DISCLAIMER: This Preacher recap contains more spoilers than the number of times Jesse’s foes have tried to extricate Genesis from him. When will y’all learn that Genesis and Jesse are one? You’ve been warned. Say your prayers, and enter at your own peril. 

Welcome back, sinners! We’re past the halfway point in the season! Preacher continues to spoil us with scenes of dark whimsy and just bloody good fun. Episode 308 found Jesse in a sticky situation as Allfather and the Grail attempted to extract Genesis from him, to no avail. Cassidy discovered what really happened to Lisa, and that Eccarius is a lying old rapscallion. And Hoover? He joined our creatures of the night as a baby vamp. Tulip, Lara and Jody successfully infiltrated the soul company in Osaka, retrieving a boatload of souls for Madame Marie. Said infiltration ended with Lara being mistaken for Tulip by the Angel of Death. She’s now en route to Hell with Eugene, Hitler and the Saint of Killers. In short, a ton of s**t happened. 

Alright, ready to delve into “The Tom/Brady?” Just be sure to set aside a horse as a gift for Allfather. Horses are his favorite delicacy. 

We open right where we left off – Herr Starr (Pip Torrens) and Jesse (Dominic Cooper) are about to exit the elevator to meet Allfather (Jonny Coyne). Starr has just informed Jesse that he must slay Allfather if he wishes to reunite with his soul. Jesse wrestles Starr’s gun away from him as the elevator doors open, and he fires on the Grail guards situated around Allfather. After successfully defeating the Grail guards, Jesse brandishes his gun on Allfather and shoots the portly man. Starr reveals that Jesse’s soul is in a safe place – up Allfather’s bum. Ick. Then, Starr twists the proverbial knife in Jesse’s back by turning his own gun on our preacher. A slew of firearms are pointed at Jesse, as Allfather urges them to keep the former alive. Jesse does have Genesis, after all. Not the band, folks. 

Meanwhile, Marie (Betty Buckley) has a rather vivid nightmare. Tulip (Ruth Negga) is present, as is Jesse. Even the dearly departed Sabina (Prema Cruz) makes an appearance. Everyone is beckoning Marie into Hell – the last place Gran’ma wants to go. Marie wakes up from said nightmare and immediately places a phone call to a mysterious man. 

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Later, Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) and Eccarius (Adam Croasdell) are spending a raucous night out in New Orleans. A cab driver picks them up to whisk our duo home. Cassidy reveals that he’s tried calling Lisa several times, but to no avail. Eccarius brushes off Cass’s paranoia, stating that Lisa is busy doing work that’ll benefit vampires everywhere. As the pair exits the vehicle, we see that the cab driver is really Hoover (Malcolm Barrett) in disguise. Plot twist! Unfortunately, Hoover doesn’t remain incognito for long as the whole of Les Enfants du Sang swarms his car. He’s the mouse, and they’re the collective cat. 

Next, TC (Colin Cunningham) ushers a formidable figure into Angelville – Satan himself (Jason Douglas). Satan inquires as to when Marie will finally call Hell her home. He gave her the ability to eat souls, which in turn keeps her young forever. However, the deal seems to be at an end. Marie, ever the swindler, proposes a new deal be forged between them. She offers her grandson Jesse and Genesis as a bargaining chip. Satan gets Genesis, Marie continues her residency on Earth consuming souls – everyone wins. Well, except Jesse. This scene between Gran’ma and Satan is, without a doubt, one of my favorites of the series. So delightfully dark. 

Meanwhile, Tulip, Lara (Julie Ann Emery) and Jody (Jeremy Childs) have officially arrived in Osaka. Infiltration time! Our trio will enter the soul stealing company as the Human Resources Department for the Grail. Tulip and Lara continue to bicker, as always. 

Ruth Negga as Tulip O’Hare, Julie Ann Emery as Featherstone – Preacher  Season 3, Episode 8 – Photo Credit: Alfonso Bresciani/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

Later, Jesse makes his case to Allfather on why he should keep Genesis. It chose him for a reason, did it not? Allfather reveals his plan to extract the superpower from Jesse. Our preacher is strapped to a gurney of sorts. Starr attaches a large tube to the strap securing Jesse’s body. Humperdoo (Tyson Ritter) is escorted into the enclosed room adjacent Jesse. Allfather plans to essentially re-gift Genesis to Humperdoo, the true Messiah. Starr is ordered to press a button as Genesis is released from Jesse and jolted into Humperdoo. The descendant of Christ wavers for a moment before promptly exploding. Yes, exploding into bloody chunks. Genesis immediately returns to Jesse.

Pip Torrens as Herr Starr, Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer – Preacher  Season 3, Episode 8 – Photo Credit: Alfonso Bresciani/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

Now, Jesse believes he’s won this fight, until Allfather reveals that they cloned Humperdoo. Religion finally found a way to marry science. So, the next Humperdoo enters the arena, and the process starts all over again. 

Meanwhile, Tulip and Jody engage in a sexual harassment demonstration. Lara eagerly directs the pair in a scene where Jody displays inappropriate behavior toward Tulip in the work place. Then, Lara asks one of the top dog officials at the souls company to participate in a scene where Tulip is the one acting inappropriately. Tulip stealthily hijacks the higher up’s identification card, so our thieves have access to the souls. Brava! That’s my girl. 

