DISCLAIMER: This Preacher recap contains more spoilers than the number of white suits that work for Herr Starr. Say your prayers, and enter at your own risk. 

Welcome back, Almighty seekers! Preacher returned with an episode that catapulted the plot forward at warp speed. There was plenty of action, Cassidy almost dies yet again and Denis gets his groove back. Tulip continues her downward spiral, and Jesse reaches the end of his rope in terms of sanity. Herr Starr goes on a date that takes a very weird turn involving a stick of butter. Yes, it would appear our man in white has a butter fetish. He also despises cats, which truly does make him a villain. 

Alright, creatures of the night – grab a blood bag of your favorite blood type (I’m an O-positive gal myself), a bottle of whiskey and a Bible. We’re going to dive right into the world of Preacher.

We open with a shot of Herr Starr’s office. A cluster of white suits are busy preparing the space for their boss’s arrival – arranging an assortment of newspapers from different countries, laying down a tarp, the usual. Starr is very particular about these things. 

Flashback time! We see John Custer (Nathan Darrow) fall to his knees with a sobbing young Jesse (Dominic Ruggieri) at his side. This is the moment Jesse’s father is murdered. John tells his son to quit crying, as “Custers never cry.” 

Flash forward time! Present day Jesse (Dominic Cooper) is sitting in the kitchen, ruminating on that moment from long ago. Then, he opens his laptop and types “sightings of God” into the YouTube search bar. He begins watching a video of a man who claimed to see God in his piece of toast. Same here, guy. Same here. Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) wanders in from, presumably, Denis’s room. He starts emptying frozen blood bags and putting said frozen blood in a skillet to defrost it. Our favorite vampire informs Jesse that Denis is feeling much better. I wonder why that is. Exhibit A: blood bags. 

Cassidy can whip up a mean blood stew.

Next, Tulip (Ruth Negga) enters from another night on the town at The Hurt Locker. She borrows a frozen blood bag from Cassidy and uses it as an ice pack for the bruising on her chest. Bullets will do that to you. Cass tells Tulip that he thinks she should take a break from going to The Hurt Locker. Jesse shoots down his mate’s suggestion, claiming he has control of the situation. The energy between the trio is incredibly tense, with Cassidy dismissing Jesse’s continued and failing search for God, Tulip’s resentment toward Jesse and Jesse’s distance from Tulip. It would seem our band of heroes are falling apart at the seams.

Then, Jesse uses Genesis on Tulip and demands she go to sleep. This is the first time he’s used Genesis on someone he’s close to. Cassidy doesn’t approve. 

Meanwhile, Lara Featherstone (Julie Ann Emery), Herr Starr (Pip Torrens) and F.J. Hoover (Malcolm Barrett) are watching our trio from afar. Lara points out to Starr that Jesse has this extraordinary power, but the latter is not amused. Instead, he claims he’s bored. Then, Starr takes his leave of his workers, demanding they “kill them all.” Team Preacher consists of a Genesis-wielding ex-con man, a vampire and a bad*** woman. Get ready to rumble, Starr.

Pictured: Malcolm Barrett and Julie Ann Emery

Later, a team of Grail soldiers, all clad in white armor, are en route to Denis’s home. Prior to exiting the van they’re in they say a prayer, and express their love for one another. Aw, that’s actually sweet. As they head inside the building, we watch the scene play out through one Grail soldier’s (Philip Fornah) eyes. He puts on night vision goggles. Once they bang down the door to Denis’s apartment, they spot Cassidy. Our vampire goes into fighting mode and launches himself on the soldiers. We hear him snarl as he bites them. There’s a good bit of punching and stabbing as well. 

Meanwhile, our Grail POV soldier is on the hunt for Jesse. He peeks into Denis’s room, and shoots the old man. Then, he pokes his head into Tulip and Jesse’s room, but the preacher is on him in seconds. Jesse snatches off the man’s night vision goggles. He orders the Grail soldier, using Genesis, to shoot his fellow comrades. Our soldier complies. Unfortunately, before he kills them the remaining Grail soldiers are going to town on Cassidy. How many times has Cass almost died? Someone should start a count. 

Then, Jesse demands the last Grail soldier drops his weapon and answers the former’s questions. Suddenly, vampire Denis tackles the soldier and begins enthusiastically feeding on him. Well, that answers my question about Denis. Like father, like son.

