Nintendo is all about nostalgia feels and my nine-year-old heart is here for it. They announced on Twitter that they are releasing a brand new Pokemon Snap game. The original game released back in 1999 for the Nintendo 64 and will now be coming back for the Nintendo Switch. Bandi Namco is working alongside Nintendo to develop the remake. Outside of that and the main basis of the game, they still haven’t shared a lot of how things will work. But we do know that we will be back behind the camera lens taking adorable photos.

The trailer that came with the announcement shows off an island full of Pokemon just waiting to get their pictures snapped. It looks as if we are going to be able to toss apples out to lure them in as well as trying and shoot them in their natural habitat. It will be exciting to see who we are going to be able to encounter in what kinds of zones. There is also a huge chance that this will be more than just a point and shot photography game.

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Nintendo has the ability and technology to really take this to the next level by adding additional mechanics. This could include a way to research and study the Pokemon as we are taking photos as well. We could learn what kind of foods they like or how they interact with those around them. Honestly, the possibilities are endless and we are just beyond excited to see what else they have planned.

Pokemon Snap currently does not have a release date. It will be available on the Nintendo Switch.



Julia Roth
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