DISCLAIMER: This Preacher recap contains more spoilers than the number of times Cassidy calls Jesse “Padre.” You’ve been warned. Say your prayers, and enter at your own risk. 

Welcome back, Genesis lovers! Preacher revealed quite the dirty little secret on this week’s foray. Yes, I’m talking about Tyson Ritter appearing as The Messiah and the episode title’s nod to the All-American Rejects. Not to mention, when Tulip and Jenny were actually playing the song “Dirty Little Secret” by said band on Guitar Hero. So much win in just that alone. My teenage emo heart grew three sizes last night. Anyway, on a more serious note, the revelation that The Messiah has a lineage that’s been tainted opens up new doors for our Preacher gang. However, “Humperdoo” may not be that much help in tracking down The Almighty. We’ll see!

Alright, Almighty seekers, ready to dive in to this week’s Preacher? Grab a blood bag and a Bible, and let’s get to it. Maybe brush up on your Guitar Hero skills while you’re at it. 

We open with a scene from long ago, judging by the lit candles and minimal furniture. A man (Tyson Ritter) and a woman (Carrie Lazar) are going at it, having all the sexy fun times. Afterwards, we discover this was our mystery man’s first time doing the horizontal tango. Our mystery woman is shocked – he seems so experienced! Then, a horde of men shows up at the door. Mystery man pulls on a rough tunic, takes down his hair – and it’s revealed he is Jesus of Nazareth himself, and the men at the door are his Apostles. John the Apostle (Finch Nissen) informs Jesus that the authorities are searching for him. Jesus fibs and says he was praying with this sick woman, which is mystery woman’s cue to feign being ill. 

Picture: Tyson Ritter

Then, Jesus takes his leave, but not before sending a cheeky wink in the direction of the woman. Who knew The Messiah was so smooth? Thaddeus (Dean West) shoots the woman a glare. Someone’s jealous! 

Flash forward time! We’re in present day with Jesse (Dominic Cooper) and Herr Starr (Pip Torrens) chatting it up at a bar in New Orleans. Herr Starr wishes to team up with our preacher in his search for God. Starr reveals that The Grail is an organization that pervades all corners of society, not to mention they’ve existed since the beginning of time itself. Then, our villain pulls out binders that are categorized by topic: Religion, Secularism, etc. He urges Jesse to utilize The Grail’s resources to aid him in his search. Jesse whacks Starr across the head, knocking the latter off his bar stool. Our preacher demonstrates the power of Genesis for Starr, and he’s impressed.

Then, Starr reveals that he has more resources that Jesse is sorely lacking. For example, The Grail were the ones that hired Mark Harelik and pulled the trigger. Finally, after more convincing, Jesse reluctantly goes with Herr Starr to, presumably, The Grail headquarters. But before they begin their journey, Starr forces Jesse to wear a sack over his head, otherwise the trip is a no-go. Jesse can’t be privy to where The Grail’s location is. 

Meanwhile, Tulip (Ruth Negga) is having a nightmare about The Saint again. She jolts herself awake, breathing hard. She hears giggles and yelps of pleasure emanating from Cassidy’s (Joseph Gilgun) room. Tulip knocks on the door and the vampire emerges, shirtless. We see a woman is in his room with Denis (Ronald Guttman). Apparently Cassidy wished to give his son a present. He also shows Tulip his new gadget: a necklace that translates everything he says to Denis to French, so they can freely communicate now. Nifty!

Pictured: Ruth Negga and Joseph Gilgun

Then, another woman enters the bedroom, and we assume she’s for Cassidy. Foursome time (ew)! Well, actually, Cassidy reveals they’re about to play Twister and invites Tulip to join. However, Tulip declines and decides to make breakfast for everyone. 

Next, while Tulip is drumming up breakfast, Jenny/Lara (Julie Ann Emery) drops by and asks our girl for her gun. Tulip returns the weapon. Jenny stays for breakfast, which consists of pancakes. While Tulip is cracking eggs into a skillet, she drops one. Jenny cleans up the mess, and we see Tulip break down. Negga is so adept at conveying sadness. Someone give her an Emmy already. 

Meanwhile, Jesse and Herr Starr arrive at The Grail headquarters. After some difficulty getting through their metal detector, Jesse is introduced to the Pope himself (Tom Thon) and the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury (David St. James). Talk about important people! Jesse is starstruck. 

Even secret religious organizations have metal detectors.

Then, we see Tulip and Jenny getting cozy, as the former goes on about her various adventures (and misadventures) throughout her eventful life. Annville, Dallas, her marriage to Viktor, killing The Saint. Jenny listens intently. Tulip just really wants someone to talk to, and I get that, even though the person she’s unloading on works for The Grail. Jenny reveals more of her history with her drunken ex, Rodney. Lara is quite the actress. 

Next, Cassidy and co. emerges from their Twister cocoon, ready to take on the afternoon/early evening. Cassidy is introduced to Jenny. Denis is seen acting coarse with his lady friend and Cassidy switches gears into Father Mode. He chastises his son for the roughhousing. After the quartet leaves, Jenny confesses she thinks Cassidy is cute. Tulip immediately rejects this idea, seeing him as only a friend. I see what Lara is trying to do here – she’s trying to drive a wedge between Tulip and Jesse. 

Pictured: Julie Ann Emery

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Meanwhile, the Pope and Archbishop reveal their own beliefs as to why The Almighty is missing. Our Archbishop believes He really is missing and that the Seraphim, an organization of rogue angels, have it out for our Lord and Savior. Thus, He is currently in hiding. The Pope dismisses this as hogwash, and tells Jesse that God simply abandoned the people of Earth. He ventured off to another universe to create more life. Then, the two religious figureheads duke it out over their differing stories. However, The Pope reveals quite critical information – “the boy” must rise to power. He can lead them. Starr dismisses the religious leaders, while Jesse uses Genesis to ask who the boy is. Starr reveals it’s The Messiah – Jesus Christ. 