Later, we see Herr Starr is on a date. His date, Sophie (Teri Wyble), is regaling him with a story of how she found meaning in her life. Starr is once again bored and asks Sophie to remove her top. Then, he asks her to take the stick of butter on the dinner table and place said butter under her chin. Who knew that Starr had a butter fetish? However, before the situation could escalate any further than it already has, Starr is informed of the situation with Jesse and his failed capture. Thus, he dismisses himself from the date and leaves a befuddled Sophie with the butter still under her chin, shirtless in an empty restaurant. 

When he rents the entire restaurant out for you on the first date…

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Then, Lara and F.J. are sitting in Starr’s office, ready to receive any punishment their boss bestows upon them. We discover the reasoning behind the tarp on the office floor – it’s for whenever Starr kills an employee. Who wants to incessantly clean blood off the floor? So, F.J. takes his place on the tarp. Starr raises his gun, pulls the trigger…but nothing comes out. Lara offers to fix the gun and shoot F.J. herself, claiming that particular model occasionally jams.

She asks him about the next plan of attack and offers advice on how to move forward regarding the pesky Jesse problem. Starr listens, and finds he likes her suggestions. He decides not to kill them today. So, Lara will deploy B.R.A.D. and F.J. will procure prostitutes for Starr that like the “‘No’ means ‘yes'” scenarios. Everyone wins!

Good things don’t come from tarps.

Later, Tulip wakes up from a full night’s sleep. She brushes her teeth, goes about her usual morning routines…then walks into the kitchen to a pile of dead Grail soldiers. Who needs Folgers when you’ve got a room of dead bodies to give you that pick-me-up? Then, she sees Jesse ordering a group of policemen to surround the apartment in case The Grail returns. He also uses Genesis to demand they bring a cleaner to mop up the blood. Someone is on a power trip. Then, the policemen take their various stations around the perimeter of the apartment, rifles at the ready, prepared for an attack. Jesse stands by a window, binoculars in hand, surveying the area outside. 

Meanwhile, Lara informs Starr that B.R.A.D. has been deployed. F.J. is looking up brothels for his boss. Starr decides to look at past footage of our heroes on his laptop. An ad asking if he likes cats appears on his screen, and keeps popping up even though he presses “no.” It’s a funny little moment, and these humorous moments remind me why I like Herr Starr so much. Finally past the cat barrier, Starr views footage of when Jesse passionately explains to Cassidy that the search for God is vital to humanity’s survival. The Almighty provides order to mitigate the chaos. Starr is intrigued by our preacher’s response. He begins rifling through the files he has on Jesse.

Later, Denis brings a pan filled with blood to his father’s bedside. He thanks Cassidy for saving him. Cassidy, on the other hand, is in the process of healing from the attack the night before. Suddenly, Denis cries out in pain. His arm was accidentally exposed to a bit of sunlight that flashed through the curtains. Cassidy gives him some blood to drink to heal the burn mark. He tells Denis that he should only consume blood when he needs to heal. His son greedily gulps the red liquid, hungry for more. Ah, newborn vampires. Always so bloodthirsty. 

I never pegged Cassidy as a “B-Positive” kind of guy. Get it? It’s a double entendre.

Then, Jesse pops in to visit Cassidy. Our preacher asks the vampire why he wasn’t informed of Denis taking the path of the undead. Cassidy assumed Jesse wouldn’t approve, but Jesse is a progressive preacher. He accepts everyone. Next, Jesse asks for Cassidy’s support in the fight to come. He thinks the white suits will return that very night. Cassidy vows that if he heals quickly enough he’ll join the fray. 

Later, Jesse finds Tulip in the kitchen. She’s upset that he used Genesis on her. Jesse claims he only wanted her to rest, for once. Tulip silently cries as Jesse reminds her of the story of when she had a persisting earache that eventually went away. I suppose it’s a metaphor for the nightmares she’s been having – don’t give them attention, and they dissipate. Ruth Negga is such a brilliant actress. Seriously, every episode she blows me away with her multi-faceted, nuanced performances. Jesse informs her of the group that attacked them, and how he believes they’ll return that night. Tulip goes into fighting mode, vowing to help him.

