DISCLAIMER: This Preacher recap contains more spoilers than the number of times Tulip has yelled at Jesse for various things. Rightfully so, I say. Jesse has been a bit of a knob this season. Anyway, you’ve been warned. Say your prayers, and enter at your own risk.

Welcome back, NOLA residents! Preacher blessed us with a dog this week – yes, a dog. Well, more like Cassidy bought Denis one. Said dog proved a revelation for our dear Jesse. Remember the bar with the kinky guy in the dog costume? According to Jesse’s revelation, that was The Almighty. Now, to top things off, since God is clearly gone for good, Herr Starr plans to crown Jesse as the next Almighty. The Omnipotent One. Only our preacher can make everything right in this world gone well and truly mad. Also, the rift between Jesse, Cassidy and Tulip is only widening. Imagine if Jesse became God? Instant alienation of our favorite trio. No me gusta. 

Alright, Genesis lovers, ready to delve into last night’s Preacher? Be sure to grab your Bible and your blood bag for this one, folks. 

We open with a flashback: a Louisiana swamp is our setting. A couple of men haul up a wooden crate loaded down with cinder blocks that was resting at the bottom of said swamp. They open the crate, after removing the nails keeping it shut, and we see a young boy residing within. Young Jesse (Dominic Ruggieri) clambers out of the crate, looking worse for the wear. An elder woman (Julie Oliver-Touchstone) stands before him, her face cloaked in shadows. She asks him of his name. Jesse defiantly replies, “Jesse Custer.” Said woman has the men throw him back inside the crate, much to Jesse’s chagrin. Then, the crate is lowered back into the swamp. Man, Grandma’s visits have taken a turn for the weird now. 

Flash forward time! Present day, at the same swamp. We see the truck that is housing The Saint of Killers is being heaved upward to dry land. Tulip (Ruth Negga) and Jesse (Dominic Cooper) are observing the scene from afar. Tulip is still very much angry at Jesse for not destroying The Saint’s guns, but instead keeping them. Side note: I need Tulip’s leather jacket. Jesse marches forward and opens the doors to the truck, reassuring his girlfriend that SOK can’t hurt them. However, the truck is completely empty, save a rush of swamp water that comes pouring out when the doors are opened. 

Pictured: Dominic Cooper and Ruth Negga

Meanwhile, Herr Starr (Pip Torrens) is delving into all things Jesse Custer – he has paper files, recordings. Everything imaginable at his disposal. Lara Featherstone (Julie Ann Emery) and F.J. Hoover (Malcolm Barrett) come to his beck and call. He asks them if our heroes saw SOK was missing. Starr introduces his new mission to his team – protect Jesse at all costs. Our favorite villain’s latest and greatest scheme involves promoting Jesse to Messiah status – since the current one is mentally handicapped.

Jesse as The Messiah? Talk about a promotion. Featherstone simply wants to kill him, so this new mission goes against her innermost desires. However, she takes it on like a professional. Hoover also expresses his reticence but, like his colleague, follows his orders. Only Custer can save all of humanity now, and restore order to the world. 

Later, we see Ms. Mannering (Amy Hill) sitting in her office in Hell. Tyler (Justin Prentice) is being tested at the moment. A plethora of varied images flashes before him. Mannering is observing his reactions to said photos. We see images of babies, puppies, of “sad” occurrences. Tyler appears nonchalant. Once the test concludes, he returns to the holding room. Mannering is trying to determine who doesn’t belong in Hell. 

Then, Tyler talks with Eugene (Ian Colletti) about the test. Eugene mentions that Hitler (Noah Taylor) knows the inner workings of this place like the back of his hand. He used to be a custodian, after all. The Fuhrer could aid them in escaping. Tyler laughs it off, thinking it best not to interact with Hitler. Instead, he wants to party. Party like its eternal damnation! 

Next, we see Denis (Ronald Guttman) has a new friend – a cute puppy. Aw, how nice of Cassidy to buy his son such a lovely gift. Speaking of which, Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) is in the next room with Tulip and Jesse. He just learned of SOK’s disappearance, and presumed escape. Well, we know The Grail definitely has him in their possession. Tulip and Cassidy are growing weary of the God talk, and of searching for Him. Jesse proposes they take a break – perhaps a new destination would liven their spirits? A tropical island, perhaps? Initially Cassidy objects to this because vampire, but Tulip reminds him that sunscreen has come along way in recent years. Beach body for Cassidy, then!