Flashback time! We see the mystery woman Jesus was having sexy fun times with giving birth to a boy. A Midwife (Peggy Walton-Walker), who also works for The Grail, is singing to the child. Then, she kills the mother. Thus, the Christ lineage commences. 

Pictured: The beginning of a Christ-like lineage.

Flash forward time! Starr reveals The Grail’s grand plan regarding Christ’s heir. They have his 25th great grandson in their possession. Now, when the apocalypse rains hell fire upon the people of Earth, The Grail will unleash Christ’s heir and everyone will unite under his leadership. Jesse uses Genesis again to convince Herr Starr to take him to The Messiah. 

Meanwhile, Cassidy is playing arcade games with his lady friend, and Denis is in the photo booth with his. Suddenly, Denis’s own lady friend bolts out of said photo booth, and urges her friend to leave the father and son duo behind. Denis emerges, and Cassidy goes into Father Mode yet again. After Denis leaves Cassidy examines the series of photos they took. They reveal Denis to be getting too rough with the human woman. Someone has a voracious appetite! 

Then, Tulip and Jenny are playing Guitar Hero to the song “Dirty Little Secret.” This still cracks me up. Good on The Powers That Be behind Preacher for being so cheeky. Suddenly, Jenny reveals something she knows about Tulip that the latter never revealed – her past activities in Dallas. Tulip questions Jenny how she knows this pertinent information, seeing as she never said what she did in Dallas. Oops, Lara slipped up. She tries to save face by convincing Tulip she actually did reveal it over pancakes. Tulip laughs it off after a beat, and seems to have moved past it. 

Only best gal pals eat pancakes and talk about super powers. And play Guitar Hero.

Next, Jenny uses the bathroom and makes a call to F.J. Hoover (Malcolm Barrett). Now, Lara says she needs Hoover’s help. This could be interesting. After emerging from the bathroom, Tulip confronts Jenny yet again regarding Dallas. Our girl knows for a fact she didn’t reveal that information. She asks who Jenny really is, and what she wants. Suddenly, shouting can be heard from outside the apartment. Hoover is pretending to be Jenny’s drunken ex Rodney. Jenny runs outside, promising Tulip she’ll take care of it. Rodney smacks her across the face, leaving a mark. Then, before the violence can progress further, Tulip runs to her friend’s aid and knocks Rodney to the ground. Then, Jenny lands a handful of kicks to Rodney’s stomach, much to Hoover’s chagrin. Have to make it look convincing, right? 

Then, Tulip bandages Jenny up in the bathroom, and the latter reveals how empowering it felt to fight back. Tulip seems to be on Team Jenny once again. 

Later, we see in a montage that Jesse is traveling with Herr Starr to meet The Messiah. However, as per his trek to The Grail headquarters, he must wear the sack over his head again. We see the journey takes a long time, and I can only imagine that sack was probably uncomfortably hot and perhaps itchy. Finally, they arrive at their destination. Herr Starr introduces Jesse to Humperdoo (also Tyson Ritter), Christ’s 25th great grandson. He appears to be mentally handicapped, with features that suggest incest has tainted the lineage. Humperdoo immediately urinates on Jesse, which is apparently a sign that he likes our preacher.

Pictured (L to R): Dominic Cooper, Tyson Ritter, Pip Torrens

Jesse then utilizes Genesis to grill The Messiah on God’s whereabouts. Humperdoo shrinks away at the scary sound of Jesse’s voice. He wails, and a pair of guards seize him in an attempt to calm Humperdoo down. Starr and Jesse leave, realizing The Messiah will be of no help to their mission.

Meanwhile, Cassidy returns home and shows Tulip his new tattoo. Denis also got one, but has disappeared for a while. Cassidy supposes his newly undead son may want some alone time. Then, he asks Tulip if she wants to get stoned and play Rock Band. Tulip takes him up on his offer. 

Then, we see Lara and Hoover are watching the duo play Rock Band. Hoover asks if Tulip is taking the bait – trying on some Cassidy for size. Lara acknowledges that she’s unsure, but she wanted to kill Tulip and get it over with. Jeez, I didn’t know Lara had that in her. 

Later, Tulip decides to fix the loose tile in the bathroom. She discovers The Saint of Killer’s pistols are hidden beneath said loose tile. We see her sitting in the kitchen, with the dual guns placed in front of her. Uh oh. Jesse is in trouble. 

Then, Herr Starr and Jesse are sitting outside the latter’s abode. Starr suggests that perhaps Jesse should consider filling the void God has left behind. Jesse is taken aback by this, and calls the very idea “blasphemy.” Jesse tells Herr Starr he will find God, and abruptly leaves the vehicle. Starr reminds Jesse that he can’t continue searching alone. Jesse retorts that his friends are helping them, and at this moment we see Denis return home, giddy and covered with blood. He greets the two men prior to stepping inside. Starr urges Jesse to think about his offer, and speeds away. 

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Preacher just keeps getting better and better, peeling back more layers to the story. From The Messiah arc to Starr’s offer of making Jesse the next God, everything is coming to a head. Tulip uncovering The Saint’s pistols and Lara planting the seeds of discourse between our two lovebirds is really the tip of the iceberg. I imagine the final three episodes of the season will be action-packed and very tense, but not without the dark humor Preacher is adept at. 

Do you think Cassidy and Tulip will get together in the next episode? Will Denis spiral out of control as the newborn vampire? Can Jesse find God before the season ends? Will Tulip ever forgive him for keeping the guns from her? Hopefully we find out soon!

Preacher airs Mondays at 9pm on your AMC affiliate. 


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