DISCLAIMER: This Preacher recap contains more spoilers than the number of times Denis has presumably tried to eat his dog. Denis is a vampire – cut him some slack. You’ve been warned. Say your prayers, and proceed with caution. 

Welcome back, employees of Grail Industries! Preacher returned this week with an action-packed penultimate episode! Yes, that means we only have one episode left with Jesse and the gang until next year (sob). First thing’s first, The Saint of Killers made his hellish return, which culminated in a showdown between the former and our preacher. Eugene, with the help of Hitler (still in awe over typing that out), finally manages to make some headway in his escape from Hell. Herr Starr met Cassidy and Tulip, thus effectively planting the “Jesse is the Newest Messiah” seed. All hail Custer, am I right? This week’s episode left us in a mighty precarious position for the Season 2 finale. Let the chips fall where they may, I suppose. 

Alright, NOLA residents, ready to delve into this week’s Preacher? Make sure to have your Bible handy. But please, avoid Cassidy’s weird “potations” at all costs. Drinking Neosporin just isn’t natural. 

We open with Eugene (Ian Colletti) and Hitler (Noah Taylor) falling through The Hole in Hell. Our escape artists are in Phase One of “Get Eugene the Hell out of Hell.” Unfortunately, they must endure Eugene’s personal Hell before moving forward. Tracy Loach (Gianna LePera) is resting her head on Eugene’s shoulder. Hitler stands off to the side, coaching our dear Arseface. He urges Eugene to resist Tracy, resist the scene and a “secret door” will appear for them. Initially, Eugene succumbs to his desires and kisses her, which results in the latter shooting herself. Then, he pointedly refuses to kiss Tracy after she tries to persuade him into doing so. This still results in her shooting herself. The third go round sees Eugene convincing Tracy they’re just friends. Hitler tries to open the window, thinking that did the trick. 

Next, a man dressed as a chipmunk exits the bathroom. This is Troop Leader Pedro, and Eugene has history with him. History of an unfortunate variety. Eugene reveals that Troop Leader Pedro abused his authority and inappropriately touched him. Then, Eugene shoots the offender. Once again, Hitler attempts to push open the window but with no success.

Then, none other than Hugo Root (W. Earl Brown) enters Tracy’s bedroom. Root’s mouth is missing, just as Eugene’s is outside of the Hell scene. He chastises our dear Arseface for what he did to his mother and, apparently, his father. Root urges Eugene to “finish the job.” Eugene refuses, declaring himself the Sheriff’s son whether he likes it or not. We see the elder Root’s eyes well with tears, and he confesses his love for his son. Aw, such a sweet moment in Hell. Probably the only one that exists. Anyway, Sheriff Root leaves and Hitler is finally able to wrench that blasted window open. 

Meanwhile, we see our Saint of Killers (Graham McTavish) reliving his most recent memories – his last encounter with Jesse. This is shortly after our preacher drops SOK in the swamp. Once at the bottom of said swamp, SOK attempts to punch his way out of the armored truck. But, not before we’re swept into flashback territory…

Flashback time! Our cowboy is standing with his wife (Trine Christensen), about to be baptized. She’s attempting (albeit futilely) to keep her husband on the straight and narrow path. Hopefully the baptism will help solve that problem. Flash forward a few years after SOK’s baptism – he’s enjoying a nice picnic with his wife and daughter. Happier times. Did I detect a slight smile, one that crossed his ever-so-cross features? You mean to tell me this man actually experienced some form of happiness? Color me taken aback. 

Flash forward a couple hundred years. After a week of punching the armored truck, SOK is released from his watery prison by none other than F.J. Hoover (Malcolm Barrett). The Grail replaces the truck containing SOK with an empty one for Jesse to find. Then, we see Hoover attempt to broker a deal with the deadly cowboy. Work for The Grail. He may not be able to get into Heaven, but the organization can provide something akin to it. SOK remains in the truck for yet another week, silently punching away. Man, his knuckles are probably worn away to nothing at this point. 

