starr (Pip Torrens) and Lara (Julie Ann Emery) appear at the site. Starr has ordered Cassidy’s kidnapping courtesy of the Grail. He’s back to being mortal enemies with Jesse Custer, and his first move is to capture the preacher’s best mate. Hoover, you backstabbing nincompoop! 

Later, we see SoK, AoD, Eugene and Hitler have returned to Hell. Satan (Jason Douglas) welcomes them with red arms. He also makes good on his promise and returns SoK’s weaponry to the cowboy. However, the Saint of Killers turns on the Prince of Darkness, shooting him point blank in the head. Of course, that deadly gun is meant to drop anyone, including a supernatural being such as Satan. SoK informs Eugene that the latter doesn’t belong in Hell, and the two embark on a return to topside. Eugene learns that Jesse still lives, and his anger toward the preacher intensifies. Now he shares common ground with SoK. 

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Next, Hitler pounces on the vacancy Satan left behind. He’s now crowned the Prince of Darkness, and an eyeless Angel of Death sets out to fetch a pastry for Hitler. Being evil sure works up an appetite. 

Then, Tulip arrives at the residency of Les Enfants du Sang to find Cassidy is MIA. She spots Kevin and his grandmother inside their coffins. They inform her of the Grail’s surprise attack and kidnapping of her friend. She returns to Angelville and reunites with Jesse, and the two depart. I think it’s safe to assume that the duo will be setting out to find Cassidy. 

Later, we see Cassidy is locked away in a dungeon in Masada. He’s singing an Irish song to himself to wile away the time. A dark figure with massive wings descends upon him. We see an army of white clad soldiers guarding a large fortress – the Grail’s ever changing headquarters. Herr Starr and Hoover, the latter sporting an umbrella, are watching the scene before them with binoculars. Starr, forever irritated by Hoover and his antics, removes the umbrella hat from the latter’s head. Hoover goes up in flames. RIP Hoover – you will be missed. 

Now, Lara sidles up beside her boss as Starr reveals they must find a new Hoover. He also no longer wishes for Jesse to be reinstated as the Messiah. Jesse Custer is now Public Enemy No. 1. Oh, and Starr is sending in his most formidable interrogator to ruffle Cassidy’s feathers. It’s on like Donkey Kong, folks!

Pip Torrens as Herr Starr, Malcolm Barrett as Hoover – Preacher _ Season 3, Episode 10 – Photo Credit: Alfonso Bresciani/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

Now, Preacher Season 3 was a triumphant success in my book. We explored new avenues and fast paced story arcs. The main arc has extended beyond Jesse’s search for God, including more supernatural creatures such as vampires and an exploration of our preacher’s insidious family. Buckley was simply astounding, and her immense talent in the world of Preacher will be missed. Barrett will also be missed, as he injected some much needed comedic relief into the series. However, I’m curious to see where the series takes us, should it be renewed for a fourth season. It’s darkly whimsical and incredibly original – unlike most things on TV today. Here’s hoping we get a Season 4, sinners!

You can watch Preacher Seasons 1-2 on Hulu, and catch up with Season 3 on Amazon or your AMC app. 


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