Pictured: Joseph Gilgun

Meanwhile, as Tulip excitedly packs for their newest adventure, Jesse drops a bomb on her. They will eventually leave New Orleans, but not until God is found. Tulip explodes. Cassidy informs the duo that Denis is on board – only to be told by Jesse that their trip will be delayed indefinitely. Cassidy also explodes. As his mate yells at him with a fury I’ve never seen in the usually laid back vampire, Jesse finds his gaze lingering on Denis’s dog. He recalls visiting The Messiah, and viewing the pictures he drew of dogs. An assortment of the animals littered the pages of his notebook. 

Then, Jesse remembers entering the basement of one of the first bars he perused upon arriving in NOLA. Seeing that man donning a dog costume, leashed by that woman. That’s it! God was in the dog costume! 

Next, our preacher pulls away from his angry friends and informs them he has something he must do. He finally knows where God could be. Tulip and Cassidy both deliberately decide to sit out on this one. Jesse leaves alone.

When you’re trying to talk sense into your friend but all he sees are dogs…

Later, Jesse returns to said bar, but is dismayed to find the room that used to house The Almighty is empty. Completely devoid of any and all beings. 

Meanwhile, we see someone else being tested of their legitimacy in Hell. Eugene and Tyler approach Hitler. They ask (well, more like demand, since it’s Hell after all) the Fuhrer to escort them to his personal Hell dimension. Hitler reminds them that all of their Hell dimensions are in disrepair, hence why they’re sequestered away in the holding room. But, since he is Hitler after all, he does have a key to his room. He takes the boys inside his own personal Hell, and we see the events of Munich in 1919 play out once more. 

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Now, this time, we’re able to view the scene in its entirety. A young Hitler is having lunch with his friend Elsa (Kristina Adler). We see the same Jewish customer accidentally run into Hitler, but the latter politely forgives the incident. Elsa convinces Hitler to show Herman Hoehne (Robert Larriviere), an art director, his artwork. Unfortunately, the art director is uninterested in Hitler’s drawings. 

Suddenly, a group of men storm into the quiet cafe, causing a ruckus in the name of the Wiemar Republic. They’re despised by Elsa, who refers to them as Communists. Elsa then persuades Hitler to take a stand against such scum after he discovers one of their guns on the floor. He picks up said gun and shakily makes his way toward the men. It appears he might actually pull the trigger – instead, he civilly returns the gun to its rightful owner. Come on, Hitler! You had a moment to enact positive change and you buggered it up! Elsa, furious with him, leaves him to spend time with another young man. Probably someone she fancies more. 

Here’s a good joke: Hitler and Arseface walk into Hell…

After his friend leaves, Hitler notices the Jewish customer was given the two plum cakes he ordered. The waiter informs him they do have strudel. Hitler sulks, forlornly replying that he hates strudel. So, he started WWII over not getting his plum cake?

Later, Eugene finds Hitler back in the holding room, laying with his back turned to everyone. Eugene tries to ask him why that memory was his worst memory. Hitler replies that it was the last time he was still good. Aw, I can’t believe I actually feel sympathy for Hitler. Eugene wonders if he’s still willing to help our Arseface escape Hell, since he is the one that doesn’t belong there. Hitler agrees to help him, as long as he trusts him. Trust Hitler? Not as far as I can throw him, which wouldn’t be far. 

Then, Eugene is summoned by Mannering to complete his own test. Hitler tries to rally the remaining members of the holding room together, but notices they refuse to listen to him. Suddenly, the fire and fury of the Fuhrer is unleashed, and we see the Hitler we know existed in real life – angry and hateful. He tells them to listen to him because he’s “Adolf F***ing Hitler.” 

Meanwhile, Tulip informs Cassidy she’s going to melt down SOK’s guns. He tries to join her, but she tells him Jennie is going with her. Cassidy’s face drops as she leaves. Denis observes the scene as it plays out. He tells his father to “take her.” Denis knows Cassidy has feelings for her, so why not act on them? 

Later, Jesse is talking to Herr Starr about his revelation. He uses Genesis to ask Starr if he knew that God was parading around in a dog costume. Starr replies, truthfully, that he was unaware. Then, Starr reveals he thinks Jesse wants forgiveness for killing his father, not necessarily having God back. Starr plays the tapes he has in his possession – tapes that span the course of Jesse’s lifetime.  

Pictured: Tulip’s next album cover.

Meanwhile, Tulip and Jennie visit someone who can melt down just about anything metallic. He examines the guns, but informs Tulip she must take out the bullets. Otherwise they’ll explode when he attempts to melt said guns. She aims one of them at a barrel and tries to shoot, but nothing comes out. It appears as if the gun is jammed. The man tries to dismiss them, seeing it’s a lost cause. Well, and not wanting to be blown up. That’s a legitimate desire. Jennie steps up to the bat, unwilling to give in. She offers to give the man a blow job. However, this offer morphs into her “accusing” him of rape, or “forcing” her to administer said blow job. Wow, Lara can get very dark very quickly. 