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Next, we check in on Jesse as the Grail continuously sends in Humperdoo after Humperdoo to snatch Genesis. And, just like the first one, each preceding Messiah decimates with a gory boom. Allfather is insistent that they will prevail…somehow. He ushers in one of the Grail’s finest doctors, who’s been hard at work on the case. She procures a special formula that she’s crafted specifically for this maneuver. Since Genesis was borne of both an angel and a demon, good and evil, this formula encapsulates the duality of light and darkness. They test this formula on the next Humperdoo, hoping this will finally give them Genesis.

However, Humperdoo still explodes. While Allfather chats up the Grail doctor, Jesse urges Starr to grab his gun and shoot the portly man. Starr freezes, and is saved when he starts receiving text messages from an unknown number. Saved by the phone!

Meanwhile, Cassidy texts Herr Starr a series of photos containing a captured Hoover. Hoover is brandishing signs that spell out a message to the Grail – leave Cassidy alone or Hoover will bite the big one. Starr expresses his nonchalance, and in fact encourages Les Enfants du Sang to do away with Hoover. He’ll still catch Cassidy one way or another. Well, this isn’t looking hopeful for Hoover. Eccarius suggests that they give Hoover an ultimatum – become a vampire or die. Choose death from the light or death permanent. Cassidy and the remainder of the gang reluctantly hop aboard Eccarius’ band wagon. 

Joseph Gilgun as Cassidy – Preacher  Season 3, Episode 8 – Photo Credit: Alfonso Bresciani/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

Later, Tulip and Lara begin the soul stealing process while Jody distracts the guards. And by “distracts” I mean “knocks them unconscious and/or kills them.” Tulip tries something out of the box and actually succeeds, much to Lara’s chagrin. I dig these two together. Negga and Emery have a rather playful chemistry. Then, our thieves eventually end up in a room chock full of souls – souls as far as the eye can see, and beyond. Marie’s dream come true!

Next, Cassidy turns Hoover into a vampire, and our favorite Grail soldier lives to fight another night. Cassidy attempts to fly solo, literally, and is dismayed when he discovers that his abilities aren’t as honed as Eccarius’. He’s turned three people already, so what gives? 

Joseph Gilgun as Cassidy, Nathaniel Woolsey as Kevin, Malcolm Barrett as Hoover  – Preacher  Season 3, Episode 8 – Photo Credit: Alfonso Bresciani/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

Meanwhile, our trio returns to Louisiana. The Angel of Death (Erinn Ruth) has been sent via Satan to retrieve Tulip. She runs head on into Tulip in the airplane, but our girl pretends to be someone else. In fact, she informs the Angel of Death that Lara is actually Tulip O’Hare. Thus, Tulip and Jody leave Lara behind to be Satan’s plaything. Want to retaliate against an enemy? Give them up to Satan – that’s the best comeback of all. Unfortunately, Tulip realizes that Lara had the briefcase containing the soul vials in her possession. Tulip’s case simply carries the tech. Well, time to chase down a demon. Gran’ma needs her souls!

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Later, Eccarius decides to send the newly vamped Hoover off into the big world. Of course, we know this is code for Eccarius slaughtering baby vamps in the name of charity. While Cassidy is out for an umbrella-ed day stroll, he notices Lisa’s neck pillow nestled in a trash bin, one side doused in blood. Uh oh. Cassidy marches inside and finds Eccarius in the driver’s seat of his car, preparing to chauffeur Hoover to the “airport.” Cassidy exposes Eccarius for the liar he is, knowing full well that Lisa was killed by the elder vamp’s hand. Eccarius strikes Cassidy in anger, and the latter is knocked unconscious. Hoover uses the ensuing chaos as a disguise for his escape. 

Meanwhile, the Grail doctor unveils a new formula: The Tom/Brady, possessing the traits of Thomas Jefferson and TV personality Wayne Brady. They administer one more test using said formula on another Humperdoo. Genesis flows into the descendant of Christ, and he doesn’t explode on impact this time. Humperdoo bellows the command “Bow before me,” which forces Jesse and Herr Starr to fall prostrate before the Messiah. However, after bellowing said command, Humperdoo is shot in the head by the Grail doctor. Genesis returns to Jesse once more. Allfather is delighted as he orders the doctor to bring for the true Messiah. As it turns out, they were testing decoys all along. Now that The Tom/Brady works, they can utilize it to extract Genesis for good. 

Next, we see Eugene (Ian Colletti) is feverishly reassuring himself that God has a plan, one that’ll get him out of this bind. We see Hitler (Noah Taylor) and Saint of Killers (Graham McTavish) are next to him, waiting for a bus that will take them to Hell. The Angel of Death and Lara soon join them. Lara meets the Fuhrer for the first time. You encounter the most interesting people at bus stops. 

Preacher Season 3 is on a roll, folks. Just when I thought nothing could top Season 2, Season 3 came along and proved me wrong. Our Powers That Be have upped the ante on the humor, the story lines and the shock factor. The ladies continue to kick a** this season. Buckley, Emery and Negga are stealing the show for me with their standout performances. 

Do you think Tulip will be able to retrieve the briefcase of souls before Lara begins her route to Hell? Will Cassidy finally abandon Eccarius and reunite with Jesse and Tulip? Can the Grail successfully extract Genesis, enabling Humperdoo to rise as the Messiah? Join me next week as I continue to recap Preacher, here on Geek Girl Authority. 

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