Later, SOK decides to take Hoover up on his offer because, what more does he have to lose? Thus, The Saint of Killers is unleashed upon the world once more. But, before killing Jesse, he needs to liquor up first. He snags a glass of whiskey at a local bar. Hey, at least he has good taste in alcohol. 

Pictured: A thirsty Saint of Killers.

Meanwhile, Denis (Ronald Guttman) is peering under the bed in his father’s room. Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) catches him red handed. He shoos Denis away. We see the house puppy, affectionately named Banjo, is hiding in Cassidy’s bureau. Apparently, someone was in need of a snack and thought Banjo would suffice. I’m looking at you, Denis. 

Then, Cassidy finds Tulip (Ruth Negga) sitting in the kitchen, steeped in thought. They discuss what to do with Jesse, and how angry they are at the preacher. Also, whether he’ll return. Then, the duo argues over their ranks in the “chain of command.” Tulip insists Cass is third, while the latter attempts to debunk that theory. Cassidy is definitely third. Sorry, mate. Tulip is my number one. She wears all the pants in all the land. Hoover and Lara Featherstone (Julie Ann Emery) are watching the scene play out from “Jennie’s” apartment, bored out of their minds. 

Pictured: the devising of The Bimini Escape Plan. Just please, don’t leave Banjo behind.

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Next, Tulip suggests the two of them run away to Bimini, as planned. Cassidy begins focusing intently on her heartbeat, and gazing longingly at the veins in her neck. Don’t do it, dude! Eating your best mate’s girlfriend is a surefire way to torch a friendship. 

Later, Jesse (Dominic Cooper) arrives home. He informs the pair that God turned out to be the man dog they stumbled upon their first night in New Orleans. Thus, Jesse has given up the God search, much to Tulip and Cassidy’s delight. Jesse wishes to drink, and Cass ushers him into his room to give the preacher some of his “potations.” That sounds like it might be deadly. 

Meanwhile, Tulip takes out the trash after finding one of Cassidy’s severed fingers underneath the stove. Unfortunately, she runs into The Saint of Killers on her way back to the apartment. SOK demands to know where Jesse is, not to mention his weapons. Tulip informs him that his guns are all the way in Rio de Janeiro. After she attempts to knock SOK unconscious, the latter turns around and smacks Tulip. She goes flying into the wall and falls limply to the ground. SOK enters the gang’s apartment. 

Then, SOK hears our boys talking. He follows their voices. I had the closed captioning on, and Cassidy and Jesse’s conversation is golden. They’re chatting about whether Tyler Durden in Fight Club was real. Cassidy insists the man exists, and the major twist of the film is the fact that Durden was real. Then, the conversation takes an unexpected turn to foreskins in personal hygiene products, because Cassidy. Never change, mate. Suddenly, SOK spies the chattering duo but decides to turn on Denis instead. We see the elderly Frenchman lying on the ground after his encounter with the cowboy from Hell. 

Jesse, please don’t smoke in the house.

Later, after Cassidy goes to fetch them some beer, Jesse sits down in the living room for a smoke. We see Cassidy fly across the hallway courtesy of SOK. Our Saint steps into view, and Jesse is finally aware of his presence. Then, the two duke it out, good ol’ fisticuffs style. Cassidy attempts to help but is unfortunately thrown through the wall. Cass may be a vampire, but SOK is stronger than that. Jesse and SOK continue to battle it out. 

Suddenly, Jesse is momentarily knocked unconscious. Tulip comes in swinging, defending her boyfriend. SOK then lifts her up by the neck, mirroring their last encounter. Jesse demands he drop her, saying SOK is here for him, not Tulip. Our Saint tosses her like a rag doll against the door. Then, he ties up Jesse and forces our preacher to get on his knees (episode title for the win!).

