The demand for quick and secure payment mechanisms has increased along with the popularity of online gaming in New Zealand. When it comes to providing a frictionless payment system designed especially for the iGaming sector, POLi Payments steps in. 

Please read on to learn how POLi Payments is changing the iGaming industry, whether you’re an experienced player or a casino operator in New Zealand trying to improve your payment process.

What are POLi Payments?

Developed by POLi Payments Limited of Melbourne, Australia, in 2006, POLi payment is a fintech tool for online transactions used by both merchants and consummate customers. This payment method has gained widespread popularity in the New Zealand iGaming industry, due to its application in facilitating secure fund transfers for online gaming enthusiasts.

Whether paying bills or purchasing items online, POLi payments are a seamless option for bank-to-bank transfers. With the POLi payments method, third-party accounts and credit cards are eliminated, allowing New Zealanders to authorise bank transactions using their online banking credentials conveniently.

This simplifies the payment process and provides a more secure transaction option.

POLi Payments In iGaming

The Popularity Of POLi Payments In iGaming

POLi Payments has emerged as a dominant player in the iGaming sphere due to its ease of accessibility and security measures highly valued by online gamers. Many individuals throughout New Zealand that indulge in these leisure activities prefer using POLi over traditional credit card methods because of its straightforward setup, which bypasses intermediaries altogether.

This unique approach allows minimal bureaucracy when making deposits or withdrawals, ultimately enhancing user experience. The extensive network of partner banks also adds to the accessibility and usability of POLi in these regions. 

Subsequently, via direct access to the gamer’s bank account, POLi enables swift transactions that are both secure and user-friendly. With its easy accessibility and efficient payment mechanism, POLi has become a highly favoured alternative among avid iGaming players. Many online gaming platforms in New Zealand accept POLi as a viable method for deposits and withdrawals. 

How POLi Payments Are Used In iGaming

When making POLi payments in iGaming, customers should initially identify an online casino or sports betting forum that allows them to pay through this medium. The reviews provided on BetPokies, a leading Australian casino gaming portal, will help you identify the best casino site. After completing registration procedures with the platform, users may opt for using POLi as their primary payment mode.

To place funds within their accounts via POLi payments, customers are directed toward the website responsible for handling such transactions. Here, they must choose their respective bank from participating financial institutions before logging in with their access credentials. From that point onwards, users may pick which account will be used as a source of funds before finally confirming how much money is desired.

The transaction is quickly and flawlessly processed using POLi payments to deposit funds on an iGaming site. This allows customers instant access to their newly acquired funds. When it comes time for a withdrawal, selecting POLi as the method of choice prompts the submission of the desired amount. Afterward, a transfer to the customer’s bank account occurs within a few days. Please note that a withdrawal fee of 0.05% NZD – 0.15% NZD of the amount withdrawn is applicable.

Comparison Between POLi Payments and Other iGaming Payment Options

When it comes to iGaming payments, the go-to method for many remains to be credit/debit cards despite unsurmountable transaction fees from providers. On the other hand, E-wallets provide an easy-to-use interface perfect for those who value convenience. 

However, you should note that many such payment methods charge users substantial transactional fees, making them an expensive alternative if used often enough. Single transfer fee amounts notwithstanding POLi provides users with the best benefits since they present themselves as a reliable yet cost-effective platform regardless of whether you’re depositing or withdrawing funds. 

Security and Safety of POLi Payments

POLi payments provide a considerable amount of security to customers regarding online payments in iGaming. The technology applied by this service utilises cutting-edge encryption methods to offer fraud protection, securing every transaction. 

Furthermore, since user information or banking logins are not retained, client privacy can be maintained thanks to secure payment gateways that encrypt all client data while only revealing transaction confirmation info with iGaming platforms. A significant advantage of utilising POLi payments is its added security since the iGaming platform does not demand access to any customer’s confidential or financial details.

This eliminates the need for individuals to divulge sensitive information that might be exploited for unlawful purposes, reducing instances of fraud and identity theft. PCI DSS-compliant transactions orchestrated via POLi are stringently regulated by ASIC, ensuring safety standards are met when safeguarding consumers’ information through centralised processing systems.

How To Use POLi Payments For iGaming

Only several simple vital steps are involved when using poli payments for iGaming transactions.

  • As a first step, you need to choose an iGaming platform that recognises and allows transactions using POLi payments while meeting all your requirements. It’s also helpful to check out the review of the best online casinos in New Zealand with POLI deposit to have more options to choose from.
  • In the second step of the process, choose your POLi payment system by selecting your preferred transaction method.
  • After selecting your bank, enter your online banking login details in the POLi payments interface to ensure that your bank account information is received.
  • Once the transaction has been successfully processed and you are satisfied with the payment details, click the “Pay Now” button to confirm before waiting for it to be processed.
  • After completing these steps, you should expect almost instant confirmation of your transaction.
  • Once the funds have been credited to your iGaming account, you can start playing poker and other games you love.


To summarise, POLi payments are an uncomplicated and safe mechanism for iGaming transactions. Nevertheless, verifying that the preferred iGaming website acknowledges POLi payments and fully understands the terms and conditions related to their usage is advisable.

The fun and excitement surrounding gambling must not overshadow this practice’s risk of addiction and adverse outcomes. It is crucial always to gamble responsibly by considering personal affordability limits.

Individuals who require assistance dealing with any problematic gambling-related experiences are encouraged to leverage support from several helpful resources available within New Zealand, including:

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