Thus, the man accepts Tulip’s loot, not wanting to poke the bear that is Lara Featherstone. After a while the man calls our pair inside. He shows them that not only did the guns not melt, temperature wise they feel completely normal. 400 degrees is apparently not hot enough to melt our Saint’s guns. Well, they did reside in Hell for quite some time. 

Those guns can withstand anything.

Meanwhile, as Eugene is taking his test, Mannering notices that the inhabitants of the holding room are joining hands and singing a song about Heaven. Mannering immediately flees her office at this display, utterly dismayed by it. 

Then, we see Hitler join Eugene as they attempt to finally escape. Hitler leads our Arseface to The Hole. Eugene is reticent, since his last encounter with The Hole ended horribly. But, Hitler urges him to take the plunge anyway, since this is the only method of escape at their disposal. We see the pair jump down the dreaded Hole. 

Pictured: Ian Colletti

Later, Tulip and Jennie decide to mail the weapons to Brazil. We see them wrapped up, with stamps littering their surfaces. Tulip shoves them through the opening of a mailbox, and throws in a samurai sword for good measure. However, said sword pierces through the bottom of the mailbox. Our pair walks away, feeling triumphant. 

Meanwhile, Starr is playing the tapes of Jesse. We hear a small Jesse pray for minor offenses and minor desires. Small Jesse transforms into teenage Jesse, then adult Jesse. The prayers increase in value – adult Jesse prays for robbing, cheating, hurting Tulip.

Someone in Brazil is going to be a surprise recipient of Hellfire guns.

Suddenly, the multiple voices mesh into one, becoming a cacophony of sounds. Starr turns them off. He tells Jesse that he’s done a lot of terrible things in his short life. If he wishes to atone for those sins and save his soul, he needs to join Herr Starr. Jesse brusquely replies that Starr has probably done worse. This prompts our villain to play one more tape, for good measure. 

Flashback time! We see the crate from the beginning rise from the swamp once more. Young Jesse clambers out of said crate. His grandma asks him the same question: who are you? “Jesse L’angel.” He hugs her skirts, and it appears he finally answered to her liking. She allows him to stay above ground. 

Remind me to never visit Grandma when she’s in one of her “moods.”

Flash forward time! Jesse is sitting in Herr Starr’s office. Starr tells him these tapes are merely proof that our preacher is the right person for the job – that of being the next Messiah. Then, in defiance, Jesse uses Genesis to demand Starr take those tapes and shove them up his bum. Yes, you read that correctly. Jesse takes his leave of The Grail headquarters, and we hear sounds of Starr doing as he’s told. Ouch. 

Later, we see a mailman take out SOK’s wrapped guns from their respective mailbox to be shipped to Brazil. Starr is on the phone with Hoover, informing the latter that he’s The Grail’s only hope. Jesse has left them no choice but to take their next course of action. Starr is simultaneously heeding Jesse’s instructions as he speaks with Hoover. You know, shoving the tapes to where the sun doesn’t shine. 

Then, a truck similar to the Japanese soul truck is sitting in an empty warehouse. We hear a man talking to someone in soothed tones. Suddenly, said mystery man flees the truck, running for his life. We hear the growls of none other than The Saint of Killers, but we don’t see him. Well, I can only assume it’s SOK. 

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Guys, we only have two episodes of Preacher left! I’ve been loving Season 2 so far. This show has managed to maintain the dark humor that was so prevalent in Season 1, while adding exciting new layers and elements to the story. This episode did a fantastic job of moving the plot forward tremendously, especially that of Eugene. He’s finally on his way to freedom, thanks to…Hitler. Like I mentioned earlier, I never thought I’d feel even a smattering of sympathy for history’s worst human being until I watched his personal Hell scene in full. Granted, this is all fiction, but still. Anyway, Eugene is close to freedom, and The Saint of Killers is presumably being released from The Grail to continue his mission to take down Jesse. So many moving parts, so little time!

Do you think Eugene will make it out of Hell, and will Hitler join him? Will The Saint of Killers find Jesse again? Can Tulip and Jesse mend their differences and move forward? Will Cassidy make a move on Tulip? What else does Herr Starr have up his sleeve for our preacher? Only two more episodes to find out!

Preacher airs Mondays at 9pm on your AMC affiliate. 



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