Next, Tulip goes to her new friend’s apartment for a favor. Lara quickly dons her long blonde wig and becomes Jennie. Tulip asks Jennifer for her gun, just to borrow it for a bit. Jennie obliges, handing the weapon over. Tulip thanks her and disappears. 

Jennie from The Grail.

Later, we see Jesse’s policemen are still at their stations, monitoring the area for any white suits. A cleaner has arrived on the scene, scrubbing away the crimson that’s overtaken the kitchen. Jesse continues peering outside, wondering where The Grail could be. 

Suddenly, “Non Regrette Rien” by Edith Piaf begins playing very loudly. We see Denis is playing the song on his record player, and dancing exuberantly around his room. I’m loving vampire Denis so far. He’s my spirit animal. Jesse sees that Tulip is distracted by something on the ceiling, brandishing her gun in that direction. However, nothing is there. 

Then, while the policemen are proclaiming their respective stations are “all clear,” we see a large man appear behind a policeman in his car. Said man begins urinating on the police car. The policeman inside emerges from within, but the large man attacks him first. Our attacker is sporting a mask. Due to the fighting outside and the music inside, Jesse can no longer hear the walkie-talkie stream. He sees multiple policemen run toward their comrade to help him out. 

Next, Jesse barges into Denis’s room and demands he turn down the music. Denis slams the door in his face and Cassidy steps in, trying to convince his son to behave. Vampire kids, am I right? Jesse rounds up Cassidy, fully convinced the white suits have arrived. Tulip tries to tell him something, but he brushes her off. 

Jesse the surveyor.

Suddenly, when Jesse is outside the apartment door, we hear a gun shoot from inside. Jesse returns to find Tulip has shot the cleaner. She believes he’s a member of The Grail, claiming to have seen a gun at his side. We see it was actually a spray bottle. Then, the policemen tell Jesse the situation has been taken care of, and that the large man was simply drunk. No white suit here. 

Then, we see a small aircraft whizzing through the sky. Inscribed on the side are the words “Battle-Ready Remote Operated Arial Drone,” or B.R.A.D. Well, that could be a problem. Said drone is heading straight for our heroes. 

Meanwhile, Herr Starr is visited by the multiple prostitutes he requested. To his disdain, however, they’re all male. Starr tries to dismiss them, citing he specifically asked for females, but the men pursue him anyway. He did desire for the “‘No’ means ‘yes'” scenario. So, while the men are doing their deeds upon Starr, he looks at Jesse’s file and is struck with an idea. After the prostitutes leave he immediately calls Lara and asks her to call off the drone. 

So, now Lara and F.J. scramble to redirect the drone from its original target. The cat ad that plagued Herr Starr earlier begins popping up, with Lara also proclaiming she doesn’t like them. So, the general consensus here is that nobody on Preacher cares for cats. Fortunately, she’s able to veer the missile away from our trio. Unfortunately, the drone struck Harry Connick Jr.’s house. Well, this is the same show that also “killed” Tom Cruise, after all. 

One week later: Jesse and his policemen are still patrolling the area. Nothing. Finally, Jesse calls it off, telling the men to go home and not to remember what happened. He decides to hit up a bar to drink his woes away. Suddenly, Herr Starr strolls in and sits beside our preacher. He tells Jesse he’s alone, and that he hears the latter is looking for God. Starr claims he can aid Jesse in that search. 

I’ll have what he’s having.

Preacher knocks it out of the park again! This show is excellent when it comes to detailed character work. As someone who has dabbled in the theatrical arts myself I’m always tickled to see specific, layered characters on screen. Luckily, Preacher also has a terrific cast portraying these characters. Vampire Denis is the best Denis. Now I want a spin-off with Cassidy and his son living that “creature of the night” lifestyle. Also, Herr Starr might be one of my favorite villains ever. So funny, yet I’m genuinely terrified of him. 

Do you think Herr Starr really wants to work with Jesse, or does he have an ulterior motive? Will we see the falling out of Jesse and Tulip, or can they mend their differences? Does Herr Starr know where God is? Also, will The Saint of Killers return, since we’re still seeing Graham McTavish‘s name in the credits? Can Cassidy rein in his young vampire son? Join me next week for more Preacher shenanigans!

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Preacher airs Mondays at 9pm on your AMC affiliate. 





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