The Star Wars franchise has made quite a name; even if you are not a Star Wars fan, you must have heard of it. Its popularity is well deserved, even if you have never watched any. You must have heard about the story that happened a long time ago in a faraway galaxy, or perhaps you must have heard about the cool Jedi-master Yoda. The franchise has expanded through the year, becoming an empire, producing famous video games, comics, TV shows; the Star Wars universe is rich and consistent, featuring some of the biggest stars in the TV biz in Star Wars movies.

Star Wars video games are almost invaluable. The Empire Strikes Back was the first video game of the series, developed in 1982 and Tales from the Galaxy’s edge being the most recent, developed in 2020, the Star Wars games have held their place in the video gaming world.

One of the Star Wars series peculiarities is that the fans appreciate the introduction of wagers and casinos in the movies. Gambling in Star Wars is not a new idea as there have been many movies that featured that as well, although what is extraordinary is that the movie dedicated a whole planet, Canto Bright, to the betting, cool, right?

The movie does not feature just one gambling game but almost exhausts the wager services available in real life; simply put, gambling games in the Star Wars series are realistic and fresh. The movie features a card game called Sabacc. This card-game can be perceived as a form of poker, although there are different forms of poker; Sabacc is more of a combination of poker and Blackjack. The movie has earned the liberty to be categorized as a casino movie. Is interstellar any different from the one here on Earth? Let’s find out what Star Wars gambling is like

Canto Bight: The Casino Planet

An interstellar peculiarity is the planet Canto Bight; gambling is present throughout the movie, albeit a refurbishment happened to the idea when a whole planet stretching out with betting stations and racetracks was introduced. Canto Bight is a fictional reflection of Las Vegas or Monte Carlo; game rooms and restaurants suffocate every inch of space available.

The role of gambling in the series cannot be exaggerated, as most memorable scenes are built around chance. A good example is when Qui-Gon uses force to skew the results of a gamble to liberate Young Anakin Skywalker from the confines of The Phantom Menace. There again is the Last Jedi golden dice scene that left viewers baffled.

Featured Casino Games

As already mentioned, the casino system in the movie is not much different from the one on Earth. The Swoop races are held, and Canto Bright is similar to Horse racing; also, Podracing, the fastest test of speed in the known universe, was created for the movie’s sake. Before Disney purchased the franchise, the slot machines in the fictional universe were indistinguishable from those on Earth that can be found in All Slots. Sabacc is also a special one. The game’s a fusion of blackjack and poker.

Sabacc is a game of skill and luck like poker and taking on the winning conditions Blackjack; in the movie, Han Solo got through this game Millenium Falcon from Lando Calrissian.

There again is Dejarik, a chess-esque game; Derajik is interesting and exciting and was featured multiple times in the movie. Darejik was played on a holographic checkerboard. Here, knights are replaced by Holomonsters, it requires strategy, and even in real life, people have tried to replicate Dejarik. Another peculiar probabilistic venture is the chance cubes.

The most famous chance cubes have three out of six sides painted in one color and the other in a different colour. The colours adopted were red and blue, the theme colours of the movie, there are other types of chance cubes that had different patterns all over them, but the red and blue were by several appearances the most famous.

In a scene, Watto and Qui-Gon Jinn use a chance cube with red and blue to wager on which slave should be released; this scene is one of the most debated scenes as allegedly, Watto is accused of painting five sides red and keeping only one side blue. Among other activities are Pazaak and Podracing.

The Golden Dice

For this special one, you need to be a Stan of the series to get it quickly; the golden dice is the appearance of a golden dice at the funeral of Han Solo. Initially, Han won the Millennium Falcon not by playing Sabacc but by playing Corellian Spoke, a dice version of Sabacc. These dice made a remarkable impact on the funeral scene. The appearance of dice in the movie is entirely redundant, like when Luke takes the dice as a memento of Han, the dice also appears in the hands of Kylo Ren. However, in all these instances, the dice were imaginary, serving as a tribute to Han and initiating a rue in Kylo.

The dice are pretty identical to the ones here on Earth, with sides numbered one to six, although subsequently, new symbols were adopted on the dice surface, making it different from the ones on Earth, giving the dice a Canto Bright texture.


This exotic and rich universe has created a splendid approach to gambling that is alike yet different from Earth. The movie has consistently taken to the leitmotif of gambling, which has improved its allure to viewers, making it a perfect sci-fi-gamble series. Even if you haven’t visited this faraway universe, you now know how the game of chance is conducted there.



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