Just as SOK commences cutting off Jesse’s scalp (our cowboy is old school after all), Miss Mannering (Amy Hill) appears. She urges The Saint of Killers to return with her to Hell. There’s a vacancy, and if he doesn’t fill it then Mannering will fill said vacancy with his wife or child. That’s just cruel. Defeated, SOK forlornly leaves with Mannering, but not before he imparts Jesse with an ominous departing message: it’s not over yet. Mannering releases Jesse from his bonds, and reminds him that he’s lucky to have Herr Starr looking out for him. Even Hell knows about Heaven’s dealings. 

Later, Jesse finds Tulip and Cassidy sitting in an ambulance, as EMT workers tend to their wounds. Cassidy, whose arm is in a sling, admits he’s really only in it for the blood bags. He’s running out, you know. Well, that explains that momentary lapse into Tulip blood lust. Our injured pair are whisked away to, presumably, the hospital, in an ambulance courtesy of The Grail. Hmm. 

Next, Cassidy and Tulip are sitting with Herr Starr (Pip Torrens), who decides to divulge the truth. You know, that Starr wants Jesse to be the next Messiah, and that the current one is not fit for the job. Starr then goes on to say that Jesse is an extraordinary person, and he doesn’t need his friends mucking up his destiny. Hey, everyone needs friends, pal. 

Later, we see The Pope (Tom Thon) himself give a televised speech from the Vatican. “God is gone,” he intones gravely. We hear gasps from the massive crowd. Then, The Pope reassures them that Jesus, or someone very much like him, is returning soon. All will be right with the world. 

Pictured: Tom Thon

Then, Tulip and Cass return home from their impromptu meeting with Herr Starr. Looks of irritation all around. Jesse takes them out to eat, so he can properly explain everything. 

Later, our trio is at a diner. Cassidy is knee-deep in a story about discovering a unicorn. Jesse and Tulip dismiss it as hogwash. Um, everyone knows unicorns are real, you two. No need to deny it. Then, they broach the hot button topic: Jesse being promoted to Messiah. Cassidy tries to sway him out of his decision, but Jesse feels he has no choice in the matter. Humperdoo will very much screw things up. Jesse made a sacred vow to his own mortal father to always do good, whenever possible. Our preacher promises Cassidy and Tulip will be at his side. Their dynamic will remain unchanged. However, his friends are reticent. These three have such amazing chemistry together.

Pictured (L to R): Dominic Cooper, Joseph Gilgun, Ruth Negga

Meanwhile, The Saint of Killers is ushered into his Hell cell, where he’ll (hopefully) remain for all eternity. He asks to speak with Satan. Uh oh. That won’t end well. Then, Mannering is seen speaking with one of her lackeys about how imperative it is that Eugene and Hitler are found. Speaking of which…

Eugene and Hitler are crawling through what appears to be Hell’s own air vents. We hear various scenes play out below them – the residents of Hell’s own personal vignettes on repeat. They continue to crawl, hopefully toward an exit. 

Later, Jesse visits Herr Starr solo. He tells the leader of The Grail that his friends couldn’t make it. Starr approaches Jesse, grabs our preacher’s hand and places it on his head. We see Starr is kneeling before Jesse. A new Messiah is born? It would appear so. 

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Preacher blessed us with a lot of zany goodness this week! From Jesse’s fight with SOK to Cassidy’s unicorn story, we were given quite a bit to chew on before next week’s season finale. Eugene’s scene at the beginning of the episode was absolutely delightful, and I enjoy watching Colletti on screen. What kills me is that Eugene has no idea his father is dead on Earth, or that Annville was blown off the map in general. Essentially, Sheriff Root telling Eugene he loved him was our closure scene for these two. Why did I decide to cut onions just now? 

Do you think Eugene will finally escape Hell in the finale? Will Hitler try to join him, or will the Fuhrer somehow double cross our dear Arseface? How will Jesse fare as the new Messiah? Will Tulip and Cassidy decide to scamper off to Bimini without their fearless leader? Will we get a scene with The Saint and Satan? Join me next week for the finale, only on Geek Girl Authority!

Preacher will air its season finale Monday at 9pm on your AMC affiliate. 









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