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San Diego Comic-Con 2014 ended Sunday and it was a whirlwind to say the least. One of my favorite years, but exhausting in every capacity.

So what am I doing today to recover? Watching all the panels I missed, online. I made it to a whopping two panels while I was there, The WWE/Lionsgate panels for “See No Evil 2” and the last “Sons Of Anarchy” panels in Hall H. Yes, I actually made it into the notoriously impossible Hall H and it was so worth it! Great to see a cast so loving and to see the fans give creator, Kurt Sutter, a standing ovation.

See, I’m not a person who can wait inline anymore. I’m old, I have a bad back, I’m old…I also tend to get very anxious in crowds of say 20 or more people, so being 1 of 150,000 people walking around Comic-Con can be stressful and sweaty. Yes, many a time I would feel a single drop of sweat slowly dripping down my back. I know what you’re thinking, Claudia sounds like a sexy…shut your mouth!

I am going to be shameless here and say that my favorite part of SDCC 2014 was seeing my lovely boyfriend do his first panel. He’s in a movie called “See No Evil 2” directed by the cute and spooky Soska Sisters and starring WWE’s Kane. I will be posting the official trailer here. It looks like a lot of fun and being the horror fan that I am, cannot wait until October 17th when it’s released!

I also loved some of the purchases a couple friends made, The Gentle Giant Porkins Bust. How could you not?! Amazing!

porkins bust

Also continuing my love affair with Dan Cooney’s “Valentine” series I bought “Valentine Reloaded”. I am obsessed with this series and Cooney’s style. It’s part noir, part action and what I love most about the character,  Dana Valentine, she wears boots that I believe she could actually fight in. Not the typical high-heeled boots most of our female action heroes are still wearing. It’s the little things.

SDCC 2014 was intense but always such a great experience to be around and commune with like minded people. To go about your day making purchases, dressing up, attending panels, then coming together with friends for a drink…it’s the best. Here’s to next year!

So Say We All,


P.S. The guy in the suspenders is George R.R. Martin. I got that close!

claudia george r r martin

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