Welcome back, friends! It seems like only yesterday we were gushing about the Preacher Season 2 premiere. Well, I suppose it was technically yesterday. Thankfully, the road trip continued with part deux of the Preacher opener, “Mumbai Sky Tower.” This episode had it all: humor, drug-infused humor, music, magic, drama, action and…marriage? Jesse and Tulip strolling the aisle of holy matrimony? Well, reading is believing, people. Shall we also take the plunge into tonight’s episode? Friendly reminder that spoilers appear as frequently as the number of times Fiore has died, so tread with caution. Fiore has died quite a lot. 

We open with Jesse (Dominic Cooper) facing down The Saint of Killers (Graham McTavish) outside the motel. Jesse continuously urges SOK to stop, but stop he does not. Finally, the Cowboy from Hell pulls the trigger, and we see a bullet zoom Jesse’s way. Well, it was nice knowing you, Custer. 

Pictured: Graham McTavish

Suddenly, a truck speeds into view, with said bullet piercing the skull of an unsuspecting truck driver. We see the truck lose control and fly into a telephone pole. Then, a horde of motel residents armed with guns storm outside. Apparently, there’s a gun aficionado convention happening. Jesse uses Genesis and orders them to open fire on SOK. After the smoke clears, it appears victory is within reach. But, the gun aficionados are cheering too soon, because SOK strolls out of the smoke and shakes off a slew of bullet casings. Uh oh. He begins opening fire on the gunmen, deftly shooting them all down without breaking a sweat. I guess this is Earth and not Hell so, you know, drastic temperature change. 

Meanwhile, Jesse reunites with Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun), and the two sneak off to find Tulip. Now the entire motel is engulfed in gunfire. Patrons are leaving their rooms to shoot down SOK, but obviously failing because Cowboy from Hell. When Jesse finds Tulip (Ruth Negga) sitting in their room, he notices she’s transfixed to the TV screen. News of Annville being decimated in a methane blast comes as a shock to both Jesse and Tulip. However, he deftly pulls her away so they can escape. 

Then, while hiding in a snack room area, their cover is almost blown when a man missing an arm (yes, an arm) meanders to a vending machine for a soda. Clearly in shock from the overabundance of blood loss, he throws a tantrum when he doesn’t receive the soda he wanted. Jesse tries to calm him down, so SOK doesn’t know their location. Unfortunately, Jesse is forced to use Genesis to pacify the man, effectively blowing their cover. Thankfully, Tulip is able to break open the window so the trio can climb out to safety. We see their car speeding down the road. SOK watches them angrily, and he releases an ear-piercing scream. Don’t make him angry. You won’t like him when he’s angry.

Pictured: Dominic Cooper

Later, the gang winds up at a gas station. Now, with the new threat on their hands, the chess pieces are shifting. Jesse now must find a way to stop SOK. But how does one stop a hell creature that seems impervious to everything, including Genesis? Then, Cassidy notices a family wearing t-shirts from Mumbai Sky Tower, with “The Great Ganesh” scrawled on them. Cassidy recalls the commercial he watched the night before of such an establishment, and recognized a familiar face portraying The Great Ganesh. Perhaps he can help them with their God problem and their Cowboy from Hell problem. Jesse agrees to travel to Mumbai Sky Tower, desperate for any leads he can sink his teeth into (well, that’s more of Cassidy’s thing). 

Meanwhile, we flash back a few days prior, to Fiore (Tom Brooke) catching a bus out of Annville. This is after DeBlanc’s unfortunate demise at the hands of SOK. A series of buses drive by the angel, but he remains sitting. That is, until a bus with an advertisement for Mumbai Sky Tower pulls up. Fiore is whisked away to the casino/hotel. We see him try to hang himself in his hotel room, but immediately upon dying he reappears, alive and well, exiting the bathroom. As you know, angels can’t die (unless it’s by the hands of SOK). A montage rolls by, and we see Fiore tries to commit suicide in a plethora of ways but continues to rise again. 

One night, Fiore is attending a show by cabaret performer Frank Patel (Vik Sahay), who’s crooning a Frank Sinatra tune. Frank begins to mingle among the audience, passing Fiore’s table. Fiore grabs the microphone and douses it in a tub of water, electrocuting himself. Then, Fiore reappears on stage. The audience launches into raucous applause, thinking it a magic act. Thus, The Great Ganesh was born. Fiore, with the help of Frank, performs feats of “magic” where he legitimately kills himself and comes back to life. He’s the David Blaine of angels. 

Pictured: Tom Brooke

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Later, our trio arrives after Fiore’s act. Tulip heads for the bar while Jesse and Cassidy go backstage to Fiore’s dressing room. Jesse pleads his case, but Fiore refuses to help him. The duo discovers that Fiore employed SOK to take down Genesis. SOK, however, is taking it a step further by setting out to kill Jesse. Fiore tells them that SOK is relentless, and will not stop till Jesse is dead. Our preacher begs Fiore to call him off, but once again, the angel refuses. Jesse made his bed, he didn’t give up Genesis to Fiore when he was supposed to, and now he must sleep in it. Then, Jesse reveals that God is missing. While Fiore’s expression temporarily changes to one of worry, the angel eventually brushes it off and heads onstage for another show.

Feeling dejected, Jesse tries to regroup. Cassidy comes up to bat and suggests he try to persuade Fiore to their cause. He proposes a time frame of three hours to warm up to the angel. Jesse takes him up on his offer, and thus Cassidy sets off on his mission to sway Fiore. 

Later, Jesse finds a morose Tulip sitting by the bar. She’s visibly upset about Annville’s destruction, but more so about losing her father figure Walter. While he was constantly inebriated, he did care for her, and he was the only family she had. Of course, when one is distraught the perfect solution to cure the sadness is sexy fun times. So, our duo partakes in just that. Afterwards, they contemplate their next moves. Jesse insists in continuing the search for God, especially after Annville. But, in the meantime, they could get married. Yes, as nonchalantly as one might say they’re driving to the grocery store, Jesse proposes marriage. There’s a chapel in the hotel/casino. Tulip, while initially reticent, later agrees to it. 

Meanwhile, Fiore finds Cassidy in his room. The vampire is dressed to the nines in an apron, goggles and gloves. We see tubes and containers and very science-y looking instruments. Turns out, Cassidy is concocting the perfect drug to send them on an unforgettable trip. Cassidy must be a Breaking Bad fan. He administers the first round to Fiore, which ends up killing the angel. After Fiore returns alive, Cassidy “tones down the heroin” in his concoction, and the guys are off to High Land.

Pictured: Joseph Gilgun, ripping a page out of Walter White’s book.

Then, we see the duo throwing gigantic inflatable balls around the hotel room, high as kites. They build a pillow fort and read Archie comics in the hot tube. Fiore gushes about his relationship with the dearly departed DeBlanc. All in all, minus the deadly concoction of multiple dangerous drugs, this looks like a party I would want to join. When Cassidy is three minutes away from his proposed three hour mark, we see Fiore is completely relaxed. Someone looks like they’re willing to do just about anything, including preventing a certain killer cowboy from snuffing out Jesse.

Pictured: a rousing game of psychedelic basketball.

“Goin’ to the chapel and we’re gonna get married…” is what I imagine Jesse and Tulip would be listening to if they were in the car. However, they are at the Mumbai Sky Tower chapel, and indeed going to get married. The lovebirds are given a number, since everyone is apparently deciding to tie the knot on a whim. Then, Tulip spots a familiar face in the crowd, and tells Jesse she’s going upstairs to change her shirt. She follows the man up the elevator. 

Unfortunately, she loses him. Tulip decides to change her shirt anyway. Just when she opens the door to leave she runs into mystery man, who she knows as Gary (Michael Beasley). He appears to be the last person Tulip wanted to see.

Meanwhile, Jesse is drinking at the bar with Frank, while the latter divulges about his obsession with Frank Sinatra. He then confesses that he dislikes Fiore’s act. Jesse responds that people love violence, with Frank replying that they must never forget about the music. A light bulb turns on in Jesse’s head. Suddenly, Fiore and Cassidy enter the bar. A horde of people swarms around Fiore, wanting autographs and photos. Jesse tells Cassidy that he knows where to continue their search, while Cassidy informs Jesse that Fiore will help them. 

Pictured: Ruth Negga and Michael Beasley

Later, Gary tells Tulip that he was sent to “check in” on her by their boss, Victor. All the way from Louisiana. He proposes that Tulip get in touch with Victor, since he’s been on the hunt for her for quite some time. Then, Gary pulls out his phone and tries to dial Victor’s phone number. Tulip emphatically tells him that now is not a good time, that she has an engagement, you know, without outright saying she’s marrying the preacher downstairs. She slaps the phone out of his hand. Gary does not respond well to this, but continues dialing the number. Tulip repeats the action, which results in Gary wrapping a hand around her neck and squeezing.

He swings her around while he tries to locate a cell signal. Tulip tries to reach for hard objects to hit him with, but Gary is moving too quickly. Finally, she reaches for the number she was given at the chapel, and whacks him over the head with it. Gary releases her. Now, a fair fight ensues. He attempts to push her against the wall but she pushes first. Gary stumbles, and she kicks him in the back of the knee. Then, Tulip bashes his head against the wall, and continuously uses the chapel number as a head whacking weapon. Finally, Gary, bleeding, slips into unconsciousness and falls to the floor. Unfortunately, Tulip has to change her shirt…again. But my girl kicked some serious butt! 

Meanwhile, Jesse and Fiore are waiting for Tulip in the chapel. Fiore insists, albeit reluctantly, that he will tell SOK to back off. However, he reminds Jesse that Genesis is not a toy, and can’t be used as such. In turn, Jesse reminds the angel that he was supposed to save Arseface from Hell, and has yet to deliver on that promise. 

Pictured: Tom Brooke and Dominic Cooper

Later, Tulip arrives in the same outfit as before, leaving Jesse very confused. She doesn’t tell him about what happened upstairs. But, she does tell him she thinks it’s unwise for them to get married. Why do they need an outdated institutional ceremony to tell the world they love each other? Shouldn’t their undying love be all they need? Jesse reluctantly agrees to this. So, they don’t get married after all. I bought them that pasta strainer for nothing!

Then, our trio says goodbye to Fiore. Cassidy envelopes the angel in a bear hug, and Fiore looks wistful for a moment. Aw, they became bros! How cute. Jesse tells Fiore that since God loves jazz, they’re heading to the jazz capital of the country: New Orleans. Yes! I hope we get some French Quarter voodoo magic thrown into the mix. Jesse leaves Fiore with one final instruction, which he vocalizes through Genesis: find peace. 

Sometimes you gotta hug it out.

Later, Fiore is sitting in his dressing room, mulling over the concept of finding peace. We see The Saint of Killers is standing behind him. Fiore repeats his promise that if SOK destroys Genesis he will see his family again. He informs the cowboy that the trio is headed for New Orleans. But, before SOK commences his trip, Fiore has one last job for him. To end it all. 

Then, we see Fiore is on stage, about to wow the audience with his “magic” act. Suddenly, a bullet flies across the room, piercing Fiore’s chest and knocking him back into a chair. Said bullet came from none other than The Saint of Killers. The audience waits with baited breath, assuming that Fiore will return to the stage unharmed. However, nothing happens. They begin to boo him. Little do they know that Fiore is definitely, without a shadow of a doubt, dead. 

This episode was solid, standard Preacher. I enjoyed the psychedelic trip Cassidy and Fiore took, and the glimpses into the latter’s current misery. While I’m sad to see the angel go, Fiore’s end opened up a new beginning for our heroes – a trip to New Orleans, for starters. I’m excited to see where a change of environment will take them. 

What kinds of shenanigans do you think the gang will get into in NOLA? How long before The Saint of Killers finds them again? Also, will Jesse himself try to save Arseface? Lastly, will the wedding tease eventually turn into a real marriage? I hope so. I’m too invested in Tulip and Jesse as a couple. Until